Our Warby Parker Monthly Picks

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Here at Online Glasses Review, it goes without saying that we think Warby Parker is the best online brand of affordable and stylish glasses. As our #1 rated retailer, it’s clear they’re onto something.

The popularity of their glasses have exploded since the company launched, and they also have several brick and mortar stores around the country.

If you don’t live near a retail location, you can always take advantage of their free Home Try-On Program. They also have an outstanding virtual try-on app for Apple iPhone X and above (where you can “try on” any of the frames you see here.

For more info on Warby Parker, check out our review and FAQs.

To help you choose between the latest and greatest, we decided to pick our favorite frame each month in both mens and womens styles.

Men May 2022

Callen in Jet Black with Polished Silver

The trapezoidal shape lens on this frame may not seem that special at first glance, but boy can it look great on. The angled inner rim follows the contour of the nose as it widens towards the bottom, giving you plenty of visual surface area. It comes in a wide width – perfect for those with broad faces.

Women May 2022

Della in Viridian

Want to enhance your baby blues with something special? The Della in a seagreen-colored crystal might be just the thing. Bold and substantial, it’s a medium chunky frame that makes a statement without overwhelming your face.

Men April 2022

Morley in Brioche Tortoise with Riesling

No one likes their head to feel pinched when wearing glasses. That won’t be a problem with the Morley frame, which is nice and roomy (140mm across from temple to temple) for those with broad faces. A mixed material frame made from acetate and stainless steel, it’s sturdy and easy to wear with just about anything.

Women April 2022

Mateo in Azure Crystal with Blue Lagoon

Not your standard 2-tone frame, the Mateo combines a darker translucent navy color against a pop of lighter blue behind the lenses. The fun detail makes it interesting enough but won’t draw away from your features. A keyhole bridge finishes the ensemble (and of course, single-vision Rx lenses are included).

Men March 2022

Braden in Dove Grey

Who doesn’t need some time in the sun (especially nowadays)? Naturally, you’ll need a pair of shades to protect those peepers. If you like the 70’s King of Cool vibe a la The Thomas Crown Affair, you might want to consider the Braden with it’s retro aviator lens shape. Try it on virtually with Warby Parker’s iOS app.

Women March 2022

Jordi in Oxblood with Striped Elm

Ooh child, if oversized sunnies and sophisticated style are your thing, the Jordi is right up your alley. The deep rich red paired with gradient lenses ooze luxury and class, and take any outfit from ordinary to va-va-voom. Like all of their glasses, you can also customize them with Rx lenses (and even choose a different lens color if so).

Men February 2022

Donovan in Root Beer

Who doesn’t like looking smart? That’s how you’ll look wearing the classic rectangle Donovan frame. The light tortoise color brightens any face, or go for something a bit more smoldering in a crystal green/tortoise combo. Whatever you choose, your wallet will thank you – it’s less than $100 all-in including single-vision Rx lenses.

Women February 2022

Laurel in Tea Rose Fade

If you’re looking for a pair of glasses with just a touch of sass, consider the two-tone Laurel. Asymmetrical round lenses make it more interesting than your standard round circle frame. And the dark upper half helps highlight your eyes without weighing them down.

Men January 2022

Locke in Layered Sky Blue Crystal

Normally, we don’t choose the latest “flavor of the month” when it comes to our fave Warby Parker frames, but we made an exception for their new layered crystal collection. It’s bold, it’s trendy, and it’ll make heads turn with a “what-what?”. Now that’s the way to start a new year!

Women January 2022

Lydell in Truffle Tortoise

The Lydell is so feminine with it’s uplifted teardrop lens. The frame is perfect for smaller faces too – it comes in extra narrow and narrow sizes for those with petite features. Try it on virtually with Warby Parker’s iOS app or try the real thing on in the comfort of your own home with the free Home Try-On.

Men December 2021

Fisher in Brushed Ink

Want round lenses but like the double bridge design on most aviator glasses? Well, here you go – the Fisher is the perfect combo. Made of stainless steel, it’s a lightweight metal frame that’s both classic and trendy at the same time.

Women December 2021

Elina in Blue Agave with Polished Gold

What a beaut this frame is with it’s light blue eyewire paired with a gold bridge and temples. It’ll really make your baby blues pop if you’ve been blessed with that eye color. Otherwise, you can also get it in a rich, dark tortoise.

Men November 2021

Briggs in Layered Jet Black Crystal

Great for broader faces, Briggs is a perfectly round lens frame with a 21mm keyhole bridge. It’s no-fuss style gives you that bookish look, whether you’re buried deep in your latest fantasy sci-fi novel or just trying to capture that cute librarian’s heart. Try it on for size with their free home try-on.

Women November 2021

Madeleine in Orchid

What beauty there is in the gentle sloping hills of the English countryside…as well as the Madeleine frame’s sloping cat eye. It’s oh-so-feminine shape is coy and flirty, but in a sweet way. We’re partial to the translucent orchid hue, but it’s also available in a light tortoise and a two-tone pink crystal too.

Men October 2021

Elias in Midnight Crystal Fade

If you’re tired of the usual black or tortoise colors but don’t want anything too flashy, consider a dark graduated navy like the Elias frame in Midnight Crystal Fade. Measuring 136mm across, it’s a good fit for most average size faces. Single-vision Rx lenses are included in the price, or upgrade with light-transitioning lenses so you’re all set both indoors and outdoors.

Women October 2021

Landon in Forest Green

There’s nothing square about the Landon in a rich, deep green (well, except for the lens shape). If you like larger lenses, this one is great for extra surface area without overwhelming your face. It comes in both medium and wide, and is also available in a dark tortoise too.

