3 Popular Glasses Retailers: Zenni vs. EyeBuyDirect vs. Warby Parker

Looking to get your next pair of glasses online but aren’t sure which retailer is right for you? Today we’re going to do a side-by-side comparison of three of the most popular online glasses shops – Zenni Optical, Warby Parker, and EyeBuyDirect.

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  •    Home Try-On
  •    Virtual Try-On
  •    Prescription
  •    Shipping
  •    Payment Methods
  •    Return Policy
  •    Warranty
  •    Accepts Vision
  • Single, Bifocal, Progressive, Reading
  • $4.95 Standard/$7.45 Priority/$18.95 Express
  • Credit/Debit, PayPal, Amazon
  • 30 days
  • 30 days
  • No
  • Single, Bifocal, Progressive, Reading
  • Free over $99, otherwise $5.95-$19
  • Credit/Debit, PayPal, Amazon
  • 14 days
  • 1-year defect replacement
  • No
  • Single, Progressive, Reading
  • Free (including Home Try-On and returns)
  • In-network Insurance, Credit/Debit, Apple Pay
  • 30 days
  • 365-day free lens replacement
  • Yes (select providers)


You can get a great pair of glasses at each of these eyewear companies for much less than you’d pay at most optical stores. Zenni and EyeBuyDirect in particular offer super-affordable frames (as low as $6-7 a pair).

For under $30, you can easily get new glasses with shipping at either of these sites. In addition to regular eyeglasses, Zenni and EyeBuyDirect also sell prescription sunglasses and kids’ glasses.

Warby Parker is more of a boutique store compared to Zenni and EyeBuyDirect. Their glasses start at $95, but that includes prescription lenses as well as a bunch of extras that cost additional at other stores.

They also have several retail locations throughout the U.S. and Toronto, Canada, where you can go and try frames on in person or get your glasses adjusted if they don’t fit perfectly. You can even get an eye exam in some stores.

For more on how each retailer stacks up, we compared them in the following ways:

Try 5 Frames Before You Buy

Website/Ordering Experience

Ordering glasses through each of these stores is straightforward and easy. You can filter the selection by gender, shape, material, color, and size.

Zenni and EyeBuyDirect allow you to sort frames by price so you can easily find glasses in the price range you’re looking for.

Warby Parker doesn’t have a sort by price filter. Their frames are one of three prices – $95, $145, or $195 – and the only way to see the price is by clicking through to the product page.

However, you can filter their selection for frames that are available to be mailed to you for their free Home Try-On Program.

warby parker home try on filter

A nice feature that both Zenni and EyeBuyDirect have on their product pages are customer reviews and ratings for the frame. They both also have a virtual try-on feature where you can upload a photo of yourself to see how you’ll look with the glasses.

eyebuydirect customer reviews
Customer Reviews of Frame on EyeBuyDirect
zenni virtual try on
Virtual Try-On on Zenni

Once you’ve picked a pair and added it to your cart, you are prompted to enter your prescription and select lens options via dropdown boxes or by typing in your numerical values. For your pupillary distance, you can enter it as either a single or dual value.

Interestingly, Zenni makes you enter your birth year when entering your prescription in. They say it’s so they can provide age-appropriate lens recommendations.

warby parker prescription
How To Provide Rx on Warby Parker

Warby Parker’s ordering process is even simpler. You have a choice of uploading a picture of your prescription or you can provide your doctor’s contact info and they will call and get it.

In addition to their website, they also have an excellent iOS app that you can use to try glasses on virtually, order, and pay using Apple Pay.

If you get stuck or need help at any point during the ordering process, each company offers help via phone, live chat, or email.


All three sites are easy to navigate and order from. If you want more customization over your lens options, Zenni or EyeBuyDirect is the way to go. You can pick and choose only the coatings you want to pay for (such as anti-reflective, UV-blocking, sunglass tint/gradient, etc.).

Otherwise, Warby Parker makes the ordering process simple and clean. You don’t need to worry about knowing how to read and enter your prescription. They also include UV-blocking, anti-glare, scratch and water-resistant coatings on all their prescription lenses at no additional cost.

