Best Prescription Safety Glasses for Woodworking

best prescription safety glasses for woodworking

If you’re in the business of crafting things out of wood, whether it’s furniture or art or something else entirely, then you know that a good pair of safety glasses is an absolute necessity. Small pieces of wood, dust, and other particles are constantly flying around, and without the proper eye protection, you’re putting yourself at risk for some serious damage.

And if you normally wear prescription glasses? Obviously, you still need to see what you’re doing clearly, but finding a pair of prescription safety glasses that actually fit comfortably and stay in place can be a real challenge. (Don’t even get us started on over-glasses safety glasses!)

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve done the research and put together a list of the best prescription safety glasses for woodworking, so you can stay safe and comfortable, in addition to seeing 20/20.

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Best Prescription Safety Glasses for Woodworking

Phillips Safety Prescription Safety Glasses Rx-901

If you’re working hard several hours a day, you know how important comfort is when it comes to wearing protective gear. The Phillips Rx-901 safety glasses offer a comfortable wraparound design with a foam gasket that seals your eye cavity from flying debris and wood dust. Additionally, the detachable strap keeps the glasses securely fitted to your face at all times.

They’re made of high-quality TR-90 nylon material that’s durable, lightweight, and impact-resistant (check, check and check!). Polycarbonate lenses are basically shatterproof, and they meet ANSI Z87 standards for safety. You can also get them customized with prescription lenses that are appropriately stamped, so they’ll meet any employer’s requirements for safety eyewear.

Overall, the Phillips Rx-901s are some of the best prescription safety glasses for woodworking, and they’re sure to keep you comfortable and protected all day long.

OnGuard 220S Safety Glasses

Another lightweight and comfortable pair of safety glasses, the OnGuard 220S has clear side panels to keep out dust and debris while giving you excellent peripheral vision. Made of TR-90 nylon with rubber temple tips and replaceable silicone nosepiece for a secure fit, it is ANSI Z87.1, Canadian CSA Z94.3 and European EN 166 approved.

The sturdy frame and impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses are built to handle plenty of hazards, making those who work with power towels and airborne particles flying through the air feel well-protected.

It’s easy to order with Rx lenses, including lined or progressive bifocals, and it even comes in multiple color options so you’re not stuck wearing a blah-looking pair of safety glasses all day.

If you wear these many hours a day, the nosepiece will likely wear out at some point. But you can easily replace them so you won’t need to reorder the entire frame again.

Best Prescription Safety Glasses With Side Shields

Wiley X Boss with Rx Rim

When it comes to eye safety with style, you can’t go wrong Wiley X. Known for keeping military and law enforcement professionals safe, their products are perfect for anyone who wants the best in eye protection.

The Wiley X Boss with Rx Rim is a great choice for woodworkers because it’s part of their Climate Control series, which means it will fully protect your eyes from the elements including dust, allergens, sweat, airborne particles, and flying debris. The removable facial cavity seal makes it even more versatile.

And because of the Rx adaptor, it can accommodate a wider range of prescriptions than the regular Wiley X Boss.

The lenses are top-of-the-line, featuring a T-Shell™ Lens coating that resists scratching. They’re also 100% ANSI Z87.1 and OSHA-compliant. Finally, it comes with a T-Peg elastic strap that converts the glasses to goggles when you need it totally secured in place.

Phillips Safety Photochromic Bifocal Safety Glasses 808B

If you work both indoors and out, why spend your time squinting under the sun or trying to make out what you’re working on without taking your shades off? You don’t need to switch glasses with these photochromic bifocal safety glasses from Phillips Safety.

The light-adjusting lenses will keep you protected and allow you to see clearly whether you’re inside or out. They’re available in a variety of magnifications from +1.00 to +3.00 in +0.25 increments so you can find the perfect pair for your needs.

The 808B Bifocals are ANSI-certified and OSHA-compliant for impact resistance to protect your eyes from flying bits and pieces while you’re in the workshop. A close-fitting wrap design also keeps your peepers protected without sacrificing style.

For added comfort and grip, they come with rubber nose pads and temple tips to prevent them from slipping down.

3M GoggleGear 500 with Rx Insert

Nothing protects your eyes as well as safety goggles, so for that, you’ll want the 3M GoggleGear 500 with Rx Insert. These fully enclosed anti-fog goggles can accommodate prescriptions with an Rx insert, so you don’t have to sacrifice safety for clarity.

The low-profile design is less bulky than most goggles, which is a plus if you don’t enjoy wearing a brick on your face all day. It’s even splash/droplet and dust rated, so you know nothing’s going to get in and cause eye irritation.

Fog is always a concern when you’re wearing any type of goggle, but with ScotchGard Anti-Fog Coating and indirect venting built into the frame, you won’t have to worry about that here.

Note that the Rx insert is sold separately and you’ll need to have your optician fill your lenses for you.