Liingo Eyewear Review

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9.5 Our Score
4.5 Community Score (2 votes)

+ FREE Home Try-On Program

+ 60-Day Delight Guarantee


- Ships within U.S. only

- Limited lens options

Liingo Eyewear is a relatively new online eyewear retailer offering affordable frames and a free home try-on offer very similar to Warby Parker’s. Because they design and make all their own glasses, they can offer competitively priced, fashionable frames including prescription lenses. Superb customer service and easy online ordering make Liingo one of the best options around these days for those seeking affordable yet stylish glasses.
Lens Quality9
Frame Quality9.5

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About Liingo Eyewear

Liingo Eyewear launched in 2016 by a few optical industry veterans in the great state of Utah. Co-founders Douglas Harris and Peder Singleton wanted to make shopping for glasses online easy and affordable while still making you look good.

The company name is a reference to a form of self-expression. Speaking the right “lingo” in words can convey ideas in a personalized way, just like Liingo glasses are used to express oneself fashionably with spectacles. A bit of a stretch in my opinion, but it’s catchy nonetheless.

At the end of 2017, the company was acquired by 1-800-Contacts (where the CEO worked for years before founding Liingo).

Nowadays, it’s on par with the likes of Warby Parker for their competitively-priced, stylish frames that include prescription lenses, along with an identical free home try-on program that allows you to try out 5 frames for 5 days before purchase. homepage

Home Try-On Program

As mentioned, Liingo’s current home try-on program is basically the same as Warby Parker’s home try-on program. You simply pick out any 5 frames you’d like to try, add them to your cart with the “TRY AT HOME FOR FREE” button and place your order.

Do note you’ll have to select 5 frames in order to check out. Even if you’re only interested in 1 or 2 pairs, you won’t be able to finalize your home try-on without picking out 5.

You’ll also need to enter credit card details in order to get the trial frames, but you won’t be charged anything. It’s just to ensure you’ll return the trial glasses after your 5 days of trying them on.

Initially, Liingo’s try-on parameters were different, as customers used to be allowed to upload their eye doctor prescriptions and select two frames. It was possible to test those frames with your actual prescription for 10 days.

It has since been replaced with the “5 frames free for 5 days” program without your Rx. The home try-on glasses have plain plastic lenses (or none at all), so it’s just for you to try on for fit and appearance. Like Warby Parker, your 5-day trial starts the day you receive your package.

If you’re not happy with the selection, you can simply return the glasses for free.

Liingo Eyewear FAQ

60-Day Delight Guarantee

This is where Liingo Eyewear really shines as a brand. They offer a 60-Day return/exchange policy. Customers are given 60 days to wear their new glasses and decide whether to keep them or not.

If you don’t like the way your new eyeglasses feel, look, or if you just change your mind altogether, you can exchange the pair you purchased or return them for a full refund.

You just need to contact them at [email protected], text 82020, or call 1-800-430-EYES. Free returns (in the U.S. only) minimize any financial risk, making it easier to shop around for the right pair of glasses.

Eloquent Frames + Free Prescription Lenses

Our Liingo Eyewear Review

Shopping Experience – 10/10

In terms of frame variety, Liingo occupies a comfortable middle spot when compared to its competitors. There isn’t an overwhelming amount of frame options, yet there are enough to match every taste and face shape. Besides, their collection is growing every year.


The website itself is well designed with an intuitive layout that is easy to navigate.

You start by selecting one of the menu options “Men”, “Women” or “Sunglasses”, where you’ll be taken to the respective page. The layout is nearly identical to Warby Parker’s, up to and including a toggle you can turn on to filter frames by those available for Home Try-On.

liingo home try on toggle

It was a pleasant surprise to notice that almost every frame was available for try-out, and not just the cheaper, lower-budget options.

You might think that online shoppers are more patient because they have more time to make their selections. However, you also don’t want to make a user scroll through endless menus to find what they’re looking for.

Luckily, Liingo has good filter options to help narrow down the choices, including by face shape. You can also search by frame shape, color, size, and material.

