6 Best Warby Parker Alternatives For Rx Glasses

While Warby Parker is well known for revolutionizing how people buy prescription glasses online, we here at OGR understand that it might not be the optimal choice for you.

Whether you want rimless glasses, cheaper prices, or even designer frames, there are plenty of other online eyewear stores around that may suit your needs better than good ol’ WP.

To that end, we’ve researched and analyzed worthy competitors and picked several excellent choices.

Here are our top picks for the best Warby Parker alternatives you should consider for your next pair of Rx glasses:

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Best Warby Parker Alternatives

Best Home Try-On: Liingo Eyewear

liingo eyewear free home try on

Warby Parker’s biggest claim to fame is their free Home Try-On program that allows you to try on 5 frames at home before deciding whether to make a purchase. They’re still the 800-lb. gorilla in the room when it comes to that, but if you want to try some other frames on before you decide, you’ll want to give Liingo Eyewear a try.

Liingo’s “Try 5 For Free” program is exactly the same as Warby Parker’s: pick out 5 frames to be sent to you, try them out for 5 days, then return them, all with no cost or obligation.

They have a decent selection of frames in multiple materials, styles, and colors, and they also have a simple pricing structure that includes all taxes, fees, and shipping in the total cost.

  • Features
  • No Obligation Free Home Try-On (Up To 5 Pairs)
  • Free Shipping and Returns On All Orders
  • 60-Day Return/Exchange Policy
  • Polycarbonate Lenses Standard With Each Pair
  • Get Your Current Glasses Prescription Using Their Rx Reader App
  • Drawbacks
  • Smaller Selection of Frames
  • No Kids Glasses

Average Cost For 1 Rx Pair: $99. Liingo’s frames are one of 3 prices: $79, $99, or $129. This includes single-vision Rx lenses, shipping, and taxes.

How Liingo Is Better: Liingo’s 60-day no-questions-asked refund/exchange policy beats Warby Parker’s 30-day return policy. Liingo also has lower-priced options starting at $79 vs. WP’s $95 starting point.

How Warby Parker Is Better: WP ships to all 50 states, US territories, military APOs, and Canada (Liingo ships within the U.S. only). Warby Parker offers free in-store adjustments or will reimburse up to $50 for frame adjustments at non-WP optical shops (Liingo doesn’t have any retail stores and only offers up to $25 for adjustment reimbursements).

15% off at Liingo with code SAVE15-2023

Best Deals & Promos + Fast Shipping: EyeBuyDirect

eyebuydirect homepage

Who doesn’t love a deal? Even though EyeBuyDirect is one of the best places to get low-cost prescription glasses, they still offer great discounts and promos on a regular basis. Think “BOGO” or “30% off frames and lenses plus free shipping” type deals. Check our deals page for the latest discounts.

You can also get new glasses in a hurry with their 2-day fast shipping service for $29. Other online opticals that offer expedited shipping take at least a week to receive because they still take 4-5 days to process and complete your order.

In terms of selection, most of their frames are in-house designs, which is why they have such competitively priced offerings. However, they do also make a premium line of glasses called RFLKT that cost $70 – but includes single-vision Rx polycarbonate lenses.

In addition to their own frames, EyeBuyDirect also carries popular Ray-Ban and Oakley frames that you can customize as either eyeglasses or sunglasses. Pair it with one of their promos and you can really save a ton of cash on designer eyewear.

  • Features
  • Ultra Low-Cost Frames From $6
  • Carries Ray-Ban and Oakley In Addition To EyeBuyDirect Frames
  • Free Standard Shipping On Orders Over $99 (U.S. Only)
  • Customize Any Frame Into Rx Eyeglasses or Sunglasses
  • 2-Day Delivery Service Available
  • Drawbacks
  • Short 14-Day Return Window

Average Cost For 1 Rx Pair: $40-$45 assuming you pick a non-premium frame. Basic CR-39 Rx lenses are included – thinner lens options and any coatings (i.e. anti-glare) are extra.

