Best Glasses For Round Faces

Trying to find a flattering pair of glasses for a round face? The good news is that choosing the best glasses for round face shapes is something you have to learn just once.

Embracing your unique facial features and learning what frame styles will flatter it is a life skill you need as an eyeglass wearer. After reading all the tips and tricks below, you’ll be able to pick out the best frame for you every single time.

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How To Identify A Round Face

Determining your face shape is not an exact science. Few people have a perfectly “round,” “square,” or “oval” face shape. Instead, most people have elements of different face types.

Facial Features Of Round Faces

There are many telltale characteristics of a round face. You have a round face shape when your face consists of softer features rather than sharp or angular ones.

A round face is widest at the cheekbones and is roughly the same width from forehead to jaw.

woman with a round face
Example of a Round Face

Your chin has smooth lines and is not very prominent. Lastly, if you have people constantly asking to pinch your chubby cheeks, you officially have a round face.

Round faces are often easier to identify than other face shapes because of their curves, delicate features, and lack of angles.

Best Glasses for Square Faces

Best Frame Shapes for Round Faces

Square Frame (GlassesUSA Muse Jojo)

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Square and Rectangular Frames

Square and rectangle glasses help to add angles that will compliment your features. The shape and width of rectangular frames give the illusion of lengthening your face, while square frames add balance to the delicate curves of a round face.

Think “opposites attract.” For example, round frames do wonders to balance out a square-shaped face.

Rectangle Frame (EyeBuyDirect Vista)

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Cat Eye Frames

The upswept appearance of cat eye glasses is a stylish pick for women with rounded, fuller cheeks. These frames have a flattering “lifting” effect that contours your face and detracts from the roundness.

Retro Cat Eye (Vint & York Vera)

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Important: pay attention to the width of the frame, so it doesn’t appear too small. Make sure that the frame is the same width or broader at your temples.

Modern Cat Eye (Warby Parker Shea)

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Traditional Aviator (GlassesUSA Muse x Hilary Duff Joan)

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This popular sunglasses style also works well as prescription glasses. The angles of this style work to balance the fullness of a rounder face shape.

Similar frames with a square shape are often referred to as navigators. This variation on a traditional teardrop aviator works well as it is usually more square on the bottom and works well with higher, fuller cheeks.

Navigator Frame (EyeBuyDirect Fame)

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Geometric Frames

Round faces lack angles; therefore, hexagon and other angular-shaped frames detract from the appearance of rounded facial features.

Hexagonal Frame (Zenni Geometric Glasses)

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Oversized Frames

It’s much easier to wear a larger frame style when you have a rounder face.

Oversize Frame (MCM2713)

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Chunky frames in bright colors are fun and can balance out the appearance of a rounder face shape.

Chunky Bright Frame (EyeBuyDirect Unique)

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Frames To Avoid

Remember, opposites attract. Circular frames will only exaggerate the roundness of your features and should be avoided.

Considering the size of the frame is also essential to ensure a flattering frame fit. Small glasses will exaggerate the width of your face and only make it appear even larger.

How Should Glasses Fit?

older man wearing glasses that are too narrow
Example of glasses that are too small

In this picture, you can see how the frame is narrower than the width of the man’s face. The temples look like they are flaring out.

This frame is not in proportion to the rest of the face. It makes his face look very long, and his forehead appear much wider.

woman wearing glasses that are too big
Example of glasses that are too big

Here, we see the opposite. This frame is resting on the woman’s cheeks. A frame that is too wide at the temples will make your face seem out of balance.

A true sign that a frame is too big is when you can see your eyebrows through the lenses.

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Examples of Glasses on Round Faces

older woman wearing square glasses

A properly fit square frame is proportional to the face. The glasses sit well on the bridge and prevent the frame from resting on the cheeks.

Ensure that your eyes are centered in the lenses for the best visual result. Selecting a dark frame adds contrast and detracts from the roundness of the face.

woman in green glasses wearing headset

Cat eye frames give a subtle “lift” to the face. The glasses must be wide enough at the temple so as not to appear too small.

Bright colors help draw your eye away from the jawline.

young woman wearing rectangle glasses

A properly fitting rectangle frame fits well at the temples and is not tight on the side of the head. The eyes are centered in the frame, and it sits firmly on the bridge to avoid slipping.

Now You Know

Remember, choosing the best glasses for your face shape is subjective. You might find that if you ask the opinion of four different people, you will receive four different answers.

But it always helps to have some guidelines, and these tips should point you in the right direction.

Ultimately, your eyewear should reflect your personality and be comfortable to wear.