Multi-Colored Prescription Eyeglass Frames

Tired of the same old boring prescription eyeglasses? Want to add a splash of personality and color to your everyday look?

Then you’re in the right place because we’ve got our top picks for multi colored prescription eyeglass frames.

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Best Multi-Colored Prescription Glasses

Muse Rocky Blue Tortoise

Muse Rocky in Blue Tortoise

Muse’s Rocky is a fun, multi-colored blue tortoise frame that’s fun, slightly funky, and definitely wearable. The round frame is made of high-quality acetate and fits most average-size faces.

It really brings out blue, hazel, or brown eyes and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

It’s not a super bright blue (plus the side arms are solid dark blue), if you’re worried about being overly flashy.

A keyhole bridge design completes the look, and you can customize the lenses with single-vision, bifocal, or progressive lenses to fit your needs.

Eyebobs Chutzpah’d Black/White/Orange

Eyebobs Chutzpah’d in Black, White and Orange

Now if you’re really into funktastic frames, you’ve got to checkout Eyebobs and their collection of fun and snazzy glasses.

Their super funky square Chutzpah’d frame is appropriately named. With smaller rims, this pair is great for stronger prescriptions, and is available in a medium or wide fit.

We love the black, white, and orange version (pictured), but it also comes in other color mixes including purple/pink/gold mosaic or bright primary colors (red/yellow/blue).

GlassesShop Poppy Multicolor

GlassesShop Poppy Multicolor Cat Eye

Want an elegant pastel frame to adorn your features? GlassesShop’s Poppy is a gorgeous, sophisticated cat eye pair that’s pleasing to the eye and the wallet.

Hints of peach, sea green, and turquoise fleck the tortoise frame with just the right amount of panache without going overboard.

And there’s lots of Rx lens options too, including sunglass and Transitions® lenses (Signature, XTRActive, or XTRActive® Polarized™).

Zenni Browline Glasses Multicolor

Zenni Browline Glasses in Multicolor

Most multicolor frames are either plastic or acetate, so if you’re partial to metal frames, you’re generally rather limited.

That’s why this stainless steel browline pair from Zenni Optical hits on all cylinders – it’s thin, lightweight, and spectacularly multicolor all in one!

The iridescent, almost psychedelic colors meld together and permeate the browline for a uniquely eye-catching look.

Blenders Nina Davina Jelly Tortoise Pink

Blenders Nina Davina in Jelly Tortoise Pink & Black Fade

If rose-colored shades are your thing, have a look at Blenders’ Nina Davina in pure pink and tortoise. They’re a match made in sunglass heaven.

These two-tone tortoise sunglasses are prescription-eligible, and you get your choice of lens colors – smoke, amber, or mirrored blue/champagne/pink (pictured). Single-vision Rx lenses are even included in the cost!

A mixed material frame made of acetate rims and thin metal arms, it’s stylish and keeps your peepers safe from the sun with 100% UV-protection.

Firmoo Square Glasses Rainbow

Firmoo Square Glasses in Rainbow

For all the colors of the rainbow (or to flaunt your pride), Firmoo’s rainbow-colored square glasses are the perfect way to show off your vibrant personality and express yourself.

Unlike some glasses, the rainbow-colored design isn’t limited to just the rims – it runs all the way to the temple tips along the arms too.

A lightweight, slightly oversized frame, it fits most average-size faces well and comes with a 60-day return/exchange period if they don’t work out for you.

Vint & York Zelda 2 Purple Pizzazz

Vint & York Zelda 2 in Purple Pizzazz

A bold browline pair, Vint & York’s Zelda 2 in Purple Pizzazz is exactly what it sounds like. The oversize cat eye frame is stunning, feminine, and sassy with royal purple hues woven throughout the dark tortoise pattern.

A distinctive pair that commands attention, it also comes with a premium case and a one-year warranty.

They’re perfect for anyone who loves the retro style and wants to spice up their look with some flair and sophistication.

Zenni Uptown Rainbow

Zenni Uptown Rainbow Glasses

Another great Pride pair, Zenni’s Uptown frame is everyday-wearable with a navy base color highlighted by a rainbow brow.

