Best Glasses for Square Faces

Selecting the perfect pair of glasses for your particular face shape is a task that every eyeglass wearer should master. It will save you time when eyeglass shopping and ensure you get the most flattering frame every time.

Once you embrace your unique facial features and learn how to compliment them, eyeglass shopping will become one of your favorite things to do. By following the tips outlined below, you will be a frame expert in no time.

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How To Identify A Square Face

Square faces have some easily identifiable characteristics, but remember that most people don’t have a perfectly “square,” “round,” or “oval” face shape.

You may have a combination of shapes, but if you find yourself nodding in agreement with this description, then square is your dominant face shape.

Facial Features Of Square Faces

There are a few ways to determine if you have a square-shaped face. You have a square face shape when your face consists of angular features.

man with a square face
Example of a square face

Square faces also tend to have a very prominent and strong jawline, and is roughly the same width from forehead to jaw. Your chin is flat instead of pointy, with a wide forehead, and usually a wide hairline.

Square faces are often easy to identify because of the square jawline and a substantial hairline.

Best Glasses for Round Faces

Best Frame Shapes for Square Faces

Round and Oval Glasses

A good rule to remember when you have a square face is “opposites attract.” Round and oval glasses help soften the angles of a square face and compliment your features.

Round Frame (Liingo Eyewear Saaz)

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Round frames should be proportional to your overall face size and never too small. One thing to look for is a frame that is as wide as your temples.

This will usually ensure the frame is the correct size. If your cheeks are more prominent, an oval frame that is more narrow up and down but still a good width will work well.

Oval Frame (Zenni Oval Glasses 126318)

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Cat Eye Frames

The upswept appearance of cat-eye glasses is a stylish pick for women with a broad, square jawline.

These frames have a flattering “lifting” effect that contours your face and detracts from the square shape.

Plastic Cat Eye Frame (GlassesUSA Muse Jeanne)

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Pay attention to the width of the frame so it does not appear too small. Also make sure that the frame is the same width or broader than your temples.

Metal Cat Eye Frame (Warby Parker Ava)

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Browline Frames

This frame shape was made popular by the classic Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglass style. It is called browline because the top of the frame aligns with the wearer’s browline.

Browline Frame (Ray-Ban Clubmaster 5154)

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The bold brow detail of this style works to balance the angles of a square face shape. Similar styles with a very straight, prominent brow bar across the entire top of the frame also draw the eye away from a very strong jawline.

man wearing browline glasses

Whether your frame has a metal rim on the bottom or is rimless, the strong top browline will have the same effect.

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Frames To Avoid

Remember, wearing the opposite of your facial shape is a good rule of thumb. Avoid square frames as they will only exaggerate the squareness of your features.

Considering the size of the frame is also essential to ensure a flattering frame fit. Small glasses will exaggerate the width of your face and only make it appear even larger.

older man wearing glasses that are too narrow
Example of glasses that are too small

Here, you can see that the man’s eyeglass frame is narrower than the width of his face.

The temples look like they are flaring out and make his face look very long. They also make his forehead look much wider.

woman wearing glasses that are too big
Example of glasses that are too big

This woman’s glasses are resting on her cheeks. Eyeglass frames that are too wide at the temples will make your face seem out of balance.

Another telltale sign that your glasses are too big? If you can see your eyebrows through the lenses. The top edge of your lenses should be flush with or slightly below your eyebrows.

How Should Glasses Fit?

Examples of Glasses on Square Faces

young man wearing round glasses

Here, a properly fit round frame is proportional to the face. The glasses sit well on the bridge and don’t rest on the cheeks.

The eyes are centered in the lenses for the best visual result. Wearing a dark-colored pair adds contrast and draws the focus away from a square jawline.

young woman wearing red cat eye glasses

Cat eye frames give a subtle “lift” effect, and selecting a fun color helps bring the focus up and away from the jawline. Be sure to pick glasses that are wide enough at the temple.

blonde woman wearing rectangle glasses

A properly fitting rectangle frame is the appropriate width at the temples and isn’t tight on the sides. Eyes should be centered in the frame, and the bridge secure on your nose bridge.

woman wearing browline glasses

By having a more prominent brow bar, a browline frame will draw the eye away from the squareness of your jaw.

Here, the frame is proportionate to the face, and the addition of nose pads makes the frame sit properly on the bridge of the nose.

Now You Know

This guide was developed to help you become more familiar with what frames will compliment your square shaped face and which ones to avoid.

Remember, these rules are not set in stone, but should serve as a guide to help you look great in your next pair of glasses.

The best way to pick new glasses is to try some on! With so many retailers offering virtual try-ons these days, it’s easy to see what works or not on your face without even leaving home.