Best Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim is well known for superior optics and polarized glass lenses, hands down. So you can’t go wrong if you get a pair of Maui Jim sunglasses, but which frames are the best?

We’ve narrowed down our picks for the crème de la crème for fishing, lifestyle, and women’s frames. One thing to note: always buy from a Maui Jim authorized retailer (including online retailers) to be sure you’re not buying a fake. Yes, we know they don’t come cheap, but believe us, you’d rather get the real thing than a cheap knockoff. ‘Nuff said.

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Best Maui Jim Fishing Sunglasses

Maui Jim Big Wave

Lightweight wraparound frames are an angler’s best friend, and the Big Wave is exactly that. With extra-large polarized lenses that provide all-around protection, fully adjustable nose pads, and incredible arm flexibility, this baby does its job without you even noticing.

Seriously, it’s so lightweight that you might forget you’re even wearing shades. It fits larger heads well (L for men, XL for women), so all you big-headed peeps – this one’s for you. The one downside is it’s only available with non-prescription lenses.

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Maui Jim Peahi

The Peahi is another great wraparound frame, made out of durable and lightweight Grilamid. This pair comes with Maui Jim’s exceptional SuperThin Glass lens, which makes the world look clearer and more vivid, and is very scratch-resistant.

The HCL Bronze lens (pictured) is great for everyday use too, with the copper tone enhancing colors with a warm hue. You can also get a Neutral Gray or Blue Hawaii lens instead, and the frame in a few different colors too – including a special Manchester United Club Collection tortoise.

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Maui Jim World Cup

If you’re bothered by side-glare on a regular basis, the World Cup is the perfect antidote with wide temples that block any rays that might reflect off the backside of the lenses. It’s made of tough and lightweight nylon and has anti-corrosive spring hinges for comfort and flex. A generous amount of rubber on the nose pads provides a secure grip on your face.

The Neutral Gray polarized lenses reduce the most UV light, allowing sensitive eyes to relax even under the brightest conditions. Great for driving, you’re covered on land and open water alike.

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Best Maui Jim Lifestyle Sunglasses

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Maui Jim Ho’okipa

Ok, so maybe you’re not spending all your free time on the water. Maui Jim makes excellent everyday sunnies as well, and the popular Ho’okipa (aloha!) is lauded for its style, comfort, and excellent optics. The frameless design keeps bulk to a minimum, though it does also make it more fragile than full-rim frames.

They’re available with the Blue Hawaii Mirror lens (pictured), Maui Rose, Neutral Gray, or HCL Bronze tints. Best of all, you can also get the Ho’okipa with reading magnification (+1.5 to +2.5 powers) and alternate (low-bridge) fit too.

Size-wise, the Ho’okipa does well on average or medium size faces with an overall width of 134mm across. If you like the look but need something a bit roomier, the Banyans are basically the same style with a 138mm wide frame.

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Maui Jim Red Sands

A great rectangular frame, Red Sands is a perfect mix of stylish everyday shades that can also handle active pursuits if you so choose. The large adjustable rubber nose pads make the fit snug and secure, with additional rubber grips at the temple tips too.

Like most Maui Jim frames, the lightweight build is durable and flexible. The larger polarized lens gives you plenty of UV and glare protection, and yes, it does come in multiple lens colors as well as alternate fit (in prescription too).

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Maui Jim Kawika

If you like browline frames, the Kawika is for you. A Clubmaster-style frame, our particular fave is the crystal frame paired with the Blue Hawaii Mirror lens (pictured). It’s so summery and ultra-cool. It comes with the popular MauiPure lens, spring hinges, and a 2-year warranty.

If you really want to stand out, you can also get them in a super red-hot Lava Mirror lens with a dark pewter frame.

Best Maui Jim Women’s Sunglasses

With Rx Lenses

Maui Jim Baby Beach

Who doesn’t love or look good in a pair of sleek aviators? Maui Jim’s Baby Beach (awesome name) is everything you’d expect or want in a pair of classic aviator sunglasses. Made of titanium, it’s a super durable, lightweight, and flexible frame, which is pretty impressive given how thin it is.

Any lens you choose comes polarized for glare-reduction. If you have light-sensitive eyes, you’ll be amazed how much easier bright sunny days will be on you when wearing a pair of Maui Jim’s. The frame is available in silver, gold, or rose gold (pictured) and is perfect for smaller faces at 130mm wide.

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Maui Jim Honi

A great cat-eye pair, the Honi is a sophisticated full-rim frame that comes with Maui Jim’s best-in-class SuperThin Glass lens. You’ll get incredibly clear visuals, contrast, and detail when wearing these, and while they’re not the lightest frame around, they’re still comfortable for all-day wear.

The grey tortoise is very fashionable and complementary to any outfit, whether you’re running errands or dolling up for a night out on the town.

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Maui Jim Kanaio Coast

The Kanaio Coast is a great wraparound 8-base frame for active ladies who are out on the water all day, spiking some balls on the beach, or practicing their swing on the golf course. The nylon-injected frame is lightweight, flexible, and durable, and the rubber nosepads are textured for excellent grip.

The hidden spring hinges provide just enough give to reduce pressure around your face, and the incomparable SuperThin Glass lens makes everything look cleaner, clearer, and high-def. They’re as stylish as they are functional, for the full package of looks and performance.