Should I Get Prescription Reading Glasses?

If you’re like most people, you probably head to your local drugstore to pick up a pair of reading glasses when your vision starts to go. However, there’s another option: prescription reading glasses. In this post, we’ll explore the pros and cons of Rx reading glasses so you can make an informed decision about what’s right for you.

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Advantages of Prescription Reading Glasses

Customized To Your Precise Vision Needs

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There are a few key benefits that come with opting for prescription reading glasses over over-the-counter options. First, Rx reading glasses are made to fit your specific needs, down to a precise diopter that you might not be able to find off the rack.

Additionally, if you need a higher power (i.e., over +3.00), you may not even be able to find it in stores. Going to an eye doctor will give you access to higher strengths, allowing you to find a pair that works perfectly for you.

Better Lenses

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With non-prescription cheaters/readers, you know that the lenses aren’t always the greatest and can even become uncomfortable to look through after a while. That’s because they’re made for general magnification purposes and don’t provide true optical correction.

Prescription reading glasses, on the other hand, are made with higher-quality lenses and can provide a much cleaner and clearer image, allowing you to wear them for longer periods comfortably.

No Guesswork

If you’ve ever bought over-the-counter readers, you’ve probably spent some time trying different strengths on to figure out which ones work best for you. With prescription reading glasses, the guesswork is eliminated since your optometrist will have already determined the exact strength that’s right for you.

Most people don’t have the exact same vision deficiencies in each eye, and Rx reading glasses can accommodate that. With over-the-counter readers, you’re generally stuck with the same strength (such as +1.50) for both eyes, regardless of whether you need the same level of correction in each one.

Fix Other Vision Issues

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Besides correcting presbyopia, another big benefit of prescription reading glasses is that they can help to correct other vision problems you might have, such as astigmatism. By correcting these other issues, prescription reading glasses can help reduce eye fatigue and headaches.

Eliminate Switching Between Glasses

For those who wear both distance and reading glasses, Rx reading glasses can be a great option. That’s because they can be made with bifocal or progressive lenses, allowing you to have just one pair of glasses that you can wear all day to cover everything from reading to working on the computer to driving.

Better Frame Options

Ray-Ban RB5228

Try On Virtually

Finally, when you opt for prescription reading glasses, you have a much wider selection of frames to choose from. This means that you can find the perfect pair that suits your style and facial features.

Want a pair of Ray-Bans or another designer frame? You can get the brand and frame you love while still ensuring that your vision needs are taken care of.

Why Are Reading Glasses Non-Prescription?

Disadvantages of Prescription Reading Glasses


The main disadvantage of prescription reading glasses is cost. They are more expensive than over-the-counter options, as you’ll need to cover the costs of an eye exam, the glasses frame, and your customized lenses, which can run into hundreds of dollars.

Effort and Time

Another disadvantage is the time and effort it takes to obtain prescription reading glasses. You’ll need to make an appointment with your optometrist for an eye exam, since you can only get Rx reading glasses with a valid prescription.

Then you’ll need to wait for your glasses to be made, which may take several days or a few weeks.

Bottom Line

Prescription reading glasses are a good option for those who already wear prescription glasses or who have other vision issues that need to be corrected. They provide a customized fit and can correct astigmatism, whereas over-the-counter options are limited in this respect.

The main downside is the cost and the effort involved in obtaining them. But if you’re looking for a more comfortable option that can accommodate your specific vision needs, prescription reading glasses may be worth the extra expense.

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