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Liingo Eyewear Free Home Try-On



Of the three, Zenni has the largest selection with over 1500 frames for sale. They come in all shapes, styles, and colors – plastic, metal, rimless, even goggles (not for swimming though)!

You’ll also find close to 300 kids glasses, from little kids to teens.

Even though many of their frames are already low-cost, Zenni offers additional discounts and promos if you’re in the military or a first responder.

zenni clearance sale
Zenni Clearance Frames

All orders come with anti-scratch + UV-blocking lens coatings at no additional cost. They also offer up to a -20.00 distance correction prescription strength.

Lens Options
  •    Lens Indexes
  •    Prescription Range
  •    Correction Type
  •    Coatings Available
  •    Sunglasses Lens Options
  •    Sunglasses Lens Colors
  • 1.50 to 1.67 (high index)
  • -20.00 to +12.00
  • Single, Bifocal, Progressive, Reading
  • Anti-Scratch, UV-Blocking, Anti-Glare, Blue Light Blocking
  • Gradient, Polarized, Mirrored, Transitions®
  • Gray, Green, Amber, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow


eyebuydirect sale
EyeBuyDirect Sale Frames

Check our deals page for more savings at EyeBuyDirect

All EyeBuyDirect orders come with anti-scratch coating on the lenses. They also offer ultra high-index (super-thin) lenses up to 1.74. For distance corrections, they make prescriptions up to -16.00.

Lens Options
  •    Lens Indexes
  •    Prescription Range
  •    Correction Type
  •    Coatings Available
  •    Sunglasses Lens Options
  •    Sunglasses Lens Colors
  • 1.50 to 1.74 (ultra high index)
  • -16.00 to +12.00
  • Single, Bifocal, Progressive, Reading
  • Anti-Scratch, UV-Blocking, Anti-Glare, Water-Repellent, Blue Light Blocking
  • Gradient, Polarized, Mirrored, Transitions®
  • Gray, Brown, Green, Purple, Blue

Renew Your Rx with a 5-min Online Test

Warby Parker:

As more of a boutique store, Warby Parker has a smaller selection of eyeglasses and sunglasses. They introduce new designs and collections every couple months, and often pair up with trendy designers and celebs like Justin Timberlake to produce their newest styles.

Best Warby Parker Glasses

They also sell low bridge fit glasses (sometimes called “Asian fit”) for those with low nose bridges or high cheekbones.

warby parker low bridge fit
Warby Parker Low Bridge Fit Frames

Warby Parker’s standard optical lens that’s included in every order is the 1.59 polycarbonate (thinner and more impact-resistant than lower index lenses). For non-prescription sunglasses, they use the regular CR-39 lens.

They also include UV-blocking, anti-reflective, anti-scratch, and water repellent coatings with each pair. They will make distance correction strengths up to -18.00.

Lens Options
  •    Lens Indexes
  •    Prescription Range
  •    Correction Type
  •    Coatings Available
  •    Sunglasses Lens Options
  •    Sunglasses Lens Colors
  • 1.50 to 1.74 (ultra high index)
  • -18.00 to +6.00
  • Single, Progressive, Reading
  • Anti-Scratch, UV-Blocking, Anti-Glare, Water-Repellent, Blue-Light Blocking
  • Gradient, Polarized, Mirrored, Light-Responsive
  • Gray, Brown, Green, Blue

In terms of sheer number of glasses and styles, Zenni takes the cake in this category with over 1500 frames available. They have everything from kids’ frames to sport goggles, as well as Rx sunglasses and clip-on sets.

They also have the largest prescription range that they will fill (from -20.00 to +12.00).  If you’re looking for an ultra high-index lens though, you’ll want to go with EyeBuyDirect or Warby Parker.

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Ray-Ban Clubmaster Glasses at EyeBuyDirect

The quality and durability of the glasses from Zenni, EyeBuyDirect, or Warby Parker depends on the specific pair you get. In general, Zenni and EyeBuyDirect’s frames, especially their super low-priced ones, have a cheaper feel and construction.

However, many people are pleased with the quality of their frames and lenses given the cost.  See this comparison of a Zenni pair versus a similarly-styled Oakley.

(Do note that EyeBuyDirect sells select frames from Ray-Ban and Oakley too.)