It brightens your day and those around you – cause who wants to wear boring, monotone glasses when you can have some fun?

Customize them as you see fit too – whether you want readers, prescription sunglasses, blue-light glasses – heck, get them with Transitions® lenses if you want to wear them all day long indoors and outdoors!

Warby Parker Vaughn Eastern Bluebird Fade

Warby Parker Vaughn in Eastern Bluebird Fade

Warby Parker is known for many things (like their free home try-on program), and one of them is their classic two-tone frames.

Many of their popular pairs come in Eastern Bluebird Fade with a dark brown top half and translucent light blue bottom rims.

It’s a standout pairing of light and dark that’s classy and professional looking, appropriate for work, school and play.

Besides the Vaughn, you can also find this color combo in various frame shapes including the Wilkie, Baker, Oliver, Welty, and Berman.

Why Choose Multicolored Frames?

You know how a splash of color can instantly lift your mood? Or how wearing that one unique item can make you stand out in a crowd?

Now imagine that charm, right on your face. Welcome to the world of multicolored frames! Here’s why they’re not just a fad but a fabulous choice.

Personal Expression

woman wearing multicolor glasses

Uniqueness and Individuality: In this age of personal branding and TikTok trends, your eyeglasses aren’t just a tool to see better. They’re a peek into your soul. Think of multicolored frames as an extension of your personal brand, a badge of honor that screams originality.

Reflect Your Mood and Mindset: New job? New city? Or simply, a new day? Every phase of our life brings a different emotion, and what better way to signal that transition than with your eyeglasses? It’s like telling the world, “Hey, I’m reinventing!” without saying a word.

Fashion Statement

woman with bright blue checkered glasses in optical shop

Sure, eyewear trends come and go, but multicolored frames? They’re not just a fleeting fashion wave; they’re here to make waves.

Keeping Up with Trends: Just imagine: It’s a beautiful sunny day, you’re sipping a latte, and someone walks past you complimenting your chic multicolored frames. Sounds dreamy, right? Staying ahead of the curve feels good, especially when it’s with something as necessary as prescription glasses.

Diverse Range of Choices: Whether you’re a ’70s retro lover or a minimalist Gen Z, the spectrum of designs available has something for everyone. Feeling pastel today and vibrant tomorrow? There’s a frame for that.


man wearing glasses with multicolored temple arms

One frame, multiple personalities.

Suitable for Multiple Occasions: From that high-stakes board meeting to a relaxed brunch with friends, a multicolored frame gels with every mood and moment. (Yes really.) Boring monotone glasses are so last century – multicolored frames let you switch things up and always look your best.

A Frame for Every Season: Winter blues, autumn ambers, or the vibrant summer spirit; every season brings its palette, and your frames can be the perfect echo.

Mood Enhancement

Ever noticed how a simple change in backdrop can alter a movie’s mood? Colors work similarly for our minds.

The Psychology of Colors: Dive into the world of colors, and you’d be surprised at the magic they weave. Joyous yellows, tranquil blues, or fiery reds; every shade has a story and an emotion tied to it. By sporting multicolored frames, you’re not just wearing colors but embracing their vibe.

A Boost of Confidence: Remember that pep in your step when you wear your favorite outfit? A distinctive pair of glasses can spark that same feeling when you bring a smile to someone’s face with your colorful specs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Multicolored Frames

Face Shape

different face shapes

Ah, the classic face shape consideration. Remember, frames are not just about sight, but also insight into your personality. Let’s get this right:

Oval: Cheers, oval-faced friends! While you have the luxury to play around with most styles, why not pick colors that accentuate those stunning cheekbones or mesmerizing eyes? It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Round: Aim for angular rims like square or rectangle. A splash of contrasting color on top can elongate your visage, adding that oomph. Like contouring without makeup.

Square: Soften angular, sharp features with rounded or oval frames. Lighter hues on the bottom or a gradient can gracefully downplay a strong jawline, balancing out the squareness.

