How To Clean Your Eyeglasses

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If you’re like most eyeglass wearers, you probably clean your glasses less than you should. When’s the last time you did anything other than wipe the smudges off your lenses with your shirt?

Most of us focus on cleaning our lenses but forget all about the other parts of our frame.

Your glasses (and sunglasses) come in contact with a lot of bacteria daily. Regularly cleaning the entire frame with a focus on the nose pads and temple tips is important for keeping your spectacles sanitized and sparkly.


Use a Microfiber Cloth

cleaning glasses with microfiber cloth

This unique cleaning material picks up dirt particles instead of rubbing them into your lens surface. Make sure to not wash the cloth using fabric softener or dry them using a dryer sheet. Fabric softeners contain substances that will smear your lenses or leave behind a residue.

Use Disposable Lens Cleaning Wipes

man wiping glasses with disposable wet wipe

You can purchase special pre-moistened disposable towels at your local optical or online. These are great for keeping your glasses clean on the go.

Use A Clean Old Tee

A lint-free cloth such as an old t-shirt works great in a pinch.

Use A Drop of Dish Soap

Using a drop of dish soap or lotion-free soap on each lens works great for deep cleaning your glasses.

Rinse clean with warm water and dry with a soft cloth.

bottle of dishwashing soap

Warby Parker’s Lens Cleaner Kit

Use Spray Eyeglass Cleaner

Cleaning anti-reflective lenses can be tricky. A specially designed spray made for coated lenses usually works best to clean lenses and remove any greasy film.

Rinse The Entire Frame

rinsing eyeglasses under faucet

Running lukewarm water over your entire frame regularly will dislodge any dust or dirt that gets trapped within the crevices. Pay special attention to the bridge and temple tips of your frame.

Ultrasonic Clean

ultrasonic cleaning of glasses

An ultrasonic cleaner will give you the results you are looking for when you need a deep clean. Located in most eye care professional offices, this device works by submerging your frame into a cleaning solution and using a slight vibration to shake all the dirt and debris loose from your frame.


The following methods rank as the absolute worst ways to treat your eyeglasses because they can strip the lenses of their coatings and leave fine marks on the surface of your lenses.

No Paper Towels

Don’t use paper towels or any other paper-based products like toilet paper to wipe your glasses. Paper products contain wood particles that can scratch lenses.

No Windex or Glass Cleaners

half empty glass cleaner spray bottle

Many glass surface cleaners contain chemicals that can strip or damage eyeglass coatings.

No Clorox or Lysol (Or Homemade Solutions)

Don’t use household cleaners of any kind. Cleaners such as ammonia, bleach, etc., are too strong for cleaning eyeglass lenses. They can cause clouding of the lens surface.

Also don’t use DIY solutions including vinegar or lemon juice. Both of these contain acids that will eat away at lens coatings.

Leave Toothpaste For Your Teeth

Don’t use toothpaste as it usually contains abrasive materials used for whitening purposes.

Exhale…But Not On Your Lenses

A common quick fix, exhaling on your lenses isn’t a great way to clean them. The condensation formed is not enough to remove any dust particles on the lens.

Save Your Hot Water

Hot water can damage lens coatings, warp lenses or even melt your frame. Lukewarm water is best when it comes to cleaning eyeglasses.

Extend the Life Of Your Glasses

Establishing a good cleaning routine for your eyewear will help them last much longer. Additionally, cleaning your lenses with the appropriate cleaning products will prevent scratches and save you money in the long run.

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