Some people don’t even notice any difference in quality between the glasses they paid a few hundred bucks for at their local optical shop and their much less expensive pair from Zenni or EyeBuyDirect!

Warby Parker’s frames are more uniform in quality since the company mostly sells full-rim acetate frames. Their eyewear is sturdy and durable. With proper handling and care, their glasses can serve you for many years.


For the cost, the quality of eyeglasses and lenses from Zenni, EyeBuyDirect, or Warby Parker is very good. You can get a decent pair of glasses from all three stores that, with proper care, will last you a while.

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Generally speaking, acetate, stainless steel, or plastic frames are the least expensive, while sunglasses and titanium eyeglasses cost more.

At Zenni and EyeBuyDirect, you can find glasses for less than $10. EyeBuyDirect starts at $6:

eyebuydirect $6 glasses
$6 Frames from EyeBuyDirect

Latest deals at EyeBuyDirect

While Zenni has glasses as low as $6.95:

zenni $6.95 glasses
$6.95 Frames from Zenni

Zenni’s most expensive frames go for $45.95. EyeBuyDirect’s premium RFLKT line costs up to $70 a pair. Both shops offer several selections in between both ends of their price ranges too.

Warby Parker’s glasses are one of three prices: $95, $145 or $195. Most of their acetate frames are $95, with their metal and mixed material frames priced at $145 or $195.

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Zenni Optical includes single vision prescriptions with anti-scratch and UV-blocking coatings in the cost of the frame for the standard (1.50) to mid-index (1.57) lenses. Anti-reflective coating costs $4.95.

If you want the thinner and more impact-resistant polycarbonate (1.59) lens, it is an additional $9.

Of the three, Zenni is the only one that sells the Trivex 1.53 index lens.

What is Trivex? It is similar to polycarbonate in that it’s thinner and more impact-resistant than standard plastic lenses. It’s 10% lighter than polycarbonate, and produces crisper images.

Best for low-medium strength prescriptions, the Trivex lens will set you back $29.95.

However, while they offer Trivex, Zenni does not offer the ultra high-index 1.74 lens for super strong prescriptions.

zenni lens indexes
Zenni Lens Options

Sunglasses start at $4.95 for tint only. If you want polarized lenses (reduced glare from shiny objects or surfaces), they cost $32.99 and up.

Photochromic (light-adjusting) lenses start at $29, and Transitions® lenses go from $69 and up.

Best Prescription Glasses Under $100


EyeBuyDirect’s basic lens package includes single-vision 1.50-index lens with anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings for $6.95.

If you want UV-blocking, it’s best to get the polycarbonate lens ($18.95) since it’s included in the cost. Otherwise you’ll pay $4.95 extra for it with other lens types. UV-blocking is not offered in the 1.50 index.

For very strong prescriptions, you can get the super-thin 1.74 lens for $84.95.

eyebuydirect lens indexes
EyeBuyDirect Lens Options

Sunglasses tint only is $4.95, while polarized lenses cost an additional $49. Photochromic (light-adjusting) lenses cost $35.95. They also sell Transitions® lenses for $99.

Warby Parker:

Warby Parker’s standard lens package consists of single-vision polycarbonate (1.59) lenses plus anti-scratch, anti-reflective, UV-blocking, and superhydrophobic (water-resistant) coatings. All of this is included in the cost of the frame.

Unlike Zenni and EyeBuyDirect, Warby Parker does not offer a highly customizable amount of additional options since their standard lenses already come with all of the above treatments.

They do offer high-index lenses for stronger prescriptions. 1.67 lenses cost an additional $30 and ultra high-index 1.74 lenses cost $130 extra.

For sunglasses, Warby Parker does not offer tint customizations, as they create each frame with a set shade. Single vision prescription sunglass lenses cost $80, and include polarization, UV-blocking, and anti-scratch coatings.


Zenni is the lowest cost retailer of the three (with EyeBuyDirect a close second). With a large selection of ultra low-cost frames plus single-vision lenses included, you can save a lot of money even paying for shipping.

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Customer Service

As with any business, people have had both positive and negative experiences at all three stores, so your experience will very much depend on your specific circumstances and the representative that helps you, should you need assistance.