Men September 2021

Bergen in Whiskey Tortoise with Riesling

A cool twist on the traditional round frame, the Bergen is part of Warby Parker’s new Floating Metal Collection where the brow and temple pieces are set back from the lenses. It really highlights your eyes as the center of attention. And if you want them as both regular glasses and sunnies – you can add light-transitioning lenses so they’re both in one pair!

Women September 2021

Nadia in Opal Tortoise

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Take a gander at the Nadia frame with its soft cat-eye shape and pearlescent color. It’s a cute little number that measures 133mm across, so it fits most average-size faces. Single-vision Rx lenses are included at no additional cost, and it also comes in a bolder red crystal if that’s more your thing.

Men August 2021

Brady in Sugar Maple

It’s back-to-school time, which means, amongst other things, it’s time for a new pair of glasses. The Brady is a squarish-rectangular frame that’s available in 3 sizes – medium, wide, and extra-wide. Try it on in the comfort of your home for free to see which fits you best.

Women August 2021

Sanaa in Polished Gold with Oak Barrel

Ooh la la, we just licked our lips at this beauty. The Sanaa is a cross between a cat eye and an aviator frame that make the style gods proud. The gold metallic frame is handcrafted in Italy, with gradient lenses and a sophisticated tortoise on the lens rims. Get it as is, as readers, or with Rx lenses (including progressives).

Men July 2021

York in Brushed Navy

Some frames will always be in style – and the aviator is one of them. Made of super lightweight stainless steel, the York is a classic that suits nearly any face shape. It also comes in silver or rose gold. Try it on virtually with Warby Parker’s iOS app to see how you’ll look in them.

Women July 2021

Irving in Black Oak Tortoise

Make a statement with the darkly bold and rich Irving for that sexy librarian look. A big-but-not-too-big frame, it fits broader faces well, measuring 47-23-145 (lens width, bridge, temple length). Also available in a gray-blue crystal.

Men June 2021

Madox in Striped Sassafras

With polarized blue lenses, the Madox in Striped Sassafras is classy and preppy while it protects your peepers from the midday sun. No more glare while you’re driving around town, it’s perfect as is, or, if you need, customize them with Rx lenses.

Women June 2021

Felix in Crystal with English Oak Temples

It’s been a while since we’ve picked a clear frame, so when we came across the Felix with it’s crystal lenses and oak temples, we couldn’t resist. It goes with all looks without overpowering your face. The total width measures 135mm across, and it has a comfortable 19mm bridge. If you’ve got an iPhone X or higher, try them on virtually to check them out.

Men May 2021

Sutton in English Oak Matte

There’s something about green lenses and brown frames that just go together like chocolate and caramel. This one is a keeper for that preppy summertime look, whether you’re going on a daytrip to the mountains, lake, or seashore. It’s available in both medium and wide widths to fit most faces.

Women May 2021

Harriet in Lapis Crystal with Rose Gold

Oooh la la…is what the Harriet in Lapis Crystal would say if it could talk. A modern retro round frame, it has a layered metal design with beautiful rose gold accents around the rims and temples. Perfect for wider faces, it’s 100% UVA/UVB-blocking, and is also Rx-able.

Men April 2021

Turner in Chestnut Crystal

A rounded square frame, the Turner is an instant classic that doesn’t overpower your face with it’s subtle translucent chestnut coloring. It comes with single-vision polycarbonate lenses, plus a cleaning cloth and hard case, all included for less than $100! Can’t beat that with a stick.

Women April 2021

Shea in Peacock Green

“O Shea can you see…” – yes indeed we can! This one caught our eye immediately for it’s gorgeous aqua-green hue and of course, it’s uplifted cat eye temples. It’s elegance personified with a pop of color. Great for smaller to medium-size faces, you can also get it in a yellow tortoise too.

Men March 2021

Bolton in Polished Silver With Oak Barrel

Come on spring, we know you’re right around the corner. Which means it’s time to get some new rockin’ shades! If you like simple, clean designs, you’ll want to take a gander at the Bolton with it’s semi-aviator lenses and single browbar across the top. Made of lightweight, sturdy titanium, it’s a lot more durable than it looks.

Women March 2021

Delaney in Tea Rose Fade

Y’alls know we can’t stray far from the always-in-style cat eye, so here’s our latest choice pick with the delicious Delaney in Tea Rose Fade. A sophisticated dual-tone pair, the sloping curves gives you 100% coverage to protect your peepers from UV rays while you’re out and about. It’s also available in a tantalizing tanzanite tortoise too (say that 3 times fast!).

Men February 2021

Conley in Arctic Blue

Can’t think of a better frame in February than the Conley in Arctic Blue – brrr! It’s a square acetate frame with gray-blue hues and temple rivet details for a bit of schnazz. Pick it up for only $95 including Rx lenses.

Women February 2021

Nellie in Negroni Fade With Polished Gold

It may be cold outside, but you’ve still got that lovin’ feelin’…especially with the pretty in pink Nellie. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, this round pair is roomy enough to fit wider faces comfortably. Have an expired prescription? Check to see if you can get it updated in a jiffy with WP’s prescription check app.

Men January 2021

Roosevelt in Greystone

Alright 2021, what have you got for us? Hopefully clear vision at least. If you were waiting for your vision benefits to kick in again, go get that eye exam. And maybe a new pair of specs like the always-in-style rectangular Roosevelt, here in a brown shale coloring.

Women January 2021

Darby in Marine Tortoise

If you’ve got a petite or narrow face, you might have been forced to choose from youth glasses before. Well, no need with the Darby. It measures 128mm across and has a slender build from top to bottom for a snug fit on delicate features. The blue tortoise color gives it just the right amount of pop.