Makeup Tips for Glasses

woman holding 2 makeup brushes near face

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If you wear glasses, like many women, you probably struggle with applying makeup that looks good both with and without your specs on.

The good news is, you can use several key techniques to make the time spent on your makeup application not get lost behind your lenses.

Here are six ways to ensure that your makeup enhances your features while wearing glasses.

Prep Your Skin

woman powdering nose with brush

Preparing your skin, especially in the areas where your glasses touch your face, is essential.

A good makeup base will help keep your makeup in place and help keep your eyeglasses from sliding.

After applying foundation, make sure to powder any areas, such as the bridge of your nose or anywhere else your glasses will rest.

Use concealer to hide any dark circles under your eyes. Using a magnifying mirror will help you to apply with precision.

Add Some Color

Adding a bit of color to your face when wearing glasses takes the focus off your frame and puts it back where it belongs, on you.

woman with bold eyeshadow and glasses
Bold eyeshadow look with glasses

Whether you go full glam or more every day with your eye shadow is up to you. In addition, applying blush to your cheeks will help define your cheekbones and give your face a nice flush of color.

There are many cream blushes available on the market that will last throughout the day and are easy to apply.

brunette in cat eyeglasses
Blushing beauty

A Little Goes A Long Way

The biggest mistake eyeglass wearers make is not wearing any eye makeup at all.

You might think that no one will be able to see your eye makeup because it’s “hidden” behind your bold frames.

woman with subtle eye and lip makeup with glasses
Subtle eye and lip makeup

Nothing could be further from the truth. Your lenses either minimize or magnify your eyes when you wear glasses, depending on your prescription strength.

Your eyes are front and center. Make them sparkle. Invest in a good waterproof black eyeliner to add definition around the eyes.

The Lashes Have It

Curl and volume are preferred over length when it comes to your lashes or lash extensions.

Full curled lashes stand out and will not brush against your lenses every time you blink as longer lashes would.

woman with long curled lashes holding glasses

The best advice is to curl your lashes before applying a volumizing mascara. Curling your lashes will make your eyes look bigger, and your makeup will look very polished.

Don’t Forget The Brows

A clean groomed brow will accentuate your face shape and should complement the size and shape of your glasses.

woman with well-groomed brows in glasses
Groomed brow with colored frame

Avoid applying eyeshadow to the brow bone area – instead, add a bit of highlighter.

Your eyebrows should always be flush or above the top of your frame for the most flattering effect.

woman wearing semi-rimless glasses
Bold brow with thinner wire frame

Choose a Neutral Frame

Don’t let your frame color limit your makeup choices.

Instead, select a pair of frames in a neutral shade that compliments your skin tone and will work well with any lip or eye color.

Black frames are always in style, but you can also go for something more transparent that gives a softer appearance.

woman wearing dark brown glasses with colorful eyeshadow
Makeup stands out with neutral colored frames

Consider building an eyewear wardrobe to suit your many colorful styles and moods.

Change Your Look Up With Glasses

One Last Thing

When you spend the time applying makeup, you certainly don’t want your lenses to betray you with glare.

Investing in anti-reflective (AR) coating on your lenses guarantees the world will be able to appreciate your efforts.

Lenses without an AR coating are visually distracting and a big no-no if you want the world to see your beautifully done eyes.

woman wearing glasses without ar coating
Glasses without anti-reflective coating

Of course, you should wear as much or as little makeup as you feel comfortable.

However, the one thing you shouldn’t do is ignore it altogether. Remember, even that little bit of eyeliner can take you from washed-out to WOW!

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