That being said, below is the general consensus we’ve gathered from scouring multiple reviews from various sources.

Zenni has had somewhat of a spotty record with their customer service in years past, but have since improved. The overall consensus is that they are strict sticklers with their policies and aren’t as easy to work with if you’re trying to correct or return an item.

EyeBuyDirect generally has solid customer service as there aren’t as many reported issues with returns or exchanges in most reviews. However, many have commented that their shipping times can be very long, and that contacting customer service for their shipment status involves some back and forth.

Warby Parker has become almost synonymous with great customer service. They are known for being personable and give associates the authorization to make the customer happy with unexpected assistance. The experience in their retail stores is also exemplary – associates are friendly and helpful, but not intrusive if you’re just browsing and trying on different frames.


Warby Parker is the clear winner in this category, given that their number one ground rule is to “Treat customers the way we’d like to be treated.”

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GlassesUSA vs. EyeBuyDirect


Zenni and EyeBuyDirect do not accept any vision insurance plans. However, they can take payment in the form of a credit or debit card associated with a flexible spending account (FSA).

You can also submit your itemized receipt to your insurance provider if you have out-of-network reimbursement benefits.

Warby Parker is currently an in-network provider under UnitedHealthcare, Spectera, and select Davis Vision plans. They also accept credit/debit cards associated with an FSA account.

Quick Tip: Prescription sunglasses are covered under vision insurance!


Warby Parker is the winner here since they are an in-network provider under a few insurance plans. However, you can still submit itemized receipts to your vision plan as an out-of-network claim from any of the three stores.

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For a few extra bucks, you can engrave an icon or text on the inside of the right temple arm ($1.95), or on the outside of both arms ($3.95).

They also sell clip-on shades for each frame ($3.95 – $5.95) if you don’t want to buy a separate pair of sunglasses or get light-adjusting lenses.


For $10, you can add some extra flair to your glasses with a small crystal added to each lens.

eyebuydirect party glasses

EyeBuyDirect also has glasses specifically for digital screen use that come with EyeZen™ lenses. They are a combination of blue-light blocking lenses with a small reading enhancement (ADD power) at the bottom of each lens to help combat eye strain for people who are in front of digital devices several hours a day.

Warby Parker:

Aside from glasses, Warby Parker sells a few kitschy items – books, playing cards, as well as eyewear-related items like a lens cleaning kit. The most useful optical accessories are their foldable magnetic hard case and their lens cleaning spray kit.

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Both Zenni and EyeBuyDirect ship to all 50 states, as well as internationally.

Zenni’s standard shipping for the U.S. + U.S. Territories costs $4.95. International standard shipping is $9.95.

EyeBuyDirect’s standard shipping rates start at $5.95, with international rates from $9.95-$19. They also have a fast 2-day delivery service on select frames if you’re in a hurry.

Warby Parker ships to the U.S., Puerto Rico, Guam, the U.S. Virgin Islands, military APO/DPO/FPO addresses, and Canada only. Standard shipping is free, including returns.

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If you don’t like the glasses you bought or they don’t fit well, you can return them to all three retailers within a specific timeframe.

Zenni and Warby Parker both have 30-day return policies. EyeBuyDirect has a 14-day return period.

Note that Zenni does not cover the cost of return shipping, and only provides a 50% refund or 100% store credit.

Return shipping is included in both Warby Parker and EyeBuyDirect’s respective return periods for a full refund.

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Switch Up Your Look With Pair Eyewear’s Eyeglass Toppers

Zenni vs. EyeBuyDirect vs. Warby Parker: Prescription Eyeglasses

For our side-by-side comparisons, we chose a similar pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses from each retailer with similar lens treatments to make it as much of an apples-to-apples comparison as possible.

For prescription glasses, we picked a pair of classic round tortoise-color women’s frames made of acetate:

Tortoiseshell Round Frames by Zenni
Daybreak by EyeBuyDirect
Stockton by Warby Parker

The lenses:
Prescription: single-vision
Lens Type: Polycarbonate (1.59 index)
Coatings: UV Protection, Anti-Reflective, Super Hydrophobic (Water Resistant), Anti-scratch

Shipping (within the U.S.):
Delivery within 7-14 business days with tracking

Hard Case
Cleaning Cloth

Total cost (before taxes):
Zenni: $55.80
EyeBuyDirect: $64.90
Warby Parker: $95

As you can see, you can easily get a pair of prescription glasses for under $100 at all three shops. The question is, is it worth going for the cheapest option?