How EyeBuyDirect Is Better: A complete pair of Rx glasses from EyeBuyDirect is still cheaper than one from Warby Parker, even with their premium RFLKT glasses. You can also make any eyeglass frame into sunglasses (WP has specific eyeglass vs. sunglass frames).

How Warby Parker Is Better: You can physically try WP’s frames on before you buy – EyeBuyDirect only has virtual try-on. WP’s 30-day return/exchange period also beats EyeBuyDirect’s 14-day return window.

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Best Price: Zenni Optical

zenni optical homepage

If price is your main concern, you’ve gotta go to Zenni. You can get a full pair of Rx eyeglasses for less than $20, which is pretty insane. With frames that start at $6.95, you won’t find a more affordable option around.

They can fill a wide range of prescriptions from -20.00 to +12.00, as well as optional lens coatings like anti-glare and blue-light filtering. You can get glasses for your whole family too – they’ve got kids glasses, sport and protective eyewear, and frames of all styles and materials from acetate to stainless steel and titanium.

Naturally, you won’t find any designer or brand name styles at Zenni given their ultra low-cost eyeglasses, but they do have some premium lens options including Transitions® lenses available. They also have virtual try-on using your webcam or uploaded photo so you can get a sense of what a pair will look like on you.

  • Features
  • Ultra Low-Cost Frames from $6.95
  • Many Lens Options Including Transitions®
  • Kids Glasses, Sport + Safety Glasses/Goggles, Clip-On Sets
  • 24/7 Chat Support
  • Over 1000 Frames To Choose From
  • Drawbacks
  • Paid Shipping Regardless of Order Amount
  • Return Policy: 100% Store Credit or 50% Refunds Only

Average Cost For 1 Rx Pair: $20-25. Zenni’s frames range from $6.95 – $45.95 with multiple options in-between. This includes single-vision Rx in either the 1.50 standard-index or 1.57 mid-index lenses.

How Zenni Is Better: If it isn’t obvious by now, Zenni wins on price, hands-down. You can get multiple pairs of Rx glasses or sunglasses for the price of one pair at Warby Parker.

How Warby Parker Is Better: Warby Parker’s 30-day, 100% refund/return policy beats Zenni’s 14-day return period. Zenni’s policy offers 100% store credit or 50% refunds to your initial form of payment only. You also get free shipping and returns with WP, whereas you have to pay for shipping (including returns) with Zenni.

Best Hybrid Online/Brick & Mortar Store: Target Optical

target optical

While buying Rx glasses online has many benefits, you obviously need to start with a valid glasses prescription. If you don’t have one, you can get an eye exam with a licensed optometrist at Target Optical.

Even if you don’t have insurance, in-store eye exams are reasonably-priced, and you can also get fitted for contact lenses too.

Given that there’s a Target retail store in virtually every city and town across the U.S., it’s easy to find a location near you. Plus, you can try on various frames in-store at the same time.

Target Optical carries lots of brand name designers from Ray-Ban and Oakley to Calvin Klein and Armani Exchange. They also have kids and juniors glasses, and they accept several insurance plans for payment, both in-store and online.

If you can’t find a pair you like in-store, their website has several hundred to choose from, including all the latest frames. You can even save 5% on eyewear products if you’re a RedCard holder.

  • Features
  • Online + Physical Retail Stores
  • In-Store Eye Exams + Contact Lens Fittings
  • 90-Day Return/Exchange Policy
  • Carries Many Top Glasses Brands
  • Accepts Insurance Both In-Store and Online
  • Drawbacks
  • Fewer Lower-Priced Frames
  • Single-Vision Rx Lenses Not Included In Price

Average Cost For 1 Rx Pair: $200. Rx lenses are not included in the price of the frame, so some of the cost accounts for prescription lenses (which start at $75). Standard shipping is free.

How Target Optical Is Better: Target Optical accepts a wide range of insurance plans, including several major health insurance providers. Warby Parker is currently only in-network with a few select providers. Target Optical also has many more physical locations and their 90-day return policy is 3x longer than WP’s.

How Warby Parker Is Better: A pair of single-vision Rx glasses or sunglasses from Warby Parker is still cheaper than from Target Optical. Plus, all Warby Parker glasses come standard with thinner, more impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses while Target charges additional for all prescription lenses.

