Our Warby Parker Monthly Picks

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Here at Online Glasses Review, it goes without saying that we think Warby Parker is the best online brand of affordable and stylish glasses. As our #1 rated retailer, it’s clear they’re onto something.

If you don’t live near a retail location, you can always take advantage of their free Home Try-On Program. They even have an awesome virtual try-on feature for most frames (mostly eyeglasses) that you can do straight from your device using your webcam.

For more info on Warby Parker, check out our review and FAQs.

To help you choose between the latest and greatest, we decided to pick our favorite frame each month in both mens and womens styles.

Men December 2023

Symonds in Brushed Navy

Look extra sharp with the Symonds frame – a half-rim stainless steel pair that’s thin, lightweight, and incredibly smooth.

The keyhole bridge design makes it just a little different than your usual browline glasses. Perfect for narrow faces, it includes impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses that hold up even without a full border.

Women December 2023

Tobias in Laguna Crystal

Oh we are into the geometric shape for sure with this one!

It’s got a little curve, some lines, a few angles, what’s not to love? Oh and the gorgeous blue-as-the-azure-sea crystal color is really hitting home.

Best of all, single-vision Rx lenses (with anti-scratch, anti-reflective coatings) are all included in the price. Shipping is free too!

Men November 2023

Cullen in Chestnut Crystal Fade

Besides face shape, complementing your skin tone is paramount if you want to look good in a pair of glasses. The Cullen in it’s warm translucent chestnut fade manages to go well with both cool and warm skin tones – versatility at it’s best!

Perfect for the quintessential academic, the square acetate frame has a wide fit to comfortably adorn broad faces.

Women November 2023

Leah in Rose Apple with Polished Gold

Into the oversized glasses trend? Then take a gander at the Leah with it’s large rounded square lenses in apple-red rims.

Besides being fashionable, the nice thing about oversize lenses is the amount of coverage you get for an excellent field of vision.

Whether you’re getting single-vision or multifocal Rx lenses, the extra surface area will give you optimal clarity and visual comfort. C’est très chic, oui oui!

Men October 2023

Dupree in Polished Gold

A smart, geometric wireframe, the Dupree is for those pining for a Mad Men aesthetic with it’s sleek mid-20th century style. The elegant, luxurious sophistication extends past the design to it’s build too – it’s made from bendable memory metal.

Reminisce and bring back the classic style of a bygone era when your spectacles completed your look. Try it on for size in the comfort of your own home with Warby Parker’s free home try-on.

Women October 2023

Aja in Jet Black

Still retro but more counterculture, exude the mod Beatnik style with the all-black Aja. Hipster-ish with vertical bookends to oval lenses, these frames are a contemporary nod to a time of poetic coffee houses, jazz, and abstract art.

At only $95 including single-vision Rx lenses, you can afford to keep frequenting your favorite coffee shop with this pair.

Men September 2023

Andre in Striped Alpine

Say hello to the Andre frame in all it’s color-blocked goodness. A sharp-looking rectangular frame, it’s not just your run-of-the-mill dark tortoise – the splash of alpine green along the outer edges perks up the eyes and your spirit.

Need an updated prescription to go along with it? Book yourself an eye exam at your nearest Warby Parker store.

Women September 2023

Otti in Blue Moonstone Crystal with Riesling

Love the Clubmaster-style but wish it were just a touch more feminine for your features? Then you’ll love the Otti with it’s rounded triangular lenses.

The baby-blue crystal browline and temples keep the look airy and light and doesn’t weigh you down. It’s a wide-fit too, so there’s no pinching or squeezing if you have a broader face.

Men August 2023

Crane in Eastern Bluebird Fade

An oldie but goodie, Warby Parker’s Crane has been around the block and is still one of their bestsellers. The two-tone rectangular frame is roomy and easy to wear, and is a steal at less than $100 all-in including single-vision Rx lenses.

If you’ve got the back-to-school blues, at least you won’t be squinting at your mind-numbing schedule or emptying your wallet before the semester begins.

Women August 2023

Bodie in Saltwater Matte

If you’re looking for great coverage, Bodie is a frame to try. With generous size lenses, this rounded square frame is classic and timeless in it’s look and appeal.

And the swoonworthy color? It’s a combination brown and blue blend, rich and vibrant in it’s intensity and hue.

