Are Tifosi Sunglasses Good?

Getting performance sunglasses that offer great protection and clarity can be quite a challenge in a market filled with either premium brands and high price tags or cheap pieces of junk.

Enter Tifosi Optics, a company that claims to strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability. So it’s only natural to ask:

Are Tifosi sunglasses really any good?

The short answer is a resounding yes! But just how good are they?

In this post, we’ll dive deep into the features and benefits of Tifosi sunglasses, compare them with other popular brands, and tackle the most common questions people have about them. So, buckle up and let’s find out!

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Tifosi Sunglass Features

Frame Materials And Construction

tifosi tyrant
Tifosi Tyrant

Tifosi sunglasses boast durable, lightweight, and comfortable frames, designed with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts in mind:

Grilamid TR-90 frames: Tifosi uses Grilamid TR-90 material, which is known for its high resistance to UV damage, heat, and chemicals. This lightweight and flexible material ensures a comfortable fit and long-lasting durability.

Hydrophilic rubber: Their sunglasses are equipped with hydrophilic rubber on ear and nose pieces, which increases grip when wet, ensuring a secure fit during sweaty activities or in rainy conditions.

Adjustable features: Many Tifosi models come with adjustable ear and nose pieces for a customizable, comfortable fit.

Ventilation: Tifosi sunglasses are designed with strategically placed vents to reduce fogging and enhance airflow, keeping your vision clear during high-intensity activities.

Lens Technology

Tifosi Swank

Tifosi sunglasses offer impressive lens technologies for enhanced performance and comfort. Key features include:

Polycarbonate lenses: Tifosi uses polycarbonate material for its lenses, which is a lightweight, shatter-resistant, and scratch-resistant material, ensuring long-lasting performance and protection for your eyes.

Polarization: Many Tifosi sunglasses come with polarized lenses that reduce glare, enhance contrast, and provide superior clarity, making them perfect for water sports, driving, and other activities.

Photochromic lenses: Tifosi’s Fototec lenses are photochromic, which means they automatically adjust to changing light conditions, providing optimal vision in various environments.

Glare reduction: Tifosi lenses have an anti-reflective coating on the inside surface, reducing eye strain and improving visual comfort.

UV protection: All Tifosi lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection, shielding your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays.

Interchangeable lenses: Many Tifosi models feature interchangeable lenses, allowing you to switch lenses based on lighting conditions or your personal preferences. This is particularly useful for cyclists who train at different times of day or alternate between road and track cycling.

Style and Design

Tifosi offers a wide range of styles and designs to suit various preferences and activities:

Sport sunglasses: Tifosi excels in crafting sport-specific sunglasses tailored to the needs of cyclists, runners, golfers, and other athletes.

Casual sunglasses: They also offer a range of lifestyle sunglasses with modern designs that can be worn for everyday use.

Customization options: Tifosi’s custom sunglasses program allows you to design your own pair, choosing the frame style, colors, and lens options that suit your preferences and needs.

Pros and Cons of Tifosi Sunglasses


Quality materials and construction: Tifosi sunglasses are made with high-quality materials like Grilamid TR-90 frames and grippy hydrophilic rubber, ensuring durability, comfort, and a secure fit for a multitude of active pursuits.

Affordable price point: Compared to other performance eyewear brands, Tifosi offers a great balance between quality and cost, making them a popular choice among consumers looking for top-notch sunglasses without breaking the bank.

Double duty sunglasses: Some frames like the Swank or Swick are perfect as everyday shades, but they also perform well for cycling or running too.

Customer support and warranty: Tifosi offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects. They also sell replacement nose pads and lenses should you need to replace them.


Fit may not suit everyone: Many Tifosi frames tend to run on the narrow side so some people find the fit too tight, especially around the temples. Pay attention to the dimensions of the pair you’re considering, or be sure you can return the frame if it doesn’t work out for you.

