Best Glasses for Oval Faces

The days of not knowing which frame will flatter your face are gone! We’ve got all the tips and tricks you’ll need to find the perfect pair of eyeglasses every time.

From embracing your unique facial features to learning what works the best on an oval face, choosing your next pair of glasses will be a breeze.

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How To Identify An Oval Face

If you have an oval face, consider yourself lucky. People with oval faces have evenly proportioned features that allow them to wear practically any pair of glasses when it comes to frame selection.

You can experiment and be as adventurous as you want. Most frames will be flattering on your face shape.

woman with an oval face
Example of an oval face

Best Frame Shapes for Oval Faces

With an oval face, the sky’s the limit as far as frame shape goes. Here are a few flattering ones to consider:

Square and Rectangular Frames

Square and rectangle glasses are great if you have a more conservative style.

Square Frame (Zenni Square Glasses 638825)

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Select a chunky tortoiseshell-colored frame for a bit of edge, or keep it super simple with a classic black rectangle frame.

Rectangle Frame (Liingo Eyewear Payson)

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Cat Eye Frames

Nothing says stylish like a cat-eye frame for those who want to step out of the box with their style.

Plastic Cat Eye Frame (Vint & York Dosey Do)

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These frames have a flattering “lifting” effect that contours your face and is fun to wear. It’s important to pay attention to the width of the frame as this style can tend to look too big or small if the sizing is off.

Mixed Material Cat Eye Frame (Yesglasses Lasso)

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Make sure that the frame is the same width or broader at your temples.

Aviator Frames

This popular sunglasses style also works well as prescription glasses. The angles of an aviator frame add interest to the face and are perfect if you want a sportier look.

Aviator Frame (EyeBuyDirect Courser)

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Geometric Frames

Kick your style into overdrive with a geometric eyeglass frame. An oval face is the perfect carrier for an unconventional frame shape.

Geometric Frame (Persol PO3267V)

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Round Frames

Round frames are difficult for many people to wear, but not if you’ve got an oval face. Take advantage and take this intellectual look to the max.

Round Frame (Eyebobs Board Stiff)

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Frames To Avoid

Since oval faces can carry all frame shapes well, focusing on the fit of the frame will be an essential factor in the best frame fit. Below are two examples of frames that don’t fit as well as they should.

Small glasses will exaggerate the width of your face and make it appear larger than it is.

older man wearing glasses that are too narrow
Example of glasses that are too small

Here, the frame is narrower than the width of the face and makes the man’s face look very long.

The temples look like they are flaring out on the sides of his head.

woman wearing glasses that are too big
Example of glasses that are too big

Eyeglasses are too big when the frame rests on the cheeks, and you can see the eyebrows through the lens when looking straight ahead.

Also, when the frame keeps sliding down the nose and doesn’t stay in place can be a sign the frame is too large.

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Examples of Glasses on Oval Faces

woman with oval face and rectangle glasses

A proper fitting rectangle frame is proportional to the woman’s face. Her eyes are centered in the lenses for the best visual result, and the frame fits on the bridge to prevent it from slipping down the nose.

woman wearing stylish cat eyeglasses

Cateye frames give a subtle “lift” to the face. The glasses must be wide enough to not appear too small at the temple and the bottom of the frame should not extend beyond the bottom of the nose.

angled view of woman wearing aviator glasses

Aviators can be a sporty alternative but can look ultra-trendy as well. Select a style with interesting details, such as a combo plastic metal frame.

Go Forth and Rock Your Next Pair

Have fun shopping for your next frame by utilizing the information you’ve learned in this article. Focus on a comfortable fit and let your style and personality do the rest.