Let’s break down what you get from each store:


  • Pros
  • Extremely Discounted Frames
  • Sells Transitions® and Trivex® Lenses
  • Sells Kids Glasses
  • Cons
  • Paid shipping (including returns)
  • Returns: 50% refund or 100% store credit only
  • Does Not Accept Insurance

zenni tortoiseshell round frameTortoiseshell Round Frames $25.95, Lenses $17.95, Case $6.95, Shipping $4.95

Return Policy: 30 days for a 50% refund (excluding shipping), or 100% store credit (excluding shipping).

Warranty: 30-day replacement of broken frames

If your sole deciding factor is price, Zenni is the clear winner here. Known for their incredibly cheap frames, they have frames as low as $6.95. (Although I wouldn’t necessarily go for those.) Many people swear by their Zenni glasses, and it might just be the right place for you too.

Of course, you do need to be realistic about your expectations with such a cheap pair of glasses. The quality and construction will be less sturdy, but at these prices, you could always buy another pair to replace them if they don’t last.

If you don’t like the glasses and want to return them, you’ll receive a 50% refund (or 100% store credit) and have to pay for return shipping.

Learn More about Zenni


  • Pros
  • Ships Internationally
  • 1-Year Frame Defect Warranty
  • Sells Eyezen™ Lenses
  • Offers Student Discounts
  • Cons
  • Short (14-day) Return Period
  • UV-Protection Coating at Additional Cost
  • Does Not Accept Insurance
eyebuydirect daybreak

Daybreak Frames $35, Lenses $18.95, Case (with cloth) $5, Shipping $5.95

Return Policy: 14-day return/exchange period.

Warranty: 1-year warranty on defects.

Like Zenni, EyeBuyDirect also offers some very inexpensive frames starting at $6 and a wide selection of options.

Here, the shipping made up a good portion of the overall cost because they charge $19 for shipping with tracking. (If you don’t want to pay that much for shipping, you can go for the $5.95 option without tracking.)

Additionally, they don’t have the super hydrophobic (water-resistant) coating that both Zenni and Warby Parker offer.

If you’re unhappy with the glasses, you have up to 14 days to return them for a full refund or exchange. On the plus side, EyeBuyDirect offers a 1-year warranty against defects, so there is some piece of mind if you’re worried about the quality of the product.

However, you do need to pay for return shipping after the 14-day Fit & Style guarantee.

Learn More about EyeBuyDirect

Warby Parker:

  • Pros
  • Free Shipping (including Returns)
  • Free Home Try-Ons
  • Retail Locations in U.S./Canada
  • Eye Exams and Fittings in Select Stores
  • Cons
  • Less Customizable Frame Options
  • Higher-Priced than Some Online Retailers
  • Does not ship to all countries
stockton whisky tortoise

Stockton $95 package price includes lenses, case, cleaning cloth, shipping

Return Policy: Full refund within 30 days, including return shipping.

Warranty: 1-year scratch-free lens warranty.

Warby Parker came in at the highest price of all three places. Unlike Zenni and EyeBuyDirect, Warby Parker bundles all of their lens treatments and services together in a flat price that includes everything, including return shipping. All of their glasses come with a hard case and cloth.

In addition, Warby Parker offers consumers an option that neither Zenni nor EyeBuyDirect has – the ability to try their frames on before you buy. They have a Home Try-On Program which allows you to select up to 5 pairs of glasses that they’ll mail to you for you to try for 5 days. For free!

Learn More about Warby Parker’s Home Try-On Program

As the highest price of the three, you might be thinking “why should I pay more if I can get a cheaper pair at Zenni or EyeBuyDirect?”

For one, Warby Parker keeps up with the latest trends and is always coming out with stylish new frames and colors.

Another benefit of buying from Warby Parker is that they have several retail locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. If your glasses don’t fit well and you are near one of their stores, you can always stop in to get your glasses adjusted.

You can even get an eye exam in some locations.