Photochromic lens doesn’t get totally clear: Tifosi’s light-adjusting Fototec lens doesn’t return to completely clear in low light or dark conditions.

Tifosi vs. Oakley

Oakley needs no introduction when it comes to sports performance sunglasses. Their nearly indestructible O Matter™ frames and contrast-enhancing PRIZM lenses are tops in the industry.

For the serious or elite athlete, Oakley is the hands-down winner with their overall frame design, durability and detailed, crisp visuals via their PRIZM lenses.

Of course, you’ll also shell out $$ compared to what you’ll pay for a similar pair of performance glasses from Tifosi.

For many, Tifosi’s excellent value-to-price ratio can’t be beat, providing great protection and coverage without worrying about damaging or losing expensive performance sunglasses.

Tifosi Sunglasses FAQs

Are Tifosi Sunglasses Polarized?

Yes, Tifosi offers both polarized and non-polarized lens options for their sunglasses.

Can I Get Tifosi Sunglasses In Prescription?

Select Tifosi frames can accommodate prescription lenses, including sport performance sunglasses. 

Are Tifosi Sunglasses Suitable For Different Sports?

Yes, Tifosi sunglasses are designed for various sports and outdoor activities including cycling, running, hiking, golf, and more.

Their performance features, such as wraparound frames, vented lenses, adjustable nose pads, and hydrophilic rubber grips ensure a secure and comfortable fit and excellent coverage.

Where Can I Buy Tifosi Sunglasses?

Check their store locator to find them at a store near you. You can also purchase them online directly from, Amazon, and sporting goods websites.

How Does Tifosi’s Warranty Policy Work?

Tifosi offers a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratched lenses, or damage caused by improper use or accidents.

If you need to make a warranty claim, contact their consumer line at (877) 530-0815 for assistance.

Are Tifosi Lenses Interchangeable?

Many Tifosi performance sunglass models feature interchangeable lenses, allowing you to switch between different lens tints and types depending on your needs and lighting conditions. 

Popular interchangeable lens frames include the Rail, Vero, and Sledge.

How Do I Change Tifosi’s Interchangeable Lenses?

Tifosi has detailed instructions for every frame with interchangeable lenses. You can also find YouTube tutorials on the SportRx channel for their more popular models.

How Do I Clean and Care For Tifosi Sunglasses?

Use a lens cleaning solution or mild soap and water, and gently wipe the lenses with a microfiber cloth. Avoid using abrasive materials or chemicals that could damage the lenses.

To protect your sunglasses, store them in a protective case when not in use, and avoid exposing them to extreme heat or cold.

Best Tifosi Sunglasses For Cycling

Rail XC

Streamlined shield lens provides excellent ventilation and rimless design eliminates obstruction in your peripheral vision. Comes with 3 interchangeable lenses (clear, red, and blue or smoke), or light-adjusting Fototec lenses.


Cycling Weekly’s 2020 Editor’s Choice, the Crit is a vented, semi-rimless wraparound frame with polarized, interchangeable, and reader lens options.


Streamlined semi-rimless frame that fits smaller or narrower faces. Options include polarization, interchangeable lenses, as well as prescription lenses.

Best Tifosi Sunglasses For Running


Full rim shield frame with ventilated lenses. Adjustable nose and ear pieces allow you to customize the fit while grippy rubber pads keep them in place when you sweat.


Lightweight, semi-rimless frame that stays put and doesn’t bounce around while you’re on the trail. Best for small to medium size heads.

Alpe 2.0

Streamlined wraparound frame that won’t fall off small faces. Polarized lenses optional and prescription-eligible.

Best Tifosi Sunglasses For Golf

Veloce with Enliven Golf Lens

Comfortable semi-rimless frame that provides excellent contrast and clarity with Tifosi’s Enliven Golf lens. Track the ball and read the green with ease!


Excellent everyday shades that work impressively well on the golf course too. The brown tint is recommended for extra contrast enhancement on the green and the fairway. You can even get them in prescription too.

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