Best Women’s Prescription Safety Glasses

woman in safety glasses in the shop

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Men aren’t the only ones who need prescription safety eyewear for work or play. Women also need eye protection on the job and in the field. While there’s plenty of women’s safety glasses around, not all of them can take prescription lenses.

Not to worry! We’ve got you covered with the best women’s prescription safety glasses that meet OSHA and ANSI-standards. They fit like a glove and are pretty darn cute too!

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-230

We had to do a double take when we first saw this pair of safety glasses given how stylish they are. But don’t be fooled into thinking they’re just a fashion piece. These babies are made out of TR-90 nylon (lightweight, flexible and durable), and are fully compliant with ANSI Z87 standards for impact resistance.

The wide temples give you excellent side protection without feeling clunky or heavy. Pair them with polycarbonate or trivex lenses for total protection from anything that might come your way. The rich burgundy and black is sophisticated, but you can also get it in a black/white color combo too.

OnGuard 220S

A leader in safety eyewear, OnGuard has been producing industrial safety glasses for over two decades and counting. The 220S model is one of their most popular wraparound frames and comes in a multitude of colors, including this snazzy pink/black combo.

They have a very comfortable fit, are lightweight, and include integrated side shields for excellent all-around protection against dust and small particles. Silicone nose pads keep them from slipping down your nose even during the most intense workdays. They’re a real workhorse and an excellent value.

Wiley X P-17

Wiley X’s P-17 frame is a great low-profile pair of safety glasses that fits narrower faces well. The nosepiece and temple tips are rubberized for superior grip, ensuring that it stays put on your face. It offers excellent peripheral vision too with it’s wide (61mm) 8-base wraparound lenses.

They’re available as ANSI-rated sunglasses too, with polarized lenses that cut out glare and provide optimal clarity in bright conditions. Best of all, you can customize them to suit your vision, whether you need single-vision, bifocal or progressive lenses.

Prescription Safety Glasses RX-15011

If you’ve got a strong prescription (over +/-4.00), chances are some safety frames – like wraparound glasses – won’t work for you due to the high curvature of the lens. RX Safety’s 15011 build and design can handle strong Rx’s – up to +10.00 or -15.00.

It’s got fully adjustable, rubberized nose pads, integrated side shields, and a very sturdy and durable construction. They’re extremely comfortable too – especially if you’re used to wearing over-glasses safety eyewear.

Titmus SW12

Work in an environment with lots of dust, chemicals, or small debris flying around? You need full enclosure of your eye area to avoid injury or irritation. The Titmus SW12 has a removable foam insert that seals off your eyes for added security and comfort.

Plus, the frame does not have any metal components, so you can wear these in magnetic or electrical environments without a problem. Of course, it’s ANSI-approved for impact and shatter resistance. And it comes in all sort of colors – take your pick of black, green/black, purple/black, orange/gray, or purple/lavender (pictured).