Best Glasses for Oblong Faces

best glasses for oblong faces

Selecting the perfect pair of glasses for an oblong (or long) face shape is something that takes some practice.

But not to worry. We’ll help you pick out the right shapes and types of frames to look for to make you look smart.

Once you embrace your unique facial features and learn how to compliment them, eyeglass shopping will become one of your favorite things to do.

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Facial Features Of Oblong Faces

How do I know if I have an oblong face shape?

An oblong face tends to be slightly longer and narrower than an oval-shaped face.

The width of the jawline, forehead, cheeks, and forehead will all be roughly the same.

man with an oblong face
Example of a long face

When you have an oblong shaped face, your face’s length is about twice as long as its width.

Oblong faces have less width at the forehead than oval faces. Some of the characteristics of oblong faces are: a long slender face, a long nose, high cheekbones and a tall forehead.

Best Glasses for Oval Faces

Best Frames for Long Faces

Thanks to its natural balance between forehead, cheeks, and chin, an oblong face looks good with just about any eyeglass frame.

With an oblong-shaped face, bold and striking eyeglass frames can help to break up the length of your face and make it seem more balanced. This means you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to finding the right eyeglass shape for you.

One thing to remember is to select frames that are slightly broader than your cheekbones. This will help make your face appear less narrow by adding width.

Square Glasses

Square shaped glasses have an undeniable appeal. This classic frame style features pointed angles and a strong outline that help to accentuate and highlight your face’s upper features and are the perfect shape for a longer face.

Square Frame (Eyebobs C Suite)

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Square Frame (Zenni Square Glasses 126016)

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Round Glasses

Round glasses help balance out an elongated face shape and compliment your features. They should be proportional to your overall face size and never too small.

Round Frame (Ray-Ban 6392)

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One thing to look for is a frame as wide as your temples.

Cat Eye Frames

These frames have a flattering “lifting” effect that contours your face and detracts from its length. It’s important to pay attention to the width of the frame so it doesn’t appear too small.

bearded man wearing cat eyeglasses
Cat Eye Frame (Vint & York Pinup)

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Browline Frames

Browline glasses were made famous by the classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglass style.

woman holding up clubmaster style sunglasses

It’s called browline because the top of the frame aligns with your browline. The bold brow detail draws the eye to the top of your face and away from the jawline.

Browline Frame (EyeBuyDirect Borderline)

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Frames To Avoid

Rectangular frames that are narrow from top to bottom will make your face appear even longer.

Do yourself a favor and stick to square-shaped frames to keep everything in proportion.

Considering the size of the frame is also essential to ensure a flattering frame fit. Small glasses will exaggerate the width of your face and be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

young man with glasses that are too small
Example of glasses that are too small

This young man’s glasses are narrower than the width of his face. The arm temples look like they’re flaring out and not fitting over the ears.

The bottom of the frame is sitting on the cheeks. This frame is not in proportion to the rest of the face and makes the face look very long, and the forehead appear wider.

man wearing glasses that are too big
Example of glasses that are too big

This frame is resting on the cheeks and is too wide at the temples. This will make your face seem out of balance.

Top tip: if you can see your eyebrows through the lenses, the frame is too big for you.

Examples of Glasses on Long Faces

man wearing square glasses

A square frame with a deeper eyesize will balance the length of the face. Eyes should be centered in the frame for best visual results.

business woman with round glasses

A properly fit round frame is proportional to the face. The glasses sit well on the bridge, which prevents the frame from resting on the cheeks.

Choosing a dark color adds contrast and draws the focus away from an elongated face.

young woman with long face wearing cat eyeglasses

Cateye frames give a subtle “lift” to the face. The glasses must be wide enough to not appear too small at the temple.

Choose a bold color to draw the eye away from the jawline.

frowning man with browline glasses

By having a more prominent brow bar, a browline frame will draw the focus up towards the top of the face.

In addition, the frame is proportionate to the face, and the addition of nose pads makes the frame sit correctly on the bridge of the nose.

Four Eyes Never Looked So Good

Of course, the best way to figure out if a pair of glasses will look good on you is to actually try them on.

Good in-store options include Warby Parker, Target Optical, or LensCrafters. Or, if you can’t make it into a retail location, do a free home try-on from Warby Parker or Liingo Eyewear.