Costa del Mar Review

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About Costa del Mar


Every day we celebrate the human spirit. The need for more. The frustration that gives birth to a product. The need to place us in a position to fulfill our true potential.

Costa del Mar is one such brand of the human spirit. Born in 1983 in Daytona Beach, it was the result of the constant limitation that a few hardcore fishers faced each day they were out doing their favorite sport.

The company  realized that to be ahead of the game they had to have the clearest vision possible. However, the sunglasses they much depended on were just not as performance-oriented as these fishermen’s needs.  

As a result, they decided to design eye wear that would change what the world knew about sunglasses from then on.

Founder of the company, Ray Ferguso, made a trailblazer out of this company with revolutionary products.

Costa has become a standard attire embedded into many world sporting events and preferred by world-class sportsmen including Corky Carrol, Dennis Conor, Erik Weihemmayer and many others.  

The Signature “C”

Costa Reefton

The laser engraved “C” (for Costa del Mar) on the temples assures you that what you’re buying is a genuine product. There is also an authenticity card shipped with all products.

Cutting Edge Proprietary Technology

Costa, just like its enthusiasts, has never stopped pushing the envelope. The company has always strived to offer the best technology to aid its customers to go even further. Some of their very own include:

C-SCAPE™ Progressives

This specific technology targets those who need simple but powerful magnification. The backside round segment bifocal works ideally for wrap sunwear.  

Another option is Varilux® Stylistic™, for those who need a bigger field of vision.

C-WALL™ Technology

This technology gives the Costa sunglasses an upper hand over other ordinary ones.  A barrier embedded into the lenses make them resistant to impact, scratches and other elements such as dirt and oil.

Aside from that, their lenses rank at 7+ on the Bayer Abrasion Test, well above the industry average of 3-5.

The actual lens is curved at 116 degrees (industry average is 105-112 degrees) which means fluid beads are more likely to fall off. The result is a smudge-free lens that is easy to clean.

Waypoint™ Digital Technology

Costa has put in significant efforts in making sure their sunglasses surpass their customers’ expectations.  As a result, through their processing labs that use Waypoint technology they can:

  • Make lenses with the clearest vision
  • Ensure their sunglasses eliminate peripheral blur resulting from wrap sun wear
  • Uphold unbeatable clarity even to those with astigmatism on their prescriptions

Costa vs. Oakley

Specialized lens technology

There is a variety of lens options in Costa’s prescription sunglasses. Your eye care professional should help you decide which one best suits your needs. These lens options include:

Costa 580P Lenses

These lenses are made from impact-resistant, lightweight polycarbonate or Trivex lenses, which come with the proprietary C-WALL™ technology, combining the scratch resistant surface with a smudge-free barrier for the ultimate performance.

These lenses are anti-reflective thanks to the coating on the back. Made using Waypoint™ technology, these lenses are available as bifocal, single vision and progressive.

Costa 580 Lenses Explained

Costa 580G Lenses

This particular lens is crafted from glass, only that you might say it’s on steroids.

Let me indulge you.

The lens is glass-mirrored and has an encapsulated mirror meaning it will not attract any scratches. On top of that, the company promises you the clearest vision on any glass prescription lens.

Costa 400P Lenses

These lenses are made from lightweight and very sturdy polycarbonate.

They feature an anti-reflective coating as well as the proprietary C-WALLTM technology that essentially promises resistance to scratches as well as impact, oil or dirt.

The difference between these and the Costa 580P Rx lenses is that these ones are built for superb definition and clarity.

You can find them in single vision, bifocal and progressive, each made using the Waypoint™ technology.

Purposeful Color

Costa Fantail Pro Matte Wetlands (580G Green Mirror Lens)

Unlike your ordinary colored lenses for aesthetics, Costa has done substantial research into each of their lens color options.

Each lens has unique properties and hence the areas of best performance. They are as follows:

Green Mirror (10% light transmission)

The encapsulated mirror is designed to offer precise definition for fishing activities on rivers, streams, flats and inshore.

Blue Mirror (10% light transmission)

The purpose of this colored mirror is to offer maximum color and contrast under a full sun. It is specially designed for open water and performs well with eliminating glare.

Copper (12% light transmission)

This color has a general purpose and works well to give your eyes great comfort by reducing glare while improving color and contrast. It is also a great option for sight-fishing.

Silver copper mirror (12% light transmission)

As with the copper colored lens, this one performs great in enhancing colors. Again, for those sight-fishing or doing activities in variable light, this  is your go-to lens.

Choose The Right Lens Color

Amber (12% light transmission)

The vision using this lens is stunningly bright with enough contrast for outdoor activities like driving or fishing. Another great general-purpose lens.

Gray (12% light transmission)

The lens will maintain natural contrast and color saturation on land and water, anywhere from full to medium sunlight. This one is particularly recommended to athletes on land or water.

Silver Sunrise Mirror (30% light transmission)

This lens is excellent for dawn and dusk activities. Because of significant light transmission compared to the other lenses, do not use these for driving.

Costa vs. Maui Jim

Free Shipping (Green and Standard Options)

In keeping with their eco-friendly mission, Costa offers free green shipping with any order over $50. You can expect to wait a bit longer for this delivery option since it’s designed to use sustainable, carbon-neutral methods.