Men July 2023

Baird in Crystal with Polished Gold

Summer is all about keeping it light and airy, which is just what the Clubmaster-style Baird does with it’s light gold trim and crystal browline. The semi-rimless frame is classy and never goes out of style.

Of course, single-vision Rx lenses are included in the price, natch. Try them on virtually, or in real-life in-store or with a free home try-on.

Women July 2023

Bergen in Rose Water with Riesling

When Warby Parker first came out with their floating frames, we weren’t sure how we felt about them. But now that we’ve seen them, we really started loving their unique design that makes the eyewire portion pop.

Unlike traditional frames, their floating frames have an extended hinge that sets the temple arms away from the lenses.

It’s that little extra something that makes others think “those are some cool-looking specs”. Besides light pink, the Bergen is also available in black, dark tortoise, and a light sea-green color too.

Men June 2023

Camilo in Cognac Matte

If you’re jonesing for a pair of shades that’s a little off-the-beaten path, the Camilo might be right up your alley. With a bridge that connects across the browline in a perfectly straight line, it’s trendy and sophisticated with simple, clean lines.

Marrying perfectly round lenses with straight-as-a-knife’s edge brow and temples, you’ve just found yourself a perfect look for summer.

Women June 2023

Esme in Aventurine Tortoise with Polished Gold

Tired of the usual tortoise frames that adorn spinner racks everywhere you go? Try the Esme in it’s colorful Aventurine Tortoise (no, we have no idea what that means either).

Pops of light blue, green, and camel speckled throughout the frame give you plenty of ooh la la while gold hinges at the temples give it a touch of bling. You can even choose your lens tint if you make it a pair of Rx sunglasses.

Men May 2023

Simon in Brushed Ink With Polished Gold

If you’re into thin eyewire frames, the Simon is for you. It sits light and easy on your face with adjustable nose pads and comes in narrow, medium, and wide widths to fit practically any face.

Our personal fave is the duo ink and gold, but it also comes in silver, black, and gold.

Women May 2023

Drew in Rose Water

Crystal frames are always fun to wear, especially when they’re tinted. The Drew comes in a beautiful translucent pink like a delicious rosé on a warm day.

The square frame is perfect for adding some angles to round faces, and includes single vision Rx lenses – all for less than $100.

Men April 2023

Hannon in Jet Black

For that geeky old school vibe, the Hannon is a no-brainer with it’s softly angular shape and keyhole bridge. It’s roomy enough for wider faces, and also comes in a lighter brown and golden tortoise color.

Women April 2023

Daisy in Confetti Tortoise

“Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer, do” – ok, we’re not starting another creepy Daisy Daisy TikTok trend.

We are half-crazy though for this colorful tortoise Daisy frame that’s a stunner with it’s subtle cat eye shape. The pops of blue splashed onto the rims make it oh-so-fun, while the elegant design keeps it down-to-earth.

Men March 2023

Roosevelt in Striped Pacific

Spring has (nearly) sprung, and good thing for that, because we’ve been jonesing to bust out some new shades.

The Roosevelt is a good choice for all you broad-faced lads – it comes in both wide (140mm from temple to temple) and extra-wide (145mm across). It even comes with a nice cleaning cloth and hard case, and of course, it’s Rx-eligible too.

Women March 2023

Karina in Blue Grotto Crystal

Why is that retro looks are always in style no matter the decade? Beats us, but if you’re itching for the glam bug eye look of the ’70’s, you’ll love the Karina.

The large oversize lenses provide great coverage (and are good for progressive lenses). And if you scratch your lenses within 6 months, Warby Parker will even replace them for free!

Men February 2023

Blakeley in Oxblood Fade

The month of Cupid and romance is upon us, and do we have a color-appropriate choice for it! The Blakeley in Oxblood Fade is a classic round frame with the colors of chocolate and roses.

With it’s scalloped key-hold bridge and a medium-width, it fits most average-size faces like a glove. Great for complimenting warm skin tones and eye colors, you’ll be happy to know that you can get it with single-vision Rx lenses included for only $95.

Women February 2023

Lorena in Black Currant Tortoise

Okay, you know that we can’t resist a feminine cat eye, and the Lorena had us saying “MEOW GIRL!”. What better way to get noticed and reel in that crush you’ve got your eye on than with this stunner of a frame.

It’s definitely not for a wallflower, but who wants to blend in when you can be a headturner?

