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8.1 Our Score
3.7 Community Score (3 votes)

+ Some of the best prices available

+ Great customer service and deals


- Smaller selection of styles

- Few lens types to choose from

Although we love the price of Firmoo glasses, we don’t think people should sacrifice quality prescription lenses for price.
Lens Quality7
Frame Quality7

About Firmoo

Firmoo is an online optical store that offers frames with prescription lenses at extremely reasonable costs (both regular optical lenses and sunglasses). The company got its start when it noticed how inefficient the eyeglass industry is in the United States.

They realized that eyeglass wearers were paying huge price tags for a product they needed: their glasses.

That’s when Firmoo developed and decided to bypass most of the expenses that you’ll find at an eyeglass retailer. This lead to the creation of their website.

In order to offer these lower priced lenses and frames, Firmoo works with direct manufacturers and overseas laboratories.

Below we will get into further detail about the low price of Firmoo glasses, and hopefully by the end of this review, we will be able to determine whether this low price affects quality.

Weak Brand/Poor Website

There isn’t much of a brand behind Firmoo. You don’t really get a sense of who created the shop, what their values are as a company, what their mission is—it simply seems like a generic company, selling glasses.

There also is some disconnect with certain phrasing in all the writing on their website. It’s not all written in proper English, which for a lot of customers creates a sense of unease, simply because most consumers find the most trustworthy websites to be professional enough to communicate their products very clearly.

However, through our review, we’ve found this company doesn’t seem to rely too heavily on a strong brand. Instead, low prices are their biggest attraction for customers who are tired of paying high prices for eyeglasses, and Firmoo has capitalized on that, not requiring a strong brand presence.

Simple Ordering Process/Virtual Try On

Despite this, their website is very easy to navigate when you’re looking for a new pair of glasses. It’s essentially a five-step process to order, with the company telling you exactly what to do along the way.

You simply pick your frames, choose what kind of prescription you need (single vision, multifocal, or non-rx), then upload your prescription, choose a lens package or customize your lenses (i.e. UV coating, anti-reflective, etc.), and then confirm your order and checkout.

We tested this shopping process and found it very simple to use.

Find your matching glasses in only ONE minute

We also think their virtual try-on is a good feature, since a lot of people like to know what glasses look like on themselves before purchasing.

However, we don’t find the technology for this virtual try on to be very advanced or accurate. The image it generates with the glasses on looks very amateurish and rather inaccurate.

Yet, there were numerous customers who said they appreciated this feature, so for some people, the virtual try-on is a big bonus when making their decision.

We feel the actual ordering process with Firmoo is top-notch and informative. Most people struggle with Firmoo when trying to decide if the cost sacrifices quality. Let’s take a look.

Our Firmoo Eyewear Review

Firmoo Frame Quality (7/10)

In terms of frame quality, Firmoo works with different manufacturers, so there is no one type of quality you’ll receive from them.

The frames that our Firmoo reviews were offered are all private label generic frames. Some materials you’ll find Firmoo glasses made out of are: plastic, metal alloy, and memory metal.

Quality really varies in terms of how pleased customers are. For example, we one lady said her frames were super comfortable, fit her perfectly, and were good quality.

However, someone else who purchased a pair said her frames felt paper-thin and easily breakable. We feel the quality of frames really is a bit of a gamble. Because of the different manufacturers Firmoo works with, not all frames will be of the same quality.

Glasses from $6

Firmoo Lens Quality (7/10)

Firmoo offers lenses for all types of prescriptions: reading, distance, progressive/bifocal, and even non-prescription lenses (if you want the look of glasses without the magnification).

On their website Firmoo discusses the importance of having quality eyewear, especially for people who require strong prescriptions to see properly.

They promise that the low prices of their eyewear do not sacrifice quality. They guarantee multiple inspections of the glasses before shipment and 100% accuracy when filling prescriptions.

They also offer some customizations, including lens thickness and lens coating (anti-reflective, UV protective, etc.).

However, despite these guarantees regarding the quality of the lenses and the customizations, we think it’s important for consumers to realize that when you do get your prescription from your optometrist, the lenses are going to be more tailored to fit your individual needs.

For example, some people have different vision in their right and left eye and require separate prescriptions for each eye.

Also, glasses from the optometrist are fitted properly to suit your eyes and head. If these measurements are not correct, wearers can develop headaches, tension, and eyestrain.

This is especially true with progressive lenses that adjust from your distance to reading prescription based on where your pupil is.

In situations like this, custom measurements are required for the best results to avoid eyestrain. When you purchase from Firmoo you’re not going to receive this customization with their lenses.

We did find evidence that you can put in specific measurements that indicate pupil distance, for example, but we still feel you won’t get the tailored customization that some people require for crystal clear vision.