Best Discount Designer Glasses: SmartBuyGlasses

smartbuyglasses homepage

If you’re looking for authentic designer eyewear like Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, or Gucci at discounted prices, SmartBuyGlasses is the way to go. They’ve got 180 brand name glasses and sunglasses manufacturers at up to 50% off regular retail prices. That includes basic CR-39 single-vision Rx lenses to boot.

Sure, there are tons of discount designer glasses outlets around, and for the most part, you’ll find similar prices for the same brand and frame model. However, SmartBuyGlasses usually comes out on top in overall cost because standard Rx lenses are included in the price of the frame, plus they offer free domestic and international shipping.

They also have a best price guarantee where they’ll beat any competitor’s price by $2 if you find a lower price within 14 days of purchase. Add to that their 100-day return policy plus 2-year warranty on all frames and lenses, and it’s hard to argue that you’ll find a better deal anywhere else on brand name glasses.

  • Features
  • 180 Designer Eyewear Brands
  • Frames Include Standard Single-Vision Rx Lenses
  • Carries Glasses For Men, Women, And Kids Plus Contact Lenses
  • Free Standard Shipping Including Internationally
  • Best Price Guarantee And 2-Year Warranty
  • Drawbacks
  • Popular Frame Models Often Have Low Inventory
  • Shipping Can Take Longer Than Expected

Discount Designer Frames at GlassesUSA

Average Cost For 1 Rx Pair: $175. Basic CR-39 lenses and standard shipping are included, but optional lens upgrades and customizations will add to the price.

How SmartBuyGlasses Is Better: SmartBuyGlasses sells popular brand name designer glasses in addition to their own, more affordable house brand. Free standard shipping is also included to domestic and international addresses (WP only ships to U.S. states, territories, military addresses, and Canada). SmartBuyGlasses also has a longer warranty (2-years vs. WP’s 30-days) as well as return period (100-days vs. WP’s 30-days).

How Warby Parker Is Better: WP is an in-network provider with select vision plans (SmartBuyGlasses doesn’t accept any insurance). All WP prescription glasses come standard with polycarbonate high-index lenses, which you have to pay extra for at SmartBuyGlasses.

Best For Re-Lensing or Re-Framing: Eyeglasses.com

eyeglasses.com homepage

So you just got an updated prescription, but really like your current pair of glasses. Or, you got super premium lenses on your latest specs but your frame just cracked. Either way, you don’t want to pay for both new glasses and lenses, so what can you do?

It’s hard to find an optical shop that will either re-lens an old frame or re-frame the lenses you already have. There are a few online shops that will re-lens your current frames for you, but Eyeglasses.com can do both.

They craft perfectly accurate prescriptions with quality Essilor lenses, but don’t charge nearly as much as other optical shops. Shipping your current frames to them is easy and free.

If you need new frames for your existing lenses, the way it works is they charge $15 to help you find a new pair of glasses that they can fit your lenses into. If they find a pair that works for you, that $15 fee gets deducted from your purchase total. Otherwise, they keep the fee if you decide not to purchase anything.

  • Features
  • Fully Customizable High Quality Essilor Lenses
  • Massive Selection of Frames and Lenses From Top Brands
  • Re-Lens Your Old Frame or Re-Frame Your Current Lens Service
  • One-Time Free Redo If Your Rx Lenses Aren't Perfect
  • Retail Stores in Westport and West Hartford, CT
  • Drawbacks
  • Not In-Network With Any Insurance Provider
  • Return Shipping Is Customer's Responsibility

Average Cost For 1 Rx Pair: $200-$250 (dependent on frame and lens options selected).

How Eyeglasses.com Is Better: You can fully customize your lens options, including for prescription sunglasses. Eyeglasses.com also offers a re-lens and re-frame service, which Warby Parker does not do.

How Warby Parker Is Better: Warby Parker costs less and offers free return shipping within 30 days (Eyeglasses.com also has a 30-day return period but does not pay for return postage).

Eyeglasses.com – 25% off “In Stock” Sale With Promo Code: EYESALE25