Safety Glasses That Look Like Regular Glasses

man in suit with glasses and construction helmet

If you’re like most people, you hate having to wear safety glasses at work. They’re bulky, they fog up, and they make you look like a dork. But luckily, there are now some great options for safety glasses that look just like regular glasses!

We’ve tracked down different pairs of these safety glasses and have to say, they’re a vast improvement over many traditional safety glasses. They don’t fog up nearly as much, and they actually look pretty good!

If you’re in the market for some new safety glasses, we highly recommend checking out some of the below options that look like regular glasses or sunglasses. All are ANSI Z87-approved and Rx-eligible, so you can skip the fit-over-safety-glasses over your normal glasses.

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Safety Glasses That Look Like Regular Glasses

Phillips Safety RX-116 Safety Glasses

The Phillips Safety RX-116 Safety Glasses are a sleek and sporty option for those who need safety glasses that provide side protection without the use of side shields.

These glasses meet both ANSI Z87+ and EN-166 (European safety) standards, making them a safe and reliable choice for those in need of protection while in the lab, on the job site, or doing a DIY home project.

The lightweight metal frame and spring hinges make these glasses comfortable to wear, while the silicone nose pads and rubber temples ensure a secure fit. They are also prescription-eligible, including for those who need bifocal or progressive lenses.

Stoggles Square Glasses

If you’re looking for a stylish and functional pair of glasses that will protect your eyes, check out Stoggles Square Glasses. Unlike many knockoff dupes, Stoggles are ANSI Z87-certified, meaning they meet strict safety standards for eye protection.

Perfect for nurses and other medical professionals, they have polycarbonate side and top shields to help keep your eyes safe from flying debris or other potential hazards including spills and splatter.

And if you wear a mask, you’ll appreciate the fact that the lenses come with a dual-side anti-fog coating so they won’t fog up. Plus, a blue-light blocking filter on the lens helps ease eye strain when you’re staring at digital screens for long hours.

Phillips Safety RX-850 Safety Glasses with Removable Side Shields

The Phillips Safety RX-850 is a versatile and affordable pair of safety glasses that can be worn with or without the removable side shields. By itself, the metal rectangular pair looks like a classic wire frame that will make anyone look smart.

The frame is made of flex nickel and nylon and is ANSI Z87 safety approved and EN-166 certified. They’re also prescription-eligible, making them a great option for those who need corrective lenses, including high Rx’s.

Available in 2 sizes, you can also upgrade to Trivex lenses for even better clarity and excellent impact-resistance.

Wiley X WorkSight Judge with Removable Side Shields

The Wiley X WorkSight Judge with Side Shields is a great choice for those looking for a pair of glasses that meet ANSI safety standards without looking like you’ve just punched in for your shift.

The frame is made from extremely durable Trilod™ nylon and comes with removable side shields for lateral protection. When using the side shields, the frame meets US Federal OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) standards.

Wiley X Worksight Judge with Side Shields

It’s available in 3 different colors, including a couple fashionable two-tone colors. And yes, you can get them with Rx lenses, natch.

Phillips Safety Women’s Oval Safety Glasses RX-230

Ladies, there’s no need to sacrifice style for safety with this chic and modern pair of women’s safety glasses. (Seriously, who’d even think these are safety glasses?) The sleek oval-shaped frames are made of TR-90 nylon, making them chemical resistant, durable, and lightweight.

They also meet the ANSI Z87+ high velocity and high mass safety standard protection, so you can rest assured knowing your eyes are well-protected. The rubberized temple bars and large safety lenses are prescription-eligible (including high Rx’s), so you can customize them to your own vision needs.

Whether you’re working in the workshop or on the job site, these glasses will help keep you safe and stylish.

Best Prescription Safety Glasses

What To Look For In A Good Pair of Safety Glasses

Fit & Comfort

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a good pair of safety glasses is fit. You don’t want anything too tight or too loose, as that can be uncomfortable and/or cause the glasses to slip off your face.

Ideally, you want a pair of glasses that has adjustable features like temples or nose pads so you can get a custom fit. This is especially important if you’re going to be wearing them for long hours at a time.

And finally, if you wear prescription glasses, make sure to get a pair of safety glasses that fit over your regular glasses or are prescription-eligible.

Anti-Fog Coating

Besides protecting your eyes, your safety glasses should give you clear vision at all times. If you’re also wearing a mask at the same time, you’ll definitely want to have an anti-fog coating applied to the lens so they don’t fog up.

Full All-Around Protection

Naturally, safety glasses should protect your eyes from debris or matter that might come at you from any direction. Wraparound frames are great for enclosing your eyes on all sides and giving you excellent peripheral vision.

Safety glasses with side shields are another option for those who prefer or need a flatter lens, especially if you have a strong prescription. Removable side shields are perfect for those who need them only occasionally.

Lastly, if you’re working in particularly dusty or dirty conditions, you may want to consider getting a pair of safety goggles instead. Goggles will seal around your eyes completely and provide the highest level of protection. (Though this does take you back to looking a bit dorkish…but sometimes you do have to sacrifice style for safety.)

Prescription Availability

Lastly, if you’re used to being four eyes, you’ll be best served with a pair of prescription safety glasses. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you’ll definitely look a lot more hip than wearing a pair of over-glasses safety glasses over your regular eyeglasses.

Save Your Eyes and Your Style

If you need to wear safety glasses at work but don’t like the look of standard safety glasses, there are plenty of stylish options available. From sleek and modern frames to classic wire frames, there’s a pair of safety glasses to suit any taste.

And because they’re all ANSI-certified, you can rest assured knowing that your eyes are well-protected. So go ahead and rock those safety glasses with confidence!