We also looked into reviews to see what others were saying about the lens quality. One reviewer said she was worried about ordering because of her high prescription. Despite that, that she’s had no problems.

On the other hand, another reviewer said his frames were too thick and another said that the anti-glare coating was peeling off.

Again, we believe these opinions vary greatly depending on how reliant you are on your glasses for vision. You’re probably best using Firmoo for a cheap backup pair of glasses that will do in a pinch

Firmoo Customer Service (7.5/10)

In today’s day and age we all know that how a company treats its customers is very important. People expect good customer service, and it seems Firmoo has a relatively good reputation with their customer service, but there is definitely room for improvement.

Let’s start with their return/exchange policy.

They do have a relatively good return/exchange policy; however, we found evidence of some customers who had issues returning/exchanging their glasses and were not pleased with the communication process.

Firmoo offers a full refund/exchange policy if your glasses are received damaged or the wrong prescription was put into the glasses. However, you must contact customer service within three days of receiving the damaged and/or wrong pair.

If your glasses are incorrect because of something on the customer’s end (for example, providing the wrong address or prescription number) then the customer is not eligible for a full refund.

If a customer wishes to return an item because of personal preference (i.e. receive the glasses and don’t like them), a return is possible but the customer must pay for the shipping and the cost of the lenses.

We feel this is a fair exchange policy, but do caution potential customers to make sure they are very careful providing their prescription number and ensuring, if there is an issue with the delivered glasses, to contact customer service immediately. It seems Firmoo is fairly strict with the three-day contact window.

Again, their customer service is a bit hit-or-miss, as evidenced with the following reviews:

But we also found many Firmoo reviews like this:

Based on 110 reviews on Trust Pilot, the Firmoo review received a rating of 6.9/10. It’s worth noting that there are more positive reviews in recent months, which could indicate that the low score is the result of poor past customer service that Firmoo has since improved.

Also, because we saw evidence of Firmoo commenting on each of the negative reviews to try and help resolve the issue, we decided to raise their customer service rating; however, we do caution any potential buyer that there is evidence of customers struggling with this company in some respects.

Firmoo Style (9/10)

In terms of style variety, Firmoo does not disappoint. They carry various styles for both optical frames and sunglasses, everything from big and bold frames to more simple and classic ones.

There are a variety of colors as well. If you have a specific style of frame in mind that you want to try, chances are Firmoo has it. Their selection is very impressive!

If you’re somebody who is concerned with brands and designer labels, though, this probably isn’t the right choice for you.

Firmoo’s frames follow the latest fashion trends and have the same look as designer frames, but you won’t be finding a pair of Versace or Michael Kors frames in their selection.

There is a navigation bar at the bottom of the website that has “additional resources” and a link to their “designer frames directory.”

Here you can search by brand, find a pair of frames you like, where you’ll be provided with a link to see where you can purchase the designer frames. While the frames aren’t provided by Firmoo, it’s a nice touch for someone looking for a brand name pair.

Use your Flexible Spending Account at on all items!

Firmoo Cost (10/10)

So here is where Firmoo shines. For under $100 you can get a pair of glasses with progressive prescription lenses. For just basic, reading, prescription lenses with the frame, you can find pairs for under $50, some even under $25.

In fact, we couldn’t find any combination of frame and lenses that would be over $100. However, there are some customizations that you can add to your lenses that can increase the price. For example, if you want anti-reflective lenses, that adds an additional $4.95 to your order. If you want a UV coating, add another $4.95.

However, even with these add-ons, as anybody who wears glasses knows, these prices are still significantly lower than what you would regularly pay for prescription glasses.

Regularly, for the frame alone, eyeglass wearers can pay $150-200 for non-designer frames, and anywhere from $300-1000 for lenses.

Bottom line, wearing glasses is not cheap, which is one of the reasons why Firmoo is so popular. They offer an alternative to prescription lenses that is very affordable, especially in comparison to the regular cost of glasses.

They offer free shipping for U.S. customers who spend $39 or more, and free shipping for all other countries if you spend over $55 (prices in U.S. currency). When shopping online, the majority of consumers appreciate free shipping and view it as a big perk to their experience.

Firmoo Review Final Thoughts

Based off our research, we believe Firmoo is definitely worth purchasing from; however, we only feel this is true for certain people and in specific situations.

If you’re looking for a second pair of glasses as a back-up or as an alternative to your regular prescription, then yes, we think Firmoo is a great choice for you. The price is right, there’s a great selection, and it gives eyeglass wearers the opportunity to change up their look.

If you don’t need a prescription or you’re looking at sunglasses without a prescription, Firmoo is a great choice. However, we believe Firmoo probably isn’t the right choice for your primary pair of glasses, especially if you rely on your glasses heavily.

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