Best Ray-Ban Alternatives

ray ban wayfarer style sunglasses

There’s no question Ray-Ban has some of the most iconic sunglasses around, but if you’re not keen on spending more than a Benjamin on your next pair of sunnies, we get it.

Who needs the Ray-Ban logo when you can look just as stylin’ for a fraction of the price (and often just as good or possibly better quality)?

Below are the best Ray-Ban alternatives to consider in their 3 most popular styles: the Wayfarer, Aviator, and Clubmaster. They’re not just cheap budget picks either – we threw in some of our favorite alternatives with a unique and fun twist too.

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Best Wayfarer Alternatives


Polarspex Polarized Sunglasses

An L.A.-based company, Polarspex makes affordable sunglasses in classic styles like the Wayfarer for those who can’t or don’t want to spend mucho dinero on a pair of sunnies. Their 80s retro classic pair has the rounded style of the New Wayfarer, and the lenses are polarized for reducing glare.

The plastic frame is pretty sturdy for the price, though there are mixed reviews about how well the polarized lenses work. They’re great as a backup or throwaway pair, especially if you don’t want to worry about losing or ruining a nice pair of Ray-Bans at the beach or on the water.

zeroUV Retro 80’s Mirrored Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are great when you’re out in the glaring sun, but they can make looking at your smartphone or other digital screens difficult due to the way it filters out light.

To avoid that, mirrored lenses also work great by reflecting bright rays away from your peepers. zeroUV’s Wayfarer-style shades come in multiple colors from blue, orange, yellow, and even purple.

And if you’re always breaking or losing your sunglasses, you can even get them in a really affordable 3-pack so you’ll always have a backup ready.


Knockaround Fort Knocks

A sunglass company founded in sunny San Diego, Knockaround has been protecting people’s peepers (and making them look cool at the same time) since 2005. The Fort Knocks is a classic that doesn’t quit – no wonder it’s one of their bestsellers.

Equipped with polarized, UV400 protection, they’re a pair you can wear to the beach, the pool, driving around town, or hanging with your buddies. No one will call you the fool for sporting these knockoff Ray-Bans over the real thing.

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EyeBuyDirect Hanoi

So you want Wayfarer sunglasses, but need prescription lenses, you say? Then look no further than the Hanoi frame from EyeBuyDirect, where you can add single-vision Rx lenses for as little as $20 more.

Another New Wayfarer-style pair, it’s nearly identical to the real thing, right down to the silver temple detail and arm shape. You can choose your lens color, and even add a gradient (darker to lighter tint at the bottom of the lens) for only $4, mirror coating, or add polarization to cut out glare.

Also Consider

Blenders Eyewear M Class X2

For quality, comfort and coverage, it’s hard to go wrong with a pair of Blenders. Their M Class X2 shades hit all 3, with excellent UV and glare protection with a dark polarized gray tint.

We especially love the extra suminsumin with the double stripe design on the temple arms. They’re lightweight, sturdy, and fit like a glove. You can also get them with Rx lenses, including progressives.

Proof Eyewear Ontario Wood

Maybe you’re not looking for a budget pair after all, but a Wayfarer that’s not the usual plastic or acetate frame. If that’s the case, consider Proof Eyewear’s Ontario wooden sunglasses in a dark zebrawood.

They’re made from sustainably sourced wood and come with UV-400 polarized lenses. It also comes with a foldable cork case and microfiber cleaning cloth. Best of all, it’s lightweight and has spring hinges to comfortably accommodate wider faces.

Best Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Best Aviator Alternatives


Pro Acme Aviator Sunglasses

For that cool Top Gun look without the heavy price tag, the Pro Acme aviator sunglasses mimic the real thing right down to the styled brand name imprinted on the top right lens. Unlike most cheap knockoffs, this one has real glass lenses – which means superior clarity and scratch-resistance.

