Best Non Prescription Glasses

best non prescription frame

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Whether you’re looking for reading glasses, computer or blue light glasses, or just want a pair of frames without the Rx, we’ve got you covered with our picks for the best non-prescription glasses. The best part? You don’t even have to leave home to get these.

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    Best Reading Glasses The Bookworm

    A bestseller, The Bookworm is a fully-magnified reader with powers ranging from +1.00 – +4.00. A classic bookish round frame, it’s lightweight, comfortable, and scratch-resistant. In other words, it’s exactly what you need in a pair of cheaters.

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    Revel Dwayne

    If you’re just starting to notice difficulty focusing up close, you might not need a full +1.00 magnification yet. Maybe you only need a small boost – say +0.50 or +0.75 – which isn’t always available in off-the-shelf frames. This rimless pair can be customized as low as +0.25, in addition to optional blue light coatings or tints for sunglasses.

    Computer Glasses vs. Reading Glasses

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    EyeBobs Board Stiff

    If you want to add a little pizzazz to your style, EyeBobs has all sorts of high quality, funky and bold specs. One of their most popular frames, Board Stiff is a round frame that’s available in both narrow (127mm) and wide (138mm) widths, as well as a multitude of colors.

    They’re available in +1.00 – +4.00 powers and your choice of hard cover case or pinch pouch. You can even customize them with your Rx, add blue light treatment, or make them into sunglasses if you want.

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    The Vancouver Bifocal

    Keep your specs on at all times with the Vancouver bifocals. Best for narrow faces, it measures 125mm across, and doesn’t press against the sides of your head with spring hinges for comfort. The magnification at the bottom of the lens comes in +1.00 to +4.00.

    McKay Multi Focus Reader by Foster Grant®

    There’s no need to take your reading glasses off whenever you’re watching tv and reading at the same time with the McKay multi-focus reader. It has 3 different magnifications in the lens – the strongest at the bottom when you look down to read, half of your reading power at the top, and somewhere in between in the middle.

    A classic round frame, it looks great on men and women, and also comes in a snazzy teal color too.

    Best Reading Sunglasses

    The Key West Black Reading Sunglasses

    Perfect for reading on your deck or at the beach, these reading sunglasses make you look cool, stylish, and ready to take on anything. They even provide 99% UVA/UVB sun protection. They’re popular – so don’t wait too long or your magnification might be out of stock.

    proSPORT Polarized Bifocal Reading Sunglasses

    For the more active among us, the proSPORT polarized bifocal sunglasses are perfect for those bright sunny days on the water, whether you’re fishing, sailing, or just puttering around the dock. The comfortable, sporty TR90 frame is lightweight and the polarized lenses do a great job of cutting out glare.

    Wear them while driving, biking, or working outdoors – they’re just as good as a pair of Oakleys at a fraction of the price.

    Best Computer/Blue-Light Blocking Glasses

    Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    The Gamma Ray blue light blocking glasses are made from lightweight TR90 nylon and have a subtle amber tint to block excess blue light that can mess up your circadian rhythm and sleep quality. It’s available with just blue light blockers, or you can select a magnification to aid with reading text and further reduce strain. Easy peasy and affordable.

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    Wood Texture Round Glasses

    Get the retro-modern steampunk style with Zenni’s faux-wood texture acetate glasses that hit the mark without breaking the bank. Lightweight and unique, these come with Zenni’s Blokz blue-light blocking lenses and anti-glare coating.

    Best Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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    Morning Clear Gray

    If you’re device-addicted like me, you know how staring at a digital screen all day tires your eyes out. Blue light-blocking lenses help ease up the eye strain and headaches. The Morning frame in clear gray is a round lens frame that comes with a blue-light blocking filter without an ugly yellow tint, anti-scratch, anti-glare, and UV-coatings.

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    Roebling Sazerac Crystal

    The Roebling is a pair by Felix Gray, a company that specializes in blue-light filtering glasses. They produce exceptional quality non-tint lenses that block 50% of blue light in the most harmful 400-440nm wavelength on their standard optical lenses while preserving color quality, reducing glare, and easing digital eye strain. (You don’t want to block all blue light during the day since it helps your body signal when it should be awake.)

    Best of the Rest

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    Kyle Black Non Prescription Glasses

    Just unboxed is the Kyle Black eyeglasses. They are a small acetate 20-gram frame that suits an active lifestyle. For those who like to make an impression, these full-rimmed glasses are on trend and a classic at the same time.

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    Myrtle Cordovan Non-Prescription Glasses

    Are you looking for something with a drop more funk and soul? The Myrtle Cordovan frames are distinctive with big oversize lenses that come in a deep purple hue. In a nod to gender fluidity, the glasses can be worn by all genders – all you need is the confidence to back it up. If you’re unsure if it’s for you, rest assured that you’re covered with EyeBuyDirect’s 14-day fit-and-style guarantee.

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    YSL1230 Gold Eyeglasses

    A perfectly round metal frame is always in style. This gold pair is very lightweight, comes with adjustable nosepads, and looks great on just about any face. If gold is a little too flashy for you, it also comes in black and gold tortoise.

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    Present Black Titanium

    Titanium is an element that brings to mind strength. Named after Titan, the Greek god. Titanium appears in everything from lacrosse sticks to medical equipment and now glasses without prescriptions.

    It’s no surprise that the 22nd element in the periodic table rose to fame given it’s just as strong as steel, but only half the weight and it’s twice as strong as aluminum. Importantly, when it comes to glasses, titanium is corrosion resistant and lightweight.

    The Present frame is impressive. It manages to combine pure titanium with an understated flare. At just 8 grams—the weight of a cherry—you might forget you have this pair on until they fly off in the middle of the dancefloor.

    Oval shaped faces will wear this best given the rectangular shape of the frame. Full black rims are a timeless look that passes through fashion trends without losing its appeal. A classic black frame is like a classic black dress. You will always have an occasion to wear it and when you do people notice.

    Best Titanium Glasses

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    Rflkt Symmetry Non Prescription Glasses

    Many premium brands have turned their attention to eyewear: Hugo Boss, Armani, Gucci, they all have an eye care range. What sets EyeBuyDirect’s Rflkt collection apart is that it is a high-end brand that focuses exclusively on eyeglasses.

    Its style is minimalist, making an elegant impression without demanding your attention. The frames are entirely handmade using premium cellulose acetate.

    Soft corners mellow the sharp edges emphasizing the symmetrical refinement of the lens. A subtle keyhole nose bridge escapes your full attention, but the double accent studs fail to accomplish the inconspicuous.

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    The Fitzgerald

    Like a miniature penny farthing lens, The Fitzgerald will make an impact. Picture a classy lady sitting in a retro coffee shop sipping a latte reading The Count of Monte Cristo. Her glasses are the standout feature of her thoughtfully put together outfit.

    With intricate metal detailing the durable frame is good from dusk until dawn, a trusty sidekick for your hectic social calendar. Get them in bronze, matte black, and tortoise, or just plain black.

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    Glasses branded ‘chilling’ denote cool and laid back and this frame fits the bill for non-prescription glasses for men. The round lenses and keyhole nose bridge ensure top level comfort.

    Slender temples magnify their femininity, and the matte gray finish is a perfect everyday color. Take this pair from the office to after-work drinks and expect a smooth transition between work and play.

    At a price range that is considered soft on the budget, this is a pair that functions just as well as the bridesmaid or the groom. When called into action the Chilling frame is there for you through the good times and the bad of non-prescription glasses.