10 Signs You Need Reading Glasses

woman in glasses squinting at phone

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My arms shrunk. That’s what I thought the morning I woke up and couldn’t read my phone anymore. I went straight into panic mode. What is going on? Why can’t I see anything right in front of my nose? I’ve always had 20/20 vision. I’ve only ever worn sunglasses.

Then my husband says, “Welcome to the club.” “What club? What are you talking about?” I answer as my head starts to throb. “The ‘old eyes’ club, of course. You have officially arrived.”, he says while handing me his readers.

As much as it pains me to admit it, he was right. The moment I placed those frames on my face, I knew it. I was now part of the “reader club.”

I believe strongly in the ‘Each One, Teach One‘ philosophy of life, so I am sharing my Top 10 signs that you need reading glasses.

You can’t make the font on your phone any bigger

If you know where the accessibility settings are on your phone, you probably only found them because you needed to make your font bigger. You know it’s reading glass time when you get to the max setting.

You can’t read the menu anymore

You frequent all of your favorite restaurants with menus you have memorized, so you won’t need to read a menu. Don’t deprive yourself of new culinary experiences. Instead, get yourself some reading glasses.

You buy the largest wattage for all your lightbulbs

Have you suddenly declared, “Why is it so dark in here?” in the office that you’ve been working just fine in for the past 5 years?

Being in an environment with dim light and trying to read is very uncomfortable. However, you will notice that it is much easier to read when you have brighter, sufficient lighting.

You start to feel sleepy after reading one chapter in your book

You’ve had enough of social media for the day, so you decide to grab a book instead. If you fall asleep after one chapter, you need reading glasses.

The eye strain you experience forcing your eyes to focus without glasses is tiring. Your body is exerting much the same energy as if you were working out in a gym.

You go through a bottle of headache medicine in a month

If you have relocated the bottle of headache medicine to within arms reach on your desk, you probably need reading glasses.

Blurred vision and headaches are two common symptoms of needing a reading correction.

Therefore I would suggest visiting your eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam as soon as possible.

The exam will check your eye health, determine any vision correction needed and determine the correct power for your reading glasses.

Before you go, remember to measure the distance of your computer at work. Your eye doctor can tailor your magnification level according to this measurement.

You notice serious wrinkles in between your eyes

Have you made numerous trips to the skincare aisle looking for that miracle wrinkle cream? Save your money.

Constantly squinting when focusing on nearby objects is a big red flag that you need a prescription for readers. Squinting your eyes seems to help your vision temporarily.

However, not correcting your vision will make those wrinkles permanent, and none of us want that.

Every light now has a halo

Do you find yourself blinking excessively to get rid of those pesky halos you are starting to see around lights?

Needing reading glasses is one of the reasons this symptom occurs. When the light that is entering your eye is not focused properly on your retina, you might experience halos and glare.

You no longer rock your signature eyeliner wing

Is your makeup routine is now 5 minutes long because you got tired of having uneven winged liner and mascara mishaps? Makeup glasses are a thing. Thank me later.

You ask random strangers to read things for you

If you have become very comfortable with asking strangers for help reading price tags, ingredient lists, and the million other things that are printed so small only a six-year-old can read them, it’s absolutely that time.

And we can’t forget…

You think your arms are shrinking

Please don’t make the same mistake I did. Don’t wait until the day you have to drop the newspaper on the floor to read it.

Instead, accept the fact that your arms are no longer long enough and schedule your eye exam today.

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