It even comes with a cleaning cloth, leather case, and fabric pouch. It’s a great pair all around, though the smaller sizing makes it best for narrower faces.

SOJOS Classic Aviator Polarized Sunglasses

If you go through sunglasses like water, these SOJOS Classic Polarized Sunglasses might just be your saving grace. They’re lightweight, come with polarized lenses, and are pretty stylin’ for the price.

The flash mirror coating combined with TAC polarized lenses make them great for the beach, boating, or playing sports.

Choose from different lens and frame colors, and a couple sizes too (58mm and 62mm lens widths).


Tifosi Shwae

I’m sure most ladies will agree: one of the annoying thing about aviator sunglasses is the fact that your hair gets tangled up in the nose pieces when you perch them on your head. If only there were a pair with fixed nose pads that don’t pinch and pull so much on your strands!

Well, thankfully, this very design does exists in the Tifosi Shwae. It’s made of stainless steel and comes with hydrophilic (rubber) nose pads that grip even more while you sweat. 100% UV-blocking shatter-resistant polycarbonate lenses mean they can withstand lots of active pursuits too.

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Good Vibrations Aviator Sunglasses

EyeBuyDirect’s Good Vibrations aviators are da bomb! Lightweight yet sturdy, they look great on nearly every face. It’s no wonder they’re one of their most popular frames.

You can customize them with your choice of tints, gradients, or mirrored coatings, or add in your prescription for Rx sunglasses.

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Vint & York Fly Boy

An aviator shape but in an acetate material, Vint & York’s Fly Boy is a glossy, retro-modern pair of sunglasses that breaks the mold. The bold red and yellow coloring shakes things up even more so you’re not just another face in the crowd with these on.

The gradient lenses provide full UV400 protection, while premium hinges and build ensure it’s durable, sturdy, and comfortable to wear.

Rheos Gear Palmettos

If you’ve ever lost a pair of sunglasses in the water, you’ll love Rheos Gear and their floating sunglasses. Whether you’re kayaking or waterskiing, you can be assured that if you land in the water, the aviator-style Palmettos will pop right back up.

Made of a very lightweight plastic, it has polarized nylon lenses that protect your eyes from UV rays and doesn’t get ruined by saltwater. Stylish and practical, take your pick of a tortoise or gunmetal frame paired with blue, green, or gray lenses.

Best Clubmaster Alternatives


SOJOS Retro Semi Rimless Polarized Sunglasses

High on fashion but low in price, SOJOS Vision is a good bet for summer sunnies that give you all you want without the stress of worrying about breaking or losing a pair of expensive designer frames.

The build is sturdy, the look is on-point, and the lenses are even polarized to reduce glare when you’re out in the bright mid-day sun.

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Zenni Browline Sunglasses

Mad Men fans, don’t break the bank with these Clubmaster-style browline sunnies from Zenni Optical. They’re comfortable, durable, and can be customized with your choice of tints (gray, green or brown) for just $5 more.

Or, make them your everyday pair with clear optical lenses (Rx-able) instead.


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Troy Browline Sunglasses

Round faces are best complemented with square or rectangular frames, making the Troy browline sunglasses an ideal choice if you’re a Clubmaster fan but need a few more angles to balance out your features.

You can get the black browline matched with either a gold trim (pictured) or with silver. Get it as is or customize the lenses to your prescription (single vision or progressives) and your choice of tints, mirroring, and shade gradients.

Also Consider

Foldies Folding Polarized Browline Sunglasses

Tired of fishing for sunglasses in your glove compartment? Get a folding pair that you can slip into your front pocket or cup holder. This browline frame has a sturdy build with metal hinges and polarized lenses, folding at the bridge and midway down the arms to fit in the palm of your hand.

The classic browline gives you that 50’s and 60’s era vibe, and costs a fraction of a Ray-Ban folding frame for quality on par with the designers. Do note that it seems to run a bit small so it’s best for narrower faces.