Can I Make My Ray-Bans Prescription?

If you love your trusty Ray-Bans (and who doesn’t) you might have wondered at some point, “Can I get prescription lenses with these bad boys?” 

The answer is a definitive yes!

But how, you ask?

You’ve got a few different options, which we’ll go over in this post. So keep reading, and you’ll be sporting Ray-Bans with your prescription in no time.

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Order Authentic Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses

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If you’re hankering for the real deal, authentic Ray-Ban prescription lenses are the way to go. After all, Ray-Ban lenses are specifically crafted to fit their frames, not to mention the quality and lens technologies that are specific to Ray-Ban.


  • Real Ray-Ban lenses are meticulously crafted to embrace the original shape, size, and color of your frames. Like giving your Ray-Bans a bespoke suit.
  • Every authentic pair has the Ray-Ban logo engraved on the lenses.
  • Each lens is double-coated for fortitude, ensuring they outlast your dance floor moves.
  • Boasting anti-reflective and scratch-resistant coatings, these lenses are in it for the long haul.
  • They’re defenders of your peepers with full UV-A/B protection. 


  • Going authentic usually means spending more than if you were to get generic lenses. 
  • Not every Ray-Ban frame is prescription-eligible.
  • Processing and shipping times can be longer as each pair is crafted to meet specific standards.

How to Order Authentic Ray-Ban Prescription Lenses

ray-ban store

Visit an official Ray-Ban store with your glasses and ask about the Rx options they can do for you.

If getting to a store isn’t possible, certified online dealers like FramesDirect or SportRx can also fit your frames with authentic prescription Ray-Ban lenses.

Order Generic Prescription Lenses

Looking for a budget-friendly alternative without skimping on quality? Consider getting yourself some generic prescription lenses.


  • Save some (or a lot) of green.
  • You’ll sometimes have more lens and treatment options to choose from, giving you more customization.
  • In-house lenses tend to be more versatile, accommodating diverse frames and prescriptions.
  • If you’re itching to get them ASAP, you might actually get them faster than if you were to get authentic Ray-Ban lenses.


  • There might be slight misfits in shape, size, or color vis-à-vis your original Ray-Ban frame.
  • If you want the Ray-Ban logo (on sunglasses), these won’t have it.
  • While they do the job, they might not offer the same quality or durability as Ray-Ban lenses.

How To Get Generic Prescription Lenses in Your Ray-Bans

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Choosing a Provider: Start by finding a reputable lens replacement service, which can be either online or your local brick-and-mortar optical store. Online options include trusted names like Lensabl, LensDirect, and Lens Factory.

Online Ordering Process:

  1. Lens & Customization Options: Browse the site’s lens offerings and select the customizations (tints, extra coatings) you want to add.
  2. Prescription Input: Upload or input your up-to-date prescription, including your pupillary distance (PD) — a critical measurement ensuring you see through the clearest part of the lens.
  3. Ship Your Frames: Once your order details are settled, you’ll be given instructions to send in your Ray-Bans for re-lensing. Most companies will send you a kit with a prepaid shipping label to send your frame in.
  4. Receive Your Updated Ray-Bans: Once your new Rx lenses have been installed, they’ll ship your Ray-Bans back to your door. 

Buy New Ray-Bans with Prescription Lenses

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Of course, you can always buy a brand new Ray-Ban frame with prescription lenses from the getgo. This is ideal if you’re already shopping for new glasses, since you can choose from the latest and greatest styles.


  • Since you’re not reusing an old frame, there’s no need to worry about breaking your existing Ray-Bans.
  • Get a new look to go along with your new prescription
  • Enjoy peace of mind from a Ray-Ban or retailer’s warranty or guarantee.
  • Flexibility reigns as you can opt for either authentic Ray-Ban prescription lenses or their generic counterparts. Your call!


  • This is definitely the most expensive option
  • If you’re channeling your inner Marie Kondo, this might result in an extra pair cluttering your space.

To be honest, this is the best way to get prescription Ray-Ban glasses or sunglasses. Starting with a new pair of Ray-Bans is your best bet for getting the look you want with all the quality and durability that comes with a brand like Ray-Ban.

Ray-Ban Stories

How To Get New Ray-Bans with Rx Lenses

Hit up an authorized Ray-Ban store or your favorite optical for some try-before-you-buy action.

If you’ve already picked out a specific pair, you can also place your order directly at They even accept insurance plans online too!

LensCrafters and FramesDirect also carry Ray-Ban frames and are authorized retailers of authentic Ray-Ban lenses.

For Ray-Bans with generic prescription lenses, GlassesUSA and EyeBuyDirect are good options.

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