Best Clear Frame Glasses

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The latest fashion trend sweeping the nation are clear frame glasses that bring a new refreshing look to any face!

Clear frame glasses give you the feeling of invisibility, but at the same time make you very noticeable. Round or rectangular frames, it does not matter as long as they fit you and your style. We recommend you choose frames that do not cover your eyebrows (otherwise you will look like you don’t have eyebrows).

Clear frames glasses are also very popular among celebrities like Ashlee Simpson, Selma Blair, Gigi Hadid and many others.

Best Clear Frame Sunglasses

The sun is here and shining – have you picked the perfect frame for your style? Clear frame sunglasses are a rather popular pick this year and we can’t wait to show you what we have ready and waiting for you!

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The Hamptons

Who doesn’t love the Clubmaster style (minus the Ray-Ban price)? This browline frame from EyeBuyDirect channels the same classy cool aura at a fraction of the cost. Perfect for a day at the beach but dressy enough for Sunday brunch with the in-laws too.

Nancy in Rose Crystal

These oversized clear frame sunglasses with gradient lenses are an awesome way to steal attention and stand out from the crowd. Nancy sunglasses are designed to be comfortable and look great on different face silhouettes.

If you want to protect those peepers in style, Nancy is a great choice for fun and flair. And it even comes in a wide width and low-bridge fit too.

Blenders Fantasyland Millenia X2

Looking straight out of SoCal, Blenders Eyewear has some of the coolest looking shades around. The Fantasyland is an oversized pair with a shield-style blue-purple mirrored lens. It’s polarized too, so you can spend all day in the sun without squinting til your eyes are tired.

If compliments are what you’re looking for, be prepared for the onslaught once you don these babies.

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Clear Square Glasses

If boxy and bold are what you’re looking for, you’ve got it in this thick square frame from Zenni. Not for the timid or wallflowers, this pair will get you noticed, pronto! Plus, choose from over 20 tints (as well as mirror coating if you want to be extra flashy).

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Vint & York Flatiron

Get a little funky retro with this pair of round-lens shades styled with a keyhole bridge and a New York state of mind. The grey lenses have full UV400 protection, so you’re well-protected from the summer sun’s rays. They’re also available to customize with your prescription too.

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Oakley Frogskins OO 9013

If you’re a California-dreamin’, look no further than these Oakley Frogskins. Made in Italy, the pure crystalline frame is matched with violet lenses for a cool-as-a-cucumber look that’ll bring the ’80’s back faster than Marty McFly and his Delorean time machine.

Haskell in Chestnut Crystal

Just because you want a clear frame doesn’t mean you can’t have some textures throughout the coloring. Warby Parker’s Haskell is a round pair that combines brown lenses and chestnut-layered striping throughout the translucent acetate frame.

Best Clear Frame Optical Glasses

Don’t need sunglasses? You can get translucent frames from crystal clear to all manner of colored hues too.

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Prism in Translucent

If you are looking for a pair of round, perfectly proportioned glasses – the Prism frame is a fantastic choice. With its simple, clean design, you’ll be seeing and looking great. Prescription lenses are included in the cost to boot.

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Ottoto Meneghin in Clear Blue

If you’ve got a round or oval face, this rectangular frame helps to balance out the roundness with some angles. We love the deep blue crystal that permeates the lens portion while the temple arms are a darker solid navy. The wider fit is great for broad faces, and the price includes single-vision Rx lenses.

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Vint & York Patch

It’s hip to be square when you’re sporting Vint & York’s Patch frame. A hint of nerd, a dash of retro, plus a whole lotta style. It’s pure quality too, made in Italy out of the finest acetate and premium spring hinges. Single-vision Rx lenses with anti-scratch, anti-glare, and UV-coatings are all included.

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Lanz in Clear

A sophisticated rectangle frame, Vicci Eyewear’s Lanz is a popular mixed-material pair. Clear acetate rims are married with gold metal temples, and it comes in a roomier width. Great quality and build.