Otherwise, Costa offers free standard shipping and returns on all qualifying orders over $200.

Returns and Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Costa purchases come with a 30-day return period from receipt.

There is also a limited lifetime warranty on all Costa sunglasses against defects resulting from materials or craftsmanship.  

The company will handle each claim directly, but might not be the ones doing the actual repairs. Unfortunately, all warranty claims do incur a small processing fee.

Costa’s prescription sunglasses also come with a 2-year warranty from the time of purchase, which covers any defects in craft or materials used.

Those in the contiguous United States will enjoy free return while anyone else will have to fork out a few dollars.

If you need to process a return, simply do so at Costa’s return authorization page.

However, should there be a defect regarding poor craftsmanship, there is a warranty processing fee of $18 to repair your sunglasses.

This extra cost is a little over the top considering the amount someone has paid for a new pair. We were not impressed by the fact that prescription lenses or their frames cannot be returned to Costa directly if you need repairs.

This extra detail makes repairs a little costlier since you will not get covered by any of Costa’s policies.


On their main website as well as on social media pages, you will quickly notice that their business, aside from making eyewear, is to protect the waters its customers cherish.

All Costa sunglasses are made using plastic derived from plants. They call it Bio-based resin.

This move goes hand in hand with their Kick Plastic Initiative which is a campaign to encourage people to use fewer disposable plastic, especially in water.  

The company has also set out environmental protection missions around fishing areas in the rainforests of Guyana.

They are also committed to protecting great whites by partnering with OCEARCH in exploring and educating people about these important animals in the marine ecosystem.  

Our Costa Del Mar Review

Lens quality – 10/10

When it comes to the technologies and craftsmanship that go into developing each pair of sunglasses, you can be sure Costa will get the job done.

They are meticulous with how each lens type and color option is made to suit specific conditions.

Costa’s 580G glass lens consistently gets rave reviews for it’s pristine clarity, color and contrast enhancement. There’s really no comparison when it comes to this lens, as many surfers, skippers and fishermen will tell you.

Best Costa Sunglasses

Frame quality – 9/10

Costa Panga

Costa’s prescription glasses are gifts that keep on giving. Made from bio-resin, which is plastic with a much lower carbon footprint, these sunglasses will have the best-fit around your temples and nose bridge.

Other materials used in the construction of prescription sunglasses include:

Monel that is corrosion resistant perfect for marine activities. This metallic element will maintain its stylish looks while at the same time providing the ruggedness to withstand the water exposure.

Hypoallergenic hydrolite rubber meant to prevent slippage. This material is used to offer the much-needed comfort around your temples and nose area.

Titanium which has the same strength as steel, but only lighter. These are great companions for sporting activities. This metal is corrosion-resistant and hypoallergenic and will return to its original shape even after pressure deformation.

Beta Titanium is a durable metal made from a blend of titanium with other metals. The properties of this combination result in increased strength and flexibility. Moreover, Costa ensures it is hypoallergenic.

Style – 9/10

It is on social media that Costa can really flex its performance muscle. With the variety of mirror color options as well as the various frames, customers have taken pride in wearing ones which offer practicality to their needs.  

They have a vast followership, and this has given a platform to influence many people with their products. Needless to say,  Costa prides itself in perfectly combining style with functionality.

The company has a lot of focus on marine, and a lot of their eyewear got inspiration from here.

Therefore, we feel like this is a little bit of a shortcoming since they might not appeal to everyone who does not enjoy water activities as much.

Customer Service – 7/10

Communication for Costa seems to be a dependable pillar for its growth. On all social media pages, it is quite clear that the company works around the clock to ensure customers have received the help they need on any inquiries.

Having said that, some people are frustrated by the many procedures or the additional costs they have to incur to get their sunglasses checked and repaired.

Check out some of the latest complaints. Nonetheless, Costa is swift and detailed in their response.

Cost – 8/10

Of course, the price is one of the biggest determinants in the overall rating of this company. An average pair of sunglasses will set you back about $200.

What you get in addition to the sunglasses is a Costa Case, a cleaning cloth, free shipping and returns together with a limited lifetime warranty.

However, specific conditions limit the applicability of free shipping, returns, and the lifetime warranty.  Make sure you consult their FAQ page to find out more.

From what customers had to say, there is divided opinion on how well the sunglasses lived up to their expectations.

Costa Rincon

Most find Costa sunglasses to be of excellent quality and well worth the cost. On the other hand, others who needed after-purchase assistance often had some qualms about Costa’s warranty.

When you spend $200 or more, one would think that there wouldn’t be any additional fees for repairs and warranty limitations (there is a processing-of-warranty fee for instance).

Should You Get A Pair of Costa Sunglasses?

To conclude, most would agree that Costa sunglasses, particularly with their 580G glass lens, is totally worth it.

From the high-quality materials used in construction to the specialized lens options, we love what the company has to offer.

However, we advise you to handle your Costa prescription sunglasses carefully. If for any reason, you have to return your glasses for checks or repairs, be prepared to pay extra money and possibly go through a long chain of communication procedures.   

With their environmental conscience in both production and protection of the oceans and marine life, they really win the hearts and minds of their fan base. Grab a pair today to see what’s out there!