How Long Is An Eyeglass Prescription Good For?

In the U.S., an eyeglass prescription is generally good for at least 1 year and up to 2 years in many states.

If you don’t have your glasses prescription anymore or aren’t sure if it’s expired, check the chart below to see if it’s still valid.

If it is, you can contact your doctor’s office to ask for a copy of your current prescription.

Otherwise you may have the option to renew online by taking a simple eye test using your smartphone or laptop. 

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Eyeglass Prescription Expiration By State

StatePrescription ExpirationOnline Vision Test Renewal
Alabama2 years 
Alaska2 years 
Arizona1 yearYes
Arkansas1 yearYes
California2 yearsYes
Colorado1 yearYes
Connecticut2 yearsYes
Delaware2 years 
District of Columbia1 year 
Florida5 yearsYes
Georgia1 year 
Hawaii2 yearsYes
Idaho1 year 
Illinois2 yearsYes
Indiana1 year 
Iowa2 yearsYes
Kansas1 year 
Kentucky2 yearsYes
Louisiana1.5 years 
Maine2 years 
Maryland2 yearsYes
Massachusetts2 yearsYes
Michigan1 year 
Minnesota1 yearYes
Mississippi2 yearsYes
Nevada2 yearsYes
New Hampshire2 yearsYes
New Jersey2 years 
New Mexico2 years 
New York2 yearsYes
North Carolina2 yearsYes
North Dakota2 yearsYes
Ohio1 yearYes
Oklahoma1 year 
Oregon2 yearsYes
Pennsylvania2 yearsYes
Rhode Island2 years 
South Carolina1 year 
South DakotaUnregulated 
Tennessee1 yearYes
Texas1 yearYes
Utah1 yearYes
Vermont2 years 
Virginia2 yearsYes
Washington2 yearsYes
West VirginiaUnregulated 
Wisconsin2 yearsYes
Wyoming2 yearsYes
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If you live in Florida, your prescription is good for 5 years!

But if you notice any vision changes, be sure to go for an eye exam before it expires to make sure you don’t have any medical issues or need an updated prescription.

How Often Should I Get New Prescription Glasses?

Online Eye Exam and Prescription Renewal

taking an online eye exam

Staring at an expired prescription and need new Rx glasses on the double, but can’t squeeze in an appointment with your eye doc?

If you’re still navigating life fine with your current glasses, consider a fast online vision test.

This process involves your smartphone or computer.

If you tick all the eligibility boxes, a licensed optometrist from your state reviews your test results and renews your prescription if you’ve passed with flying colors.

Common eligibility requirements:

Age between 18-55 (up to 65 in some scenarios)

Know your current prescription (single-vision prescriptions only)

Reside in an eligible state

Free Glasses Prescription Scanner

Online Vision Exams & Costs

Online vision exams have been a hit due to their ease and convenience.

Available from a plethora of providers, these exams usually take around 5-10 minutes.

Although the test itself is generally free, there’s a fee required for a licensed eye doctor in your state to review and renew your prescription, with successful renewals typically delivered within 24 hours.

Warby Parker

Download their app to take a virtual vision test. Both glasses and contact lens prescription renewals are available for $15.

If your prescription cannot be renewed as is, there is an option to schedule an in-person eye exam at a Warby Parker retail location.


Lensabl allows you to take the test directly from their website. The prescription renewal for either glasses or contact lenses is $25. also offers online vision tests on their website. The renewal of a glasses or contact lens prescription is $15.99.

Lens Factory

On Lens Factory, you can take the test straight from the site and renew your glasses or contact lens prescription for $25.


1-800-CONTACTS specializes in contact lens prescription renewal, which is available for $20.

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