How To Wear Sunglasses With Glasses

Who doesn’t love a great pair of sunglasses? People who normally wear prescription glasses, that’s who.

Of course, that’s not because they don’t like sunglasses themselves, but because they’re usually left choosing between protecting their eyes from the sun’s brightness and UV rays or seeing clearly. If this describes you, then read on for some tips on how to wear sunglasses with glasses!

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Why Would Anyone Wear Sunglasses Over Glasses?

You might be asking why anyone would actually consider wearing a pair of sunglasses over their regular pair of prescription glasses. “Just get some prescription sunglasses or wear contacts!” you might be thinking. And while those are both great options, they’re not always possible or desirable.

Maybe you can’t or don’t want to wear contacts. Maybe you need your glasses for things other than just seeing, like reading small print or computer screens.

Or maybe you have a complex prescription (such as double vision and wear prism glasses) and can’t afford to buy a whole separate pair of prescription sunglasses. Whatever the case, suffice it to say there are plenty of reasons why someone with prescription glasses might want to wear shades over their regular glasses.

How To Wear Sunglasses With Glasses

Wear Fitover Sunglasses

One of the best ways to wear sunglasses with glasses is to invest in a pair of fitover sunglasses. These are full-frame sunglasses designed to fit over your regular glasses, and they come in a variety of different styles to suit any taste.

Many fitover sunglasses come with polarized lenses for cutting out glare when driving, and some even come with special coatings to help reduce eye fatigue.

Plus, they’re usually way more affordable than buying prescription sunglasses.

Here are some of our favorite fitover sunglasses:

DUCO Wraparound Fitover Polarized Sunglasses

The Fresh High Definition Polarized Wrap Around Shield Sunglasses

The downside to fitovers is that they add a fair amount of bulk to your face since you’re wearing two pairs of glasses. And they’re not always the most stylish option, either.

So if you’re looking for something a little more sleek and chic, then read on for our next tip.

Get Clip-Ons

If you don’t care to wear a second pair of glasses over your regular glasses, another option is to get a pair of clip-on sunglasses. These are essentially just regular sunglass lenses with hinged clips that attach to the bridge of your glasses.

Clip-ons are a great option because they’re very slim and don’t add much bulk to your face. They’re pretty handy to use as they flip up or down as needed. When they’re flipped up, they act as a visor without darkening your lenses.

And when you’re not using them, you can simply detach them and put them in your pocket or purse.

Like fitovers, they’re affordable and easy to find. You can usually find a decent pair of clip-ons for under $20.

Some great clip-on sunglasses to check out:

Fish Man Polarized Clip-on Sunglasses

Costyle Polarized Clip On

The downside to clip-ons is that they can be a bit fiddly to put on and take off, and they’re not always the most secure. They also might not fit over your glasses if they’re very thick or have large arms.

So if you want something that’s more comfortable and secure, then our next tip is for you.

Glasses With Magnetic Clip Ons

If you like the idea of clip-ons but don’t want the hinge clip, you’ll probably like magnetic clip-ons. These are regular glasses that come with detachable sunglass lenses that attach to the frame with small magnets.

Magnetic clip-ons are great because they’re very easy to put on and take off, and they stay securely in place while you’re wearing them. They also look seamless because the clip-on fits the exact shape and size of your lenses, which isn’t always the case with standard clip-ons.

Now, this does mean you’ll need to purchase a new pair of glasses since the clip-on needs to match the frame shape exactly in order for the magnets to keep it securely on your glasses. But there are many economical options around, including:

Zenni Optical Magnetic Clip-On Sets

zenni magnetic clip-on sets

Pair Eyewear

pair eyewear magnetic sun toppers

EyeBuyDirect Magnetic Clip-On Sets

eyebuydirect magnetic clip-on sets

BAUHAUS Magnetic Clip on Sunglasses

You can have your optician install prescription lenses in the frame.

The downside to magnetic clip-ons is that they can be a bit more expensive than regular clip-ons. They’re also not as easy to find, but as noted above, you can get prescription glasses with magnetic clip-ons at many online retailers.

Get Prescription Sunglasses

woman wearing prescription sunglasses

While this post focuses on how to wear sunglasses with your glasses on, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention the best option, namely, wearing prescription sunglasses.

This is definitely the most expensive option, but it’s also the most optimal because you’ll have both the vision correction you need combined with the darkening and UV-protection of sunglasses, all in one pair of glasses.

Photochromic or light-adjusting lenses (i.e., Transitions) are a great option for prescription sunglasses because they’re clear indoors and at night, but darken in sunlight.

This means you won’t have to carry around a second pair of glasses or clip-ons, and you can just keep your one pair of photochromic sunglasses on all day long, no matter what the light conditions.

If you don’t have $$$ to spend on a pair of prescription sunglasses, you can reduce your costs pretty significantly by purchasing a pair online. You can get a very decent pair of prescription sunglasses for hundreds less than you’d spend at most brick-and-mortar optical stores.

(It also helps if you don’t choose a designer frame.)

Many online eyewear retailers offer a full refund or exchange policy that makes it easy and risk-free to shop for prescription sunglasses online.

Also, be sure to take advantage of any coupon codes or special offers to further reduce the cost.

Some great places to buy prescription sunglasses online:

Zenni Optical

Great budget option – you can make a pair of prescription sunglasses out of any frame on the site. They also have clip-ons.


Similar to Zenni, you can make a pair of prescription sunglasses out of any frame on site. A large selection of affordable frames but they also have select Ray-Ban and Oakley frames too.

Liingo Eyewear

Offers a free home try-on of select frames with no obligation. Frames start at $79, with single-vision Rx sun or photochromic lenses for only $79 more


Affordable, trendy designs with lots of tint colors to choose from, including mirrored, gradient and polarized options, and your choice of darkness. They also offer great discounts and promos.

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