Best Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

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As a cyclist, it’s paramount to see well and protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays. Standard prescription sunglasses don’t cut it, and if you need corrective vision, you either need to wear contacts, or get a pair of prescription cycling sunglasses.

We’ve scoured various retailers to help you find the best pair of prescription cycling glasses that will protect your eyes from all UV rays as well as wind and debris when you’re out on the road for hours.

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Best Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

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Oakley Jawbreaker Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

These pristine Oakley cycling glasses are recommended for those who wish to receive maximum protection from the elements while riding. The highly acclaimed Jawbreaker is made of Oakley’s famous O Matter™ material, and comes with ultra-clear Prizm lenses that are built specifically for cycling.

Those who are partial to Oakleys will appreciate the wider range of vision from the Jawbreaker, even more so than the EV Radar Path.

It’s available in a wide selection of both frame and lens colors, and of course, customizable to your prescription. Featuring performance-driven features like Unobtainium® nosepads and eargrips that actually stay put the more you sweat, the Jawbreaker is both stylish and functional.

Note: the Rx customization is an embedded lens that doesn’t cover the full shield area.

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Oakley M2 XL

Originally a military frame, the Oakley M2 is also really popular with athletes and cyclists due to it’s large visor lens. It’s a half-rim shield style frame, perfect for those who want to be streamlined with less bulk on their face.

Like the Jawbreaker, the single-lens design means there’s no obstruction around the bridge so you get a full field of vision while protecting your eyes from sun, flying insects, or anything else that may come your way at high speeds. Available in a few different lens and frame colors to suit your taste.

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Rudy Project Defender Prescription Cycling Glasses

Rudy Project cycling glasses are renowned for their Italian-made quality and high-performance capabilities under pretty much any condition. For highly technical riders, the Defender works particularly well with photochromic or light-transitioning lenses to maintain excellent visuals and clarity no matter the lighting.

It features completely adjustable nosepads, excellent peripheral vision coverage, and an interchangeable shield and bumper you can swap out for different lenses and color combinations. As with all Rudy Project cycling glasses, the zig-zag temple arm design fits seamlessly under most helmets and strategic vents prevent any fogging up.

The Rx-version includes a separate snap-on piece that fits behind the shield. Prescription strengths available are for single-vision between -7.00 to +4.00.

Tifosi Vero Fototec Sunglasses

Let’s face it, most prescription cycling sunglasses worth their salt ain’t going to come cheap. That’s why we were thrilled to find the economical-but-excellent Tifosi Vero available with authentic Tifosi Rx lenses.

The Vero Carbon Fototec is a semi-rimless vented wrap frame that fits comfortably under helmets and has good rubber grips on the nosepiece and temple arms that keep them from sliding down. The best part is the photochromic Fototec lens that adjusts to the light conditions – darkening when it’s bright and sunny, and clearing up when you’re in low light.

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Bolle Bolt S 2.0 Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

The latest Bolle Bolt S is the perfect pair for small or narrow faces. No more swimming around in oversize sunglasses, this semi-rimless pair is incredibly lightweight and comfortable to wear.

You can customize the lenses to your prescription strength, but also the lens color and material, including light-adjusting lenses too. Rx options include progressives, and you can even get the frame sent for fit first before you decide.

Tifosi Swick Prescription Sunglasses

The great thing about Tifosi’s Swick (aside from the affordable price), is that it’s both technical enough for you to ride with and wear around town as your everyday pair of sunnies.

The TR-90 Grilamid frame is very durable and ultra-lightweight, and polycarbonate lenses ensure impact resistance for any pebble or insects that may be headed straight towards your peepers.

It doesn’t fog up either, and even though it’s not a wraparound frame, it does a decent job of protecting your eyes from wind and elements.

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Wiley X Saint Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

The sleek and serious, yet stylish frames of the Wiley X Saint sunglasses have won them the honor of being the standard issue prescription sunglasses for several major services agencies such as the FBI, Military Special Forces, Army Rangers and Navy SEAL Teams.

The reason for this is that they are shatterproof and ballistic-standard sunglasses, which is perfect for providing the ultimate protection when shooting or cycling at fast speeds.

Featuring 100% UVA/UVB protection, a semi-rimless frame that was crafted from heat resistant plastic, nose bridge and temples that are double injected and is most suitable for small to medium size heads.

Wiley X Peak Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

These bold rectangular-lens pair of shades is crafted by one of the most trusted companies, Wiley X.

These men’s prescription cycling sunglasses feature a full plastic frame with a rubber like texture for a no-slip grip, the Wiley logo on the frame and are available with a mirror coating and/or polarized lenses.

The Wiley X Peak prescription sunglasses have been beautifully crafted to have a bold elegant design for men and can withstand the most rigorous conditions. The brand actually sells their sleek shades to major agencies such as the FBI and Military Special Forces.

Kids Oakley Quarter Jacket Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

Parents: these glasses should be at the top of the list for your children. Here’s why: these lightweight prescription cycling sunglasses are crafted especially to suit children’s faces and will provide full protection during outdoor activities.

Further, these unisex prescription sunglasses feature a semi-rimless frame made from a lightweight synthetic material in an Oakley lab.

The temples and nose pads feature Unobtainium – a carefully crafted Oakley rubber material – that actually grips more when exposed to moisture. They provide complete protection including 100% coverage of UVA and UVB rays.

The sleek design is also available in a large variety of color selections to suit your child’s unique taste and personality. One of the biggest benefits to these shades is that they are stress- and impact- resistant, and come with a complimentary carrier case and cleaning cloth.

Importance of Prescription Cycling Sunglasses

cyclist profile wearing Oakley sunglasses

Since a pair of good cycling sunglasses is just as important as a good helmet, it’s even more critical when you need vision correction to go along with UV-, bug-, and wind protection.

Not everyone wears contact lenses, and riding blind (or visually-impaired) just isn’t an option.

Many excellent cycling glasses just aren’t suitable for prescriptions though – particularly the shield-style visors that many prefer.

Besides a good fit, you also want to make sure you’re getting the proper lenses installed.

Polycarbonate lenses are de rigueur when it comes to sport or cycling glasses due to their impact-resistance.

Depending on the conditions you expect to encounter while on the road or trail, also consider adding anti-glare and anti-fog coatings for the best protection and visual clarity at all times.