Men January 2023

Oliver in Sea Glass Grey

Happy freakin’ new year y’alls. What better way to start the new year than with a brand-spanking new pair of specs? If you’re tired of oversize frames that make you look like you’re wearing goggles, the Oliver is the perfect size for narrow faces. A classic rectangle frame with clean lines and lots of class.

It also comes in multiple colors, so if crystal isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other hues to choose from.

Women January 2023

Celia in Polished Gold

If you’re looking for something a little different to start off the new year, consider a geometric frame like the Celia. The octagonal eyewire is funkier than your usual round, square, or rectangular shapes (and works great for adding some angles to round faces).

This oversize frame is best for wide or broad faces and will definitely spruce up your look for a fun, unique vibe.

Men December 2022

Tierney in Brioche Tortoise

Love the double brow bar look? Get it with the super suave Tierney as a holiday gift to yourself. It fits most average-size faces and includes single-vision Rx lenses with anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings at no extra cost. Try it on virtually to see how you look with it.

Women December 2022

Santiago in Hudson Blue Fade

We love a good two-tone frame because of the subtle way it defines your face without overpowering it with too much chunkiness. The dark tortoise blended with a blue fade makes for a great color combo, and the extra width in this frame ensures a comfy, roomy fit for wider faces.

Men November 2022

Callum in Balsam Matte

The Callum is a sturdy, lightweight work of art made of TR90 nylon in Japan, making it nearly indestructible. It’s a wide-fit round frame in a gorgeous matte deep green. A slim profile keeps the bulk to a minimum, and it’s even available to order for a free test drive at home.

Women November 2022

Shirley in Polished Chrome

Warby Parker’s newest titanium collection features some great frames including this beaut of a cat eye. The retro styling is sophisticated and ultra comfortable to wear. Adjustable nosepads and the featherweight lightness make it a winner (not to mention, single-vision Rx lenses are included).

Men October 2022

James in Carbon

Sleek and sophisticated, the James is a semi-rimless browline pair that’s perfectly subtle yet commanding when worn. The rectangular shape is great for adding some angles to a round face or drawing the eye upward to balance out a longer one.

It comes in medium and wide so it’s roomy enough for those with larger noggins (try it on for free at home if you’re not sure). Single-vision prescription lenses are included in the price, and we’d recommend upgrading to the 1.67-index lens if you have a high prescription.

Women October 2022

Sonia in Oak Barrel

If the Sonia were a TV soap, it’d definitely be “The Bold and the Beautiful”. A thick square frame that exudes style and boldness, it makes a statement like no other with a rich, oak tortoise color.

Great for broader faces, it’s also available in jet black, and is a steal for less than $100 all-in including single-vision Rx lenses.

Men September 2022

Hayden Low Bridge Fit in Striped Pacific

It’s nice to finally have a larger selection of low-bridge or alternative-fit glasses on the market these days. Warby Parker only started out with a handful in the beginning, but they now have a decent selection, including the Hayden. It’s got slightly curved temples and less of a lens tilt for a comfortable fit that won’t sit on your cheekbones or slide down your nose all the time.

Women September 2022

Alford in Inkwell Crystal Fade

The Alford will instantly give you that studious look to go with that oversize or turtleneck sweater you’ve got just waiting around for the cooler weather. The two-tone gray and clear frame is the perfect neutral to go with anything – and it’s even available for you to try at home for free.

If you prefer something more eye-catching, it’s also available in a colorful teal tortoise. Or get both and save 15% on two Rx pairs!

Men August 2022

Braswell in Brushed Ink

Why does August and the specter of back to school always seem to come so quickly? In any case, if you need some new specs and like the wireframe type, perhaps the rectangular Braswell will suit you. It’s a bookishly-intellectual frame made from stainless steel and and has simple, clean lines.

Adjustable PVC nosepads provide a customizable fit as well as grip so they don’t slip down your nose. If you want something brighter, it’s also available in a golden bronze hue as well.

Women August 2022

Tally in Himalayan Salt Matte

So you’re an active rough-and-tumble gal? Say no more, you need some durable glasses that won’t fall apart on you if you accidentally drop or smack them. From Warby Parker’s new Everywhere Series, the Tally is made of lightweight and strong TR-90 nylon, which is the material of choice for lots of safety glasses.

Paired with impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, the Tally will hold up with your active lifestyle from morning til bedtime.

Men July 2022

Kian in Starling Crystal with Polished Silver

One of Warby Parker’s “Staff Picks”, the Kian is a crowd-pleaser that mixes acetate lenses with metal temple arms. A keyhole bridge, double rivets at the temples, and tortoise-colored tips make this a winner for all occasions.