Haskell in Crystal and Blue Jay

Looking for clear frame glasses which still manage to stand out and give you a modern and youthful look? Haskell will give you that without any doubt – this pair is perfect for those who want a fun pop of color to highlight their eyes. Single-vision distance or reading Rx lenses are included at no extra charge.

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Ray-Ban RX 5154 Clubmaster

The Ray-Ban Clubmaster 5154 is a quintessential crystal and gold spectacle with a clear browline frame across both lenses, temples, and arms. The rest is pure golden luxury from the bridge to the hinges and the lens frames. If Ray-Ban is your eyewear of choice, this one is worth a try.

Oakley OX8046 AIRDROP

The angular, masculine Oakley Airdrop rectangular frame is a popular pair with a smoky-gray crystal color. In standard Oakley fashion, the temple arms go straight back without curving around the ears, and the plastic construction is lightweight and solid to put up with everyday wear and tear. Perfect for matching with all looks from casual to professional.

Percey in Tidal Blue

Percey is one of those classic bookish-style glasses. But in clear blue, it’s definitely not boring or stodgy. Available in a multitude of colors and sizes too (including low-bridge fit).

People who wear eyeglasses their entire life will usually looking for a different style every now and then.

If you want to bring a small but important change to your life, picking the perfect pair of clear frames will surely make it far more interesting – just like every change does, whether it’s your hairstyle or wardrobe.

The Coolness Factor

While they were not clear frames, remember how distinctive Clark Kent’s eyeglasses were?  You know them as well as you know the “S” on his chest. 

Clear eyeglass frames have been around for many years, but have recently gained significant popularity.  The best clear frame glasses are generally invisible from a distance; they fit any face and outfit. 

And they are the latest fashion trend.  Here are some tips that will help you show off and look like a celebrity in your new, clear frames.

  • Choosing the shape is often just a matter of taste. However, if you want to have a method to the madness, frames that have the opposite shape of your face are best from a pure fashion standpoint.  If you have a round face, think square or rectangular frames.  A square face is perfect for the ever-recognizable round frame, and if you have an oval face, you are blessed because you can go with many shapes
  • Dark color clothes tend to lead the eye away from your face so a light color outfit will attract more attention to those gorgeous baby blues, now highlighted with clear frames
  • Lighter makeup is also going to draw attention to your frames
  • Go big! Larger, clear frames don’t hide your face like the bigger dark color frames, and large frames work with any face shape

Clear frames have been around for a while, but no one really gave them much thought.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West, Rita Ora, Megan Fox, Katy Perry and Marilyn Monroe wore the clear frames, which resulted in this awesome trend everyone has been talking about lately!

How to Pick the Perfect Clear Frame Glasses

Picking a perfect frame can be exhausting, but finding a perfect clear frame can be even worse if you have no idea what you really require.

When picking a new frame, always make sure it fits your face silhouette and do not force yourself to wear something pretty just because it is pretty.

Clear frames can do a lot of good, but they can also do a lot of bad if the shape doesn’t fit your face. Make sure your glasses match your style and are comfortable to wear – you do not want headaches after an hour so keep that in mind!

Benefits of Clear Frames

Wearing even the best clear frame glasses can sometimes come with a bit of a stigma, especially if you’re a kid. 

The little angels aren’t always as kind as we’d like, are they?  So, before you start worrying about have four eyes, there are a lot of benefits to the additional two eyes! 

And like we said earlier, clear frames are hard to see from a distance.  You will:

  • See better and more clearly
  • Make a fashion statement
  • Display your unique personality
  • Love the neutral coloring of clear frames (by the way, these are one of the most popular eyewear trends for 2017 and considered very cool, experts also describe clear frames as “forever funky”)
  • Look fabulous
  • Find that glasses are readily available
  • Have added protection for your eyes
  • See that glasses are easier and more fun that contacts

We are living in the best fashion time ever!  Anything goes, be unique and show off your individuality, be whoever you want to be. 

Be a bold standout, or blend into the crowd, change it up and be unpredictable.  And by buying several different color frames, you can mix and match based on your outfit and your mood of the day!