3 Reasons Not to Buy Glasses Online

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While buying glasses online is a great way to get a new pair that’s stylish and affordable, it’s not right for everyone. If you fall into any of the below categories, your best bet is to have an optician fit you for a pair of glasses.

Your vision is worth taking care of, so be sure to do what’s right for your eyes even if it means you’ll need to pay more.

You Have a Complex or Strong Prescription

If you have a complicated prescription, it’s best to have an optician custom fit you with the right frame and lenses. No amount of savings is worth giving yourself headaches, double vision, or worse if your prescription requires more intricate production.

This is Your First Pair of Glasses

If you’ve never bought prescription eyeglasses before, you’re likely not familiar with your prescription and the type of frames that fit your face well. A licensed optician can help you determine what type of lens, coating(s) and frame measurements will work best for you.

You Need a Custom-fit Frame

If your face size or shape requires custom-fit glasses, you will need to have a licensed optician fit you. Buying in-store allows you to try various pairs on, while your optician can help adjust the one you select to your facial features.

Though You Can Still Try Glasses On (At Home)

Even if you do end up going to your local optical shop, nowadays you can even try glasses on at home before purchasing – for free! Warby Parker and Liingo Eyewear both offer free 5-pairs/5-day trials where they mail sample glasses right to your doorstep.