As always, single-vision Rx lenses are included in the cost of the frame. Wondering how they’ll look on you? Try ’em on virtually with Warby Parker’s impressive iOS app.

Women July 2022

Fara in Iris Crystal with Riesling

Oooh child, have we got a beaut here with the elegant Fara in a clear lavender and metal stunner. The nice thing about cat eyeglasses like this one is that it looks great on nearly every face shape. It comes in a medium or wide width, and lots of lens options including blue-light blocking, anti-fatigue and light-adjusting.

Men June 2022

Downing in Hudson Blue Fade

Add some flair to your shades with the two-tone Downing in Hudson Blue Fade. The tortoise browline and temples pair perfectly with the blue accent and in this round frame.

A bluish-gray tint rounds out the ensemble with 100% UV protection. It’s available in narrow and medium widths, as well as several other color combos. Try them on for size with the free home try-on.

Women June 2022

Janelle in Praline

A little retro, a lotta style is what the Janelle sunglass frame is. The cream-colored cat eye frame is paired with gradient brown-tinted lenses for an ultra-luxe, ultra-sophisticated air. This is a wide frame that works well if you have a broad face.

Men May 2022

Callen in Jet Black with Polished Silver

The trapezoidal shape lens on this frame may not seem that special at first glance, but boy can it look great on. The angled inner rim follows the contour of the nose as it widens towards the bottom, giving you plenty of visual surface area. It comes in a wide width – perfect for those with broad faces.

Women May 2022

Della in Viridian

Want to enhance your baby blues with something special? The Della in a seagreen-colored crystal might be just the thing. Bold and substantial, it’s a medium chunky frame that makes a statement without overwhelming your face.

Men April 2022

Morley in Brioche Tortoise with Riesling

No one likes their head to feel pinched when wearing glasses. That won’t be a problem with the Morley frame, which is nice and roomy (140mm across from temple to temple) for those with broad faces. A mixed material frame made from acetate and stainless steel, it’s sturdy and easy to wear with just about anything.

Women April 2022

Mateo in Azure Crystal with Blue Lagoon

Not your standard 2-tone frame, the Mateo combines a darker translucent navy color against a pop of lighter blue behind the lenses. The fun detail makes it interesting enough but won’t draw away from your features. A keyhole bridge finishes the ensemble (and of course, single-vision Rx lenses are included).

Men March 2022

Braden in Dove Grey

Who doesn’t need some time in the sun (especially nowadays)? Naturally, you’ll need a pair of shades to protect those peepers. If you like the 70’s King of Cool vibe a la The Thomas Crown Affair, you might want to consider the Braden with it’s retro aviator lens shape. Try it on virtually with Warby Parker’s iOS app.

Women March 2022

Jordi in Oxblood with Striped Elm

Ooh child, if oversized sunnies and sophisticated style are your thing, the Jordi is right up your alley. The deep rich red paired with gradient lenses ooze luxury and class, and take any outfit from ordinary to va-va-voom. Like all of their glasses, you can also customize them with Rx lenses (and even choose a different lens color if so).

Men February 2022

Donovan in Root Beer

Who doesn’t like looking smart? That’s how you’ll look wearing the classic rectangle Donovan frame. The light tortoise color brightens any face, or go for something a bit more smoldering in a crystal green/tortoise combo. Whatever you choose, your wallet will thank you – it’s less than $100 all-in including single-vision Rx lenses.

Women February 2022

Laurel in Tea Rose Fade

If you’re looking for a pair of glasses with just a touch of sass, consider the two-tone Laurel. Asymmetrical round lenses make it more interesting than your standard round circle frame. And the dark upper half helps highlight your eyes without weighing them down.

Men January 2022

Locke in Layered Sky Blue Crystal

Normally, we don’t choose the latest “flavor of the month” when it comes to our fave Warby Parker frames, but we made an exception for their new layered crystal collection. It’s bold, it’s trendy, and it’ll make heads turn with a “what-what?”. Now that’s the way to start a new year!

Women January 2022

Lydell in Truffle Tortoise

The Lydell is so feminine with it’s uplifted teardrop lens. The frame is perfect for smaller faces too – it comes in extra narrow and narrow sizes for those with petite features. Try it on virtually with Warby Parker’s iOS app or try the real thing on in the comfort of your own home with the free Home Try-On.