Heart-shaped: Aim for bolder or darker frames towards the bottom. It’s all about harmony, and these frames help distribute attention evenly.

Skin Tone

Your skin doesn’t just define your beauty routine, but also your frame palette:

Warm Undertones: Got that sun-kissed golden or olive glow? Warm shades like reds, oranges, or the ever-classic browns are your besties. Throw in some earthy or metallic accents, and you’re golden!

Cool Undertones: Blue or pinkish undertones, anyone? Dive into the cool pool of blues, purples, and greens. Pastels or silver highlights can make your features pop, creating a serene look.

Hair Color

Your hair color plays a pivotal role in how your frames complement your overall look. Whether it’s natural or a bold dye, your tresses can either elevate or diminish the impact of your glasses.

Blondes: Lighter hair colors, like various shades of blonde, can be enhanced with frames that have warmer undertones. Think soft golds, browns, or even a pastel tortoise. However, if you’re seeking contrast, darker or vibrant multicolored frames can provide that edgy pop.

Brunettes: Those with brown or black hair have a versatile palette to play with. Earthy tones, deep blues, or even the classic black tortoise can harmonize beautifully. For a bit of flair, reds or vibrant multicolors can be striking.

brunette girl wearing colorful glasses

Redheads: The fiery hues of red hair can be complemented with greens (think of the classic Christmas palette) or even warm earthy tones like browns and oranges. Avoid clashing with neons or overly vibrant shades unless you’re going for a very bold contrast.

Vibrant Dyed Hair: For those with bold hair colors like blues, purples, or pinks, choosing frames that either match or smartly contrast is the key. If you’ve got electric blue locks, a subtle gradient frame with hints of blue can be stylish, or opt for a neutral frame to let your hair do all the talking.

Grays and Whites: Embracing the grace of gray or white hair? Metallic accents, especially silver, can be a dream match. Pastel multicolored frames or even a sophisticated black tortoise can also be an elegant choice.

Tortoise Color Frames: Beyond the Traditional Brown

Remember grandma’s evergreen tortoise frame? That classic pattern, swirling with a potpourri of colors, has never lost its allure.

But who wants to wear the standard tortoise when you can choose from an array of colors and patterns?

Blue and Green Tortoise

EyeBuyDirect Dorset Cat Eye in Green Tortoise

Cool Elegance: Imagine the depth of the ocean or the serenity of a lagoon captured in a frame. Blue tortoise patterns are precisely that, mingling navy with splashes of teal and hints of cerulean.

Forest Hues: Ever fancied wearing a piece of the rainforest? Green tortoise frames evoke that sentiment. Deep emerald hues interwoven with sprightly, sun-dappled greens give these frames an earthy charisma.

Grey and Black Tortoise

Monochrome Magic: In the realm of greys, the tortoise pattern gets a chic makeover. Melding shadows and silvers, the grey tortoise frames are a sophisticated fit for any ensemble.

Bold and Sophisticated: A night sky, perhaps? Black tortoise frames are the night’s mystery combined with flashes of starlight. Edgy, stylish, and timeless, all at once.

Pastel Tortoise

Coach HC6065 in Pastel Tortoise

Soft and Subtle: Stepping away from the bold, pastel tortoise glasses whisper elegance. Think of rosy dawns, serene lavender fields, and minty mornings.

Spring and Summer Ready: These frames are nature’s way of celebrating spring and summer. The light, refreshing shades make them a darling choice for beach holidays or picnics in the park.

Two Tone Frames

39DollarGlasses Grace in Navy/Sky Ombre

Why settle for one color when you can flaunt two? Two-tone frames are perfect for highlighting your features while drawing attention away from your flaws.

Contrasting Top and Bottom: The drama of a bold upper frame, say a profound black or regal blue, melting into a softer hue at the bottom, is pure artistry. It’s like the horizon where the deep sea kisses the golden sand.

Front and Side Variations: Another variant of the dual-tone trend is having the front of the frame in one shade and the arms or temples in a contrasting color. This often adds a surprise element when viewed from the side.