Alternatively, if you don’t live near a store, they will also reimburse you up to $50 for an adjustment at your local optical shop.

Or, if you don’t like them and prefer to return the glasses, you can ship them back within 30 days for a full refund and not be on the hook for return shipping.

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Zenni vs. EyeBuyDirect vs. Warby Parker: Non-Prescription Sunglasses

For our sunglasses comparison, we chose a non-prescription silver aviator men’s frame from each company.

Premium Aviator Sunglasses by Zenni
Good Vibrations by EyeBuyDirect
Raider in Polished Silver

The lenses:
Lens Type: Grey/Blue tint, CR-39/optical-quality standard lenses
Coatings: UV Protection, Anti-scratch, Anti-reflective, Polarized

Shipping (within the U.S.):
Delivery within 7-14 business days with tracking

Hard Case
Cleaning Cloth

Total Cost (before taxes):
Zenni: $80.84
EyeBuyDirect: $87.95
Warby Parker: $145

As a general rule of thumb, sunglasses are usually more expensive than eyeglasses, particularly if they have polarized lenses. For this product comparison, Zenni again takes the cake for lowest cost, with EyeBuyDirect still under $100, and Warby Parker at the top end at $145.

Here’s the cost breakdown:


zenni premium aviator sunglasses

Premium Aviator Frames $35.95, Lenses $32.99, Case $6.95, Shipping $4.95

Return Policy: 30 days for a 50% refund (excluding shipping), or 100% store credit (excluding shipping).

Warranty: 30-day replacement of broken frames

Zenni’s silver aviator frames are made out of stainless steel and come with multiple a la carte lens options. Aside from price, Zenni offers the most options for customizing your lenses, from multiple colors and percentage of tinting, to gradient tinting and polarization. You can also get mirrored coatings.

The frames get high marks from reviewers and single-vision prescription lenses are even included at no additional cost. It’s hard to beat this pair for the price and lens options.


eyebuydirect good vibrations sunglasses

Good Vibrations Frames $42, Lenses $40, Case (with cloth) $5, Shipping $5.95

Return Policy: 14-day return/exchange period.

Warranty: 1-year warranty on defects.

EyeBuyDirect’s Good Vibrations with polarized lenses costs about the same as Zenni’s aviator. However, the tint percentage on EyeBuyDirect’s pair is only 60% (good if you don’t want your tint too dark), compared to Zenni’s 80%. The frame is made out of metal and has received high ratings from reviewers.

There are 3 color options for the lenses – gold, silver, and blue. Gradient tint and mirrored lenses are other options available to choose from too.

Warby Parker:

warby parker raider polished silver

Raider $145 package price includes lenses, case, cleaning cloth, shipping

Return Policy: Full refund within 30 days, including return shipping.

Warranty: 1-year scratch-free lens warranty.

As with their eyeglasses, Warby Parker has a total package price that includes everything from lenses to shipping. Their Raider frame in polished silver comes with a dark blue tint and polarized lenses.

At $145, they are definitely the most expensive. Additionally, you are not able to customize the lenses with a different tint color or apply a gradient.

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Bottom Line

In general, we found that prescription eyeglasses from any of the companies are a great deal at under $100 a pair including shipping for a full set of prescription eyewear. Which retailer you should go for depends on your specific needs.

eye specs

On price alone, Zenni or EyeBuyDirect will easily get you a pair for well under $100. However, if you have a fit issue, you will be on your own for adjustments.

Additionally, if you need to make a return, you are responsible for the cost of return shipping (and for Zenni, you’ll get a 50% refund or 100% store credit only).

If you want to physically try a pair of frames on before you buy, either at home or in-store, Warby Parker is the way to go. They also have the most options available after purchase if you find that you need assistance adjusting your new glasses at one of their retail locations or need to replace scratched lenses.

For sunglasses, Zenni and EyeBuyDirect both offer the most options in customizing your lenses to your liking. They are also the most competitive price-wise – especially Zenni, which offers single-vision prescription lenses included in the price.

Lastly, regardless of where you purchase your next pair of glasses from, keep in mind that prescription eyewear (including sunglasses) is FSA-eligible. For even more options for buying glasses online, check out our in-depth reviews.