Additionally, you can also sort the list of available frames by most popular, newest, and price (low to high or vice versa).

As previously mentioned, you can click on the frame and add it to the “TRY AT HOME FOR FREE” cart, or outright select it and buy it.

Virtual Try-On & Prescription Reader App

liingo virtual try on

In addition to their home try-on, Liingo also offers a virtual try-on where you can see yourself with a selected frame superimposed on your face.

To do so, you’ll need a webcam where you can upload a small video of yourself turning your head from side-to-side (you can do this from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet).

Their software then super-imposes your desired frames on your face, giving you a pretty accurate picture of how you would look wearing it.

Aside from this, Liingo also employs a technology that seems futuristic even for a millennial used to doing everything online.

They have a high-tech Prescription Reader App that actually scans your current lenses for your prescription. This gives the company more information about your prescription.

liingo reader app review

The app and the service is free. Simply download it to your smartphone, and sync with your laptop or desktop PC.

We tested the app out and were impressed – it came back with our exact prescription in each lens.

But, the pupillary distance (PD) measurement was off by a couple millimeters in one instance.

It also took us a few attempts to get the app to scan our lenses correctly, as it requires a bit of eye-hand coordination to keep your glasses aligned between your monitor and phone while tilting it up and down.

liingo rx reader app view with glasses
liingo rx reader app scan error message
liingo rx reader app alignment

Other than that, it was fairly straightforward to use. When you’re done, Liingo prompts you to check your computer for the prescription they got off your current pair of glasses.

liingo rx reader app finish screen

Do note that you still need a valid (unexpired) glasses prescription in order to purchase a pair of Rx glasses.

The app can’t diagnose or give you an updated prescription, it just verifies the correction strength you’re currently using.

For the most part, the app seems to work well aside from some sync issues with a computer or laptop.

Liingo Lens Options and Quality – 9/10

liingo lens options

Liingo offers a simple, straightforward set of lens options and types. For lens type, they offer shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses that come standard with all pairs, or an optional high-index lens for stronger prescription strengths.

In terms of prescription types, they also only offer a couple options:

  • Single vision: these are lenses with a uniform power distribution throughout the lens surface. They’re the most common and are good for those who need vision correction for reading or for distance.
  • Blended bifocal: otherwise known as progressive or no-line bifocal lenses. They are made for individuals who need both long-distance and close-up vision correction. The top of the lens is better suited for viewing far-away objects and progressively adapts to a closer viewing perspective towards the bottom.

Shop Progressive Lenses at Liingo!

Liingo lenses are good quality and there isn’t too much to complain about.

Each lens is made from a quality polycarbonate material, which is 12 times more resistant to damage than your regular plastic version. They’re also 20% thinner.

While searching for others’ experiences with Liingo glasses, there aren’t too many negative reviews about their lenses.

Some customers mention excess smudging, though these issues do not seem to be very common.

The nice thing about polycarbonate lenses is that they already have UV-protection built into them. So you’re getting UV-protection included without an additional coating or cost.

lenses with uv protection

For those with very powerful prescriptions (anything over -4.50 or +3.50), Liingo’s Thin & Light 1.67 High Index Lenses are in order.

These lenses can correct high prescription strengths, yet are only about half as thick as standard 1.50-index lenses.

Remember that you’ll need a valid prescription from a licensed optometrist as well as your pupillary distance (PD) to order prescription glasses.

If your PD wasn’t measured by your optometrist, they do have a PD tool that helps you measure it using your webcam.

Felix Gray Blue Light Filtering Computer Glasses

Upgrades, Coatings, and Add-ons:

Included for free in every pair of glasses is Liingo’s DuraSeal coating, which helps resist scratches. It also provides anti-glare and UV-protection.

For even more protection, you can pay to add a second layer of DuraSeal HD for even better scratch and smudge-resistance, extra anti-reflective properties, as well as easier cleaning.

There’s also the option to add blue light protection. Blue light is one of the leading causes of vision deterioration among those who spend a lot of time staring at screens.

Considering that we are living in the age of smartphones and digital devices, that includes pretty much everyone.

Liingo Frame Quality – 9.5/10

Liingo Alta in Denim Tortoise

Liingo’s frames come in a few different materials – metal, plastic, or a combination of the two. Overall, their frames are quite good and seem to live up to normal daily wear and tear.

For the price, it’s certainly adequate and there are plenty of happy customers.

Many frames come with spring hinges, so they’re able to flex outwards a bit when putting them on. And if you’re wondering – the lower-cost frames feel just as sturdy and durable as their higher-priced options.

Most reviews we were able to find outside of our own experience are very positive, though a few people did complain about some frames feeling uncomfortable around the ears.

Issues like red marks on the nose or the arm hinges breaking are possible. However, these are telltale signs of a bad fit rather than issues with the quality of the materials themselves.

Liingo Style & Selection – 9/10

liingo style and selection

Liingo’s selection is not vast, though it is growing steadily. Keep in mind that you won’t find any designer brands here.

There are 3 main menus: Men, Women, and Sunglasses. At the time of writing this review, there are 61 sunglasses, 48 men and 77 women’s options to choose from.

They don’t offer any children’s glasses.

It should be mentioned that not all models are gender-exclusive, and many can be found in either men’s or women’s categories. For example, the Murray and Peyton options are unisex and can be selected on both menus.

On the other hand, certain frames like the Verona and Adriana are specifically designed for women.

To be fair, it is a well-known fact that most women can pull off men’s eyewear, while the opposite may not be necessarily true.

All frames come in multiple colors, and several pairs are available as eyeglasses or sunglasses.

There’s a helpful “Find Your Fit” tool that narrows down the selections to the frames that will fit your face based on the measurements of your current glasses or by using your device camera. This is really helpful so you don’t waste time trying on glasses that are either too small or large.

Liingo Customer Service – 10/10

Customer service is very important for any service or retailer, but it’s especially so for something that many people still go into a physical store for.

Luckily, Liingo’s customer service is top-notch, getting raves for their friendly, helpful representatives who can help you pick out a good pair of glasses or answer any questions about your prescription.

They’re open 7 days a week (9AM-9PM EST) via live chat, telephone (1-800-430-EYES), or through their contact form. You can also DM them on social media (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) too, of course.

Most customers have nothing but good things to say about their customer service, as evidenced here:

liingo positive customer service experience

Though some have had a less than stellar experience:

liingo negative customer service experience

Overall, they have excellent customer service, definitely one of the better ones around.

Liingo Cost – 10/10

sunglasses on piggybank

Liingo’s price point is quite affordable considering that they include single-vision lenses in the price of the frame.

A complete pair of eyeglasses with Rx lenses will set you back between $79 and $129 in total including free standard shipping!

This is pretty hard to beat either online or off, especially when you can try 5 frames on for free at home before purchasing.

If you need new glasses in a hurry, they do offer expedited 2-3 day shipping for $12.95.

Liingo’s sunglasses are a bit more expensive – they start at $129 and go up to $179 – but that includes single-vision Rx lenses too.

For comparison, Warby Parker’s sunglasses are either $95 or $145 without prescription lenses (single-vision lenses cost an additional $80).

They also have a few extra lens and treatment options:

  • Multifocal/Progressive: +$149
  • Thin and Light 1.67 High Index: +$49
  • Dura Seal HD: +$39
  • Bluelight + Dura Seal HD: +$59

The straightforward and easy-to-understand price structure is definitely one of Liingo’s strengths as a brand.

No nickel-and-diming for different lens treatments or coatings make shopping for new glasses actually fun and pleasant!

Liingo Review Final Thoughts

As the eyewear market continues to expand online, it’s likely we’ll continue to see more of these startup brands like Liingo appear. It’s a welcome change for a world where you can buy pretty much everything online.

If you’re looking for a Warby Parker alternative, is Liingo worth a try? Absolutely – there’s very little to lose when you can try glasses on at home for free and get a full refund within 60 days if you do make a purchase.

It may not have the name recognition that Warby Parker does, but they definitely provide a similar service and product